“The people are not to be disarmed of their weapons. They are left in full posession of them.”
by Zachariah Johnson


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for a less civilized age

I am certainly not encouraging my readers to knowingly break the law, nor am I saying I am going to break the law, but we all know how absurdly ineffective security theater really is, and the notion that law-abiding, peaceful citizens should be forcibly disarmed while criminals will simply ignore, bypass, or plow through the “security” measures is… distasteful. 

Thankfully, people have been thinking outside the box when it comes to self-defense implements for […]

on the military and firearms

Let me tell you a story, though an admittedly dry, boring one. 

Regular readers will know that I am a United States Navy veteran*, and, specifically, a Surface Warfare Officer; in short, this means I directed other people to drive ships around oceans.  However, while ships are in port, they have something called a “quarterdeck”; I have no idea what happens to the quarterdeck when the ship is underway, but think of it like […]

2012, in review

It is that time of the year again… Just like all the previous posts like this one, I am using Google Analytics data, with the same warning that its numbers do not match the numbers generated by other statistics engines. Likewise, we will compare numbers against last year.

Absolute Unique Visitors: 94,843 (35% increase)

Visits: 174,805 (9% increase)

Peak Daily Visitors: 1,549 (23JAN12) (27% decrease)

Average Daily Visitors: 478.92 (9% increase)

Pageviews: 244,249 (not […]

all i am going to say

Do not expect much of a post from me about the shooting at the school in Newtown, CT last Friday; I, for one, do not believe in using the blood of victims as a fuel to further my political goals, unlike your average "gun control" fetishist. My thoughts and prayers are unquestionably with the families of those killed in this horrific crime, though, and if you do want something to read, you should read this. […]

black (rifle) friday

Hopefully everyone had a good, happy, safe, and filling Thanksgiving with your loved ones / families / brothers-in-arms / whomever else you might have spent it with.  We actually had dinner at Cracker Barrel – no joke – and had to wait somewhere around 30 minutes to get a table; the food was decent (very good turkey and ham), and the price ($9 a person) could not be beaten, especially once you factor in […]

graphics matter – we do requests

Over the weekend, the below email came in from Miguel at Gun Free Zone:

Have you done a correlation/whatever is called between the number of guns in a country and the # murders and/or violent crimes?

The attachment is a list of countries and their number of guns according to the Small Arms Survey which the antis can’t bitch about because it is a group on their side. I used this wikipedia link to get […]

knoxville chick-fil-a respects your rights

I meant to put up this post over the weekend, but life conspired against me, and then Say Uncle linked to my last post, and here we are. However, the short-and-sweet of it is this:

The Knoxville / Turkey Creek Chick-Fil-A has NOT posted itself as a “gun-free zone” / victim-disarmament zone.

I drove by the store yesterday, and neither of its two entrances were posted with anything even approximating a “gunbuster” sticker, […]

knoxville chick-fil-a wants you defenseless?

[Update] Please see updated information regarding this story here. In short, Chick-Fil-A has NOT posted itself as a “gun-free zone”.[/UPDATE]

Well, now, this is interesting.

As regular readers will remember, I went to Chick-Fil-A on the first of this month to support them and show my disdain, to put it politely, for those governmental lackeys who would tell a private corporation where it can and cannot build based off nothing more than the personal […]

on the theater shooting

By now, all of my readers are unquestionably aware of the shooting in a theater in Aurora, Colorado during a screening of the new Batman movie, so I will not go into any real specifics regarding that – I know nothing that is not in the news, and there is not much information I would consider to be "factual" floating around there yet.

I would, however, like to say two quick things.

First, […]

case in point for park carry

And this is why folks like me lobbied our federal government to respect our individual rights to self-defense inside of arbitrarily-defined invisible borders:

Authorities say a woman was stabbed and sexually assaulted Friday afternoon on a trail in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The suspect fled the scene.

The incident was reported to park officials at 2:43 p.m. The 44-year-old victim was stabbed multiple times while she was on the Gatlinburg Trail. She made […]

i sweated a lot to bring you this situational irony

To get to Mount Le Conte Lodge – the establishment we recently spent the night at – one must first traverse somewhere between 5 and 8 miles of single-track trails through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. As with all National Parks, the trails and area are remarkably separated from the rest of the world, to the point where you are much farther from civilization than the "as the crow flies" distances would indicate, and, […]

just another data point

Back when the bullying thugs of the “National Gun Victims Action Council” were trying to organize their failed attempt at getting people to boycott Starbucks, one of the favorite rallying cries of the anti-rights cultists was, “Why would you ever need a gun in a coffee shop!?”

Well, I do not know about you, but I would consider a violent mob of 25 anarchists wielding metal pipes to be a sufficient reason to be […]

i think you are going to need a bigger image

One of the more amusing exchanges I have had with the anti-rights cultist behind the @everygun Twitter profile was regarding "gun free zones" and their complete and total inefficacy. Predictably, this particular individual was dancing in the blood of the recent Chardon school shooting, and using the victims’ deaths as a reason to spread the idea of "gun free zones" to more locations. Yes, you read that right – the complete and total failure of […]

i win

‘Cause, y’know, I am just that awesome. Oh, and so is Miguel.

(For those not keeping score at home, this is solely and exclusively to ridicule the hilarious notion of "Smoke & Thunder" naming "The Truth About Guns" the "#1 Best Gun Blog of 2012". As the man says, this will be a daily feature, so you, too, could have a Major Award of your very own. Something tells me it is not Italian, […]

"smoke and thunder" has burned itself out

People confuse me. Ok, that is not exactly the most earth-shattering of revelations out there, but consider: if one were starting a brand-spanking-new social media / social networking site that no one had ever heard of before, would you run around, insulting and demeaning those very people you are hoping to recruit to your system; or would you choose… a different path?

Yeah, me too. However, if one listens to the visionary genius (*cough*) […]

the only thing worse than a threat

… Is an empty threat.

Around about a week ago, Jason A. Kilgore (aka "Baldr Odinson", his anti-rights alter-ego*) threatened Miguel of Gun Free Zone with legal action if Miguel did not take a picture down that he was using in accordance with fair use, and upon which Jason has no claims to copyright. Yeah. Wrap your head around that one.

After the initial back-and-forth where Jason clearly showed he did not have a clue […]

we do not claim; we prove

Regular – or, hell, even irregular – readers of this weblog are probably more than familiar with my rebranding of "gun control" supporters as "anti-rights cultists" but go ahead and slide back there to re-read that particular post to get everyone back on the same page.

All good? Great.

So, really, that was just an exercise in me stretching the definitions of a few words in order to cast my opponents in a […]

error: memory hole failure

Ahh, “gun control” extremists… when will you ever learn that the Memory Hole simply is not a viable tactic any more? 

Consider, if you must, the fairly impolite example of @BenjaminV, who had this “conversation” with me regarding the shooting at Virginia Tech on Thursday: 

BenjaminV:  There should be no guns on college campuses, period. #virginiatech #guncontrol

Linoge_WOTC:  How are those #gunfreezones working for you? RT @BenjaminV: There should be no guns on […]

for your consideration

The concept of "sanctuary" has been around for about as long as there has been a Christian church to support it, and it was even acknowledged by various country’s laws over the years, but it has always been something of a polite delusion, born mostly out of the once-strong power of the Roman Catholic Church. The concept was simple – churches were considered to be inviolate (again, thanks to the tremendous sociopolitical power of the […]

advocacy works

Predictably, Uncle beat me to it, but here is what I have. 

A few weeks back, Mast General put up some “gunbuster” stickers on their stores’ doors.  I sent them a variant of my usual TFA-based email, and heard nary a response.  Reader Adam had much better luck.  His original email follows: 

    My wife and I have been shopping at Mast for many years. We were registered at Mast in Asheville for […]