“Gun control can render a populace incapable of doing a damned thing about a totalitarian and subjugating government. Gun control can keep average human beings defenseless, and thus easy prey for those who are stronger, faster, or more ruthless. Gun control can create the unfortunate unintended consequence of making the police forces unprepared for armed resistance, and thus more likely to take casualties when encountering it. But when it comes to its publicly stated goals, gun control is doomed to failure from the very outset, whether its supporters are willing to admit it or not.”
by Linoge




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Gun appreciation day – Phoenix

Some photos from the gun appreciation day rally at the state capitol in Phoenix, AZ.

Pretty solid event, except I couldn’t hear a word any of the speakers said.

It was nice seeing just about any classification of person present.

Plenty of long guns and hand guns being openly carried.

Hard to give an exact count, but I’d estimate 200-300 people in attendance.

All pictures are from my phone, and I’m not […]

quote of the day – joan peterson

This is me, being about as speechless as I get:

Who needs guns then? Well, hunters need guns for the sport. Some peo­ple need guns for their pro­fes­sion– law enforce­ment, secu­rity guards, peo­ple who trans­port cash from busi­nesses to banks, etc., gang mem­bers, drug car­tels, felons, rob­bers and those who, with­out a gun, could not do their jobs.

Follow the link for the full explanation (be not afraid – it does not […]

indulging in mind-rot

As I alluded in a recent Tweet, I will neither be watching nor weblogging about Top Shot (which apparently starts again tonight) – I have little patience for "Survivor with Guns", and the fast-forward button on my TiVo remote would be worn out trying to find the five minutes of actual shooting interspersed amongst the 40 minutes of drama, whinging, and backstabbing.

However, unlike some of some of my brethren, […]