“Premenstrual Syndrome: Just before their periods women behave the way men do all the time.”
by Robert Heinlein




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boomershoot 2014 execution, the aftermath

A conversation from just now: 

FuzzyKBP:  I am le tired. 

Me:  I am le shower, because I know I am covered in all kinds of interesting chemicals. 

FuzzyKBP:  I washed my face and my hands, and I think that’s good. 

Me:  I’m mostly concerned about my hair picking it all up. 

FuzzyKBP:  I shook out most of the Boomerite already. 

Me:  Do what now? 

FuzzyKBP:  Did you wear […]

patch update

By my count, including my 10 (which is a variable number), we are up to 53 patches ordered (at least as of this posting).  This means that all patches will cost $6 each; if we can make it to 100 ordered, that will go down to $5 each. 

Given the price drop, if you want to increase your order, leave a comment here or at the previous post. 

Likewise, once we get […]

cunning kittehs

So in the process of discussing the logistics of how to blow up my mortgage, the following conversation transpired: 

@bobslaughter:  @linoge_wotc NP put me down as interested then. BTW, have you ever told @adamsbaldwin about your copy of Vera?

@linoge_wotc@bobslaughter I did. Even sent him this:http://tinyurl.com/culss9y No response.@adamsbaldwin

@adamsbaldwin@linoge_wotc […]

my package from 5.11 arrived

Much like many of my fellow pro-rights activists, when 5.11 announced their “Tactical Duty Kilt”, I was excited, and when they finally put it up for sale, I dropped in my order as soon as I could. 

Well, I am very happy to say that my box from 5.11 arrived today!  What’s that you say?  “They weren’t supposed to ship until 01SEP?”  Well, I guess I knew how to pull […]

just a little out of place

You have no idea how tempting it is to show up to my next airsoft game sporting one of these and one of these, and wearing my very fine hat, appropriate eye protection, and other suitable attire.

The airsoft community seems even more irrecoverably locked into "tactical" than the "real steel" market these days… sure would be fun to mix it up a little.