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Do not expect much of a post from me about the shooting at the school in Newtown, CT last Friday; I, for one, do not believe in using the blood of victims as a fuel to further my political goals, unlike your average "gun control" fetishist. My thoughts and prayers are unquestionably with the families of those killed in this horrific crime, though, and if you do want something to read, you should read this.

I will say this much: "gun control" failed those children. Connecticut has an "assault weapon" ban. It did not work. Schools are "gun-free zones". That magical forcefield did not work. It is illegal to carry a handgun in Connecticut in public without a license. That did not stop the murderer. The teachers and principal of the elementary school were disarmed by the force of law. Even though at least one of them tried to resist, he lacked the tools to do so effectively.

And yet, despite the abject and complete failure of "gun control", the answer is… more "gun control"? How does that even begin to make sense?

More to the point, how does it make sense to punish millions of law-abiding American citizens because one person chose to become a criminal? I am not responsible for other people’s actions. I am not accountable for other people’s actions. As such, I refuse to be punished for those actions. At least the asshole murderer (who shall remain nameless on this site, for reasons well-documented here) took care of his own punishment for us.

And one final comment: "gun control" remains racist, even to this day. Every month, Chicago sees more firearm-related fatalities than transpired in Newtown on Friday, with the overwhelming majority of the victims being of darker skin tones. "Gun control" extremists never seem to care about those people, though (probably because such caring would be something of a tacit admission that the draconian "gun control" in Chicago is not working out so well for the city). Likewise, we will probably never know how many thousands of Mexicans, and possibly Americans, were killed with firearms the federal government smuggled across the border into Mexico as part of Operation Fast and Furious. Unfortunately, anti-rights cultists do not seem to care about brown victims.

But give those blood-dancing, victim-exploiting vampires a school full of lily-white children murdered by someone using a firearm, and all of a sudden, it is "GAME ON!" (Yes, there were minorities represented amongst the Sandy Hook shooting victims, but there were also whites shot in Chicago; the point stands.) I do not think I can adequately describe my contempt for such people.

In the end, I hate that these children were murdered, but I also hate that people like Dawn Hochsprung, the principal of Sandy Hook Elementary School who attempted to stop the murderer bare-handed, were prohibited from employing tools that have a recorded history of stopping spree- and mass-shooters. "Gun free zones" demonstrably do not work, and only create an environment where mass-murderers know they will not encounter any kind of armed, effective resistance. How about we give up on a failed program and try something else?

why we win

CSGVBloodDancingIt really boils down to a difference in perceptions.

On the one hand, "gun control" fetishists gleefully dance in the blood of victims and exploit the murder of innocents to further their own, personal, unjust, totalitarian, anti-Constitutional dreams, as documented in the image to the right. (Highlights added to really bring out the crazy in those cultists’ eyes.)

On the other hand, we quite cheerfully and respectfully celebrate the lawful, peaceful defense of civil rights and the restoration of the same to an entire state of people for whom certain aspects of the United States Constitution might as well have never existed.

Now, tell me – to an outside observer, which group of people would appear to be the more rational, reasonable, well-adjusted, and positive? And which would be perceived as being destructive, irresponsible, and negative? Hm.

In other news, I am very thankful I am not the only person who considered the Portland, OR mall shooting yesterday to be remarkably… coincidental… what with it happening on the same day as the decision in Moore v. Madigan being passed down. Obviously I am not hypothesizing that "gun control" extremists keep spree shooters locked in a big pen until they are needed, and then release them into the wild to distract/detract from pro-rights victories; that would require more coordination and intelligence than those organizations are capable of. But I do think the media sees incidents like these transpire on the same day as something major like that court case, and think, "Oh, hey, this would make a great counterpoint; let’s blow this out of proportion!"

After all, more people were murdered in Chicago on the 30th than were murdered in the Clackamas Town Center on the 11th, but the former is the "gun control" capitol of the country, and we would not want to highlight the fact that such policies demonstrably do not work, now, would we?

(And for a dose of humor, that Michael Barkley character at the bottom, whinging about not being supported by his anti-rights cultist ilk? We have discussed him before, and apparently even his fellow fetishists think he is too far out in the weeds to really care about – he admits to coming in "a distant fourth" in his district. Poor baby.)

here lies gun control

Born out of racism in 1751.

Died from civil rights efforts, 11DEC12.

No one will miss it.

Ok, no, "gun control" is far from dead, unfortunately, and even if we had managed to shove a stake through its heart, there would still be cultists trying to raise it back to life, but the point is that there is not a single state in the Union left wherein it is 100% illegal for a law-abiding citizen to carry a firearm on their person. Furthermore, this establishes an existing precedent – at the circuit court level, sure, but still a precedent – that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to carry firearms in public. Granted, there are more than a few states wherein it is functionally impossible to do so, but we are working on those, and as the record shows, we have a remarkably uncanny history of successes in the past few years.

What successes do the "gun control" fetishists out there have, except the parade of crimes committed by criminals aided and abetted by their victim-disarmament policies?

Someone who cares about the hateful, vindictive, bigoted anti-rights extremists at the Brady Campaign, CSGV, VPC, and the rest of those disgusting organizations – someone not me – should probably hold an intervention and keep those petty authoritarians away from the booze, heights, rope, sleeping pills, and whatnot else for the next few days…

quote of the day – @scootey

A common theme you will find amongst “gun control” extremists is that they not only hate the Second Amendment, they hate all the Amendments, but especially those found within the original Bill of Rights.  This only makes sense – if there is one thing an authoritarian or totalitarian hates, it is individual rights, and a document and its addendums that go out of their way to specifically protect and preserve those individual rights would be a despicable thing indeed… at least to them. 

Today provided a perfect example of this phenomena.  I had the misfortune of attracting the attention of a variety of “Trayvon Truthers” on Twitter – you know, the folks who firmly believe that George Zimmerman should have allowed Trayvon Martin to beat out his brains on the ground on account of the former following the latter, and that Zimmerman himself is racist and “hunted” Trayvon – and one in particular, a certain @Scootey, just could not tolerate my calling out his repeated and incessant lies.  His response?  To tell me to “STFU”: 

imageAnd the true "progressive" comes out – silence all who would dare point out their lies. RT @scootey: Just STFU already.

Of course, not willing to let go of his hatred, he clarified: 

image@linoge_wotc You need to be silenced b/c you’re an idiot.

Read those words carefully; not the insults (I hardly care about being called an “idiot” by a mental midget who believes, and I quote, “Individual rights … come from government.”), but them, “You need to be silenced,” part.  The phrasing of that statement makes it very clear that @Scootey there firmly believes that someone should silence me for him; in other words, he believes someone should use force to abridge my individual rights as protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, all for daring to point out his lies.  One has to love the threat implied in that statement: “Be quiet, or someone will make you be quiet.” 

Apparently, like so many “gun control” fetishists before him, @Scootey respects the First Amendment just as much as he respects the Second – not at all. 

Bear this in mind when dealing with other anti-rights cultists…  They do not hate your guns, they hate your rights – all of them – and they will use whatever force they believe necessary to strip you of those rights. 

(Incidentally, this answers Bob Owens’ question of why I bother with authoritarian scum like @Scootey – know your enemy, and all that.  Plus, it gives me blogfodder like this). 

this is what a gun fetishist looks like

"Gun control" extremists get terribly upset when I accurately refer to them as anti-rights cultists, but I have made my case for that phrase, and, impressively, no one has found fault with my logic, not even the cultists themselves.

However, those poor, misunderstood, persecuted, downtrodden, and otherwise marginalized cultists get even more terribly upset when I accurately refer to them as "fetishists"; unfortunately for them, that shoe not only fits, it appears it was custom-made for them, and I have found an example so perfect it might as well have been delivered on the wings of angels.

First, however, what does "fetishist" mean? The root word, "fetish", has been somewhat muddled over the years by folks who really mean "sexual fetish", but drop the modifier out of laziness; the original term meant, "something, especially an inanimate object, that is revered or worshiped because it is believed to have magical powers or be animated by a spirit" or "An inanimate object worshiped for its supposed magical powers or because it is considered to be inhabited by a spirit"* or "an object believed to have supernatural powers, or in particular, a man-made object that has power over others". Thus, fetishists are those who believe certain inanimate objects are worthy of worship – or even fear – because they possess certain magical or supernatural powers, or, as the last link says, "fetishism is the emic attribution of inherent value or powers to an object".

Stupidly Expensive Ring from Fonderie 47With those definitions expressed and fresh in your mind, I give you Fonderie 47, fabricators of obscenely expensive jewelry like the ring to the left, which "starts" at $16,000. I do not think any of my readers, or I, will be buying from them any time soon.

So how did this company catch my eye? Their name might clue you in – supposedly every product in their collections is fabricated using repurposed materials from demilled AK-47s. Obviously this does not include the diamonds, gold, platinum, and other pretty-fying materials, but that is the claim. Better (if that is the right word) yet, funds from each sale are diverted to destroy assault rifles in Africa.

And right about then, this otherwise ugly art factory fell off the rails straight into Crazy Town. What follows is a fisking of their Vision and Transformation statements, and I swear I am making none of this up; you know me, and you know I probably could not emulate this level of derangement even if I wanted to.

We envision an Africa free from the fear of assault rifles. Today some twenty million assault rifles plague Africa – remnants of various conquests, conflicts, and failed strategies. They are responsible for countless deaths every year, enable and exacerbate violence against women and children, cause misallocation of resources and prevent economic growth.

The dearth of global and local leadership to address the presence and use of assault rifles must be remedied.

Oh, where to begin? I suppose we can start with the phrase "assault rifle" – in this particular case, that may a strictly accurate use of the phrase, in that some/most of the AK47s recovered in Africa are unquestionably the "fully-automatic" varieties. That may be the only aspect of this entire sad charade that may be to the credit of the folks at Fonderie 47, but we might as well mention it.

Now, it is good to have goals in life, but it is generally better to have realistic ones. Given the size of Africa, given the scope of its "borders", both as a continent and as the individual nations inside of it, and given the sheer number of firearms contained not only within that continent, but also the entire world, even remotely believing that it is possible to remove all assault rifles from the continent is… well, absurd. Furthermore, a lack of fear about an inanimate object is all well and good… but what about the fear of the people who use that object? Assault rifles do not get up on their own and start mowing down innocents; someone has to use them. Removing assault rifles, even if it were possible, does absolutely nothing about those murderous thugs.

How does an inanimate object "plague" anything? Plagues are, by their very nature, something that does something – one can be plagued by endless questions, or by an actual, honest-to-God plague. Firearms just kind of… lay there.

"They are responsible for…" Oh for the love of… How on God’s Green And Fluffy Earth can a firearm – an inanimate hunk of metal – be "responsible" for a damned thing? You might as well say rocks are "responsible" for Abel’s death. Oh, what is that? The rock was wielded by Cain? Well no gos-se, Sherlock, and firearms are wielded by a living, breathing human being as well, and it is that person who is responsible for the deaths they cause, not the tool they just happened to be using.

Oh, and let us talk about deaths for a moment… People my age and older will probably remember the Rwandan Genocide that took place over the course of around three months back in 1994, with a total death count of between 500,000 and 1,000,000 souls. Do you know what tool the Hutus favored the most when slaughtering the Tutsis? A machete. They were cheaper than firearms, did not require ammunition, and did not even need to be kept up in any significant way. A significant number were imported, but even I could manage to mass produce something approximating a "machete" out of sheet metal and a basic set of tools.

And yet you will see no mention of the folks at Fonderie 47 doing a damned thing about machetes, because those are not the flashy, big-ticket items like "assault rifles" are…

I will give them "enable" – all tools enable something to be done, that is kind of their point – but how can a firearm "cause" anything? Again, these self-righteous artistes completely and intentionally fail at root-cause analyses, instead taking the easy way out by blaming the tool violent predators choose to use rather than the predators themselves. On the one hand, you can hardly blame them – it is hard to do anything about violent predators without actually confronting those thugs, and who would want to do that? On the other hand, claiming to have accomplished anything while having done nothing about those self-same thugs is a self-deluding lie if there ever were one.

I just love the whole "misallocation of resources"… why, that makes it almost sound like someone lost a sheep or two, rather than roving, armed bands of violent, human-shaped predators murdered whomever they needed to in order to steal whatever they wanted. One has to marvel at how… sanitary this whole site is; we would not want to offend our rich customers with the cold hard truths of reality, would we?

As for the last sentence, I am just sure those roving bands of murderers will be eager to respond to "leadership"… Absolutely sure.

Our resolve began when we learned firsthand about the devastating effects of assault rifles in Africa. Cheap, abundant AK47s threaten not only lives, but undermine potential in all facets of development.

We decided to create something compelling and substantial in response – to change what people believed to be possible. Our belief has become Fonderie 47, a company dedicated to providing powerful means toward a stable and prosperous Africa free from the fear of assault rifles.


Starting to notice a trend? The guns are "responsible", the guns are causing "devastating effects", the guns "threaten… lives", the guns, the guns, the guns… Never a single, solitary, remote whisper of a nod towards the people who are behind those firearms, pulling their triggers, murdering innocents.

Nope, all of these assault rifles are obviously operating on their own recognizance, under their own power… Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the fetishism iceberg.

We seek to inspire a new vision of what beauty and legacy can be and thereby to generate global interest and action in assault weapon removal and destruction in conflict and post conflict zones.

So, wait a second… you want to remove one of the most-effective means of self-defense from a "conflict zone"? You want to intentionally leave potential and future victims defenseless in the face of predatory monsters who will still exist, and still be quite keen on murdering, whether or not there are assault rifles handy or not? Oh, and I am sure those bloody-handed bastards will be willing to hand over their assault rifles for "removal and destruction".

Good Lord.

We fund the removal and destruction of AK47s and other assault rifles from conflict zones, as well as programs to support young people to build prosperity in conflict zones – from child soldiers to exceptional youth leaders in business, civic and academic pursuits.

To date, we have funded the destruction of more than 20,000 assault rifles in Africa.

Great. How many of the mass-murderers wielding them have you put in prison?

Oh, what is that? You are only concerned about the tools, and not the people holding them? Again with that bright, vibrant undercurrent of fetishism… As if the removal of a tool can change the hearts of murderous men.

We aim to empower a generation of young African leaders – people for whom this mission is a common sense imperative – to help themselves, and others, to build prosperity.

So you seek to "empower" people… by stripping them of the power of defending themselves, their families, their friends, and their villages? I cannot say as though I will ever comprehend that short-sighted idiocy.

The Origin – The AK47 (Avtomat Kaliashnikova) type assault rifle serves as the origin for all Fonderie 47 pieces.

Well, at least they can get that much right – the guns they are slicing and dicing probably are not original AK47s, but they are of the same family. It is peculiar that we stumble across such a fairly well-educated-about-the-facts "gun control" extremist, but I guess that is what makes their rank fetishism all the worse.

Shockingly, the image they chose to pair with this particular text actually shows someone properly indexing their finger along the frame of the AK in question; I can only assume it was an unintentional coincidence.

A Journey Beings – The universal symbol of conflict embarks on its transformation; enveloped in fire.

Hookay then. I guess "art" requires touchy-feely gos-se like that, but then the wheels finally come off the train…

Forging a New Material – As the fire cleanses the metal of its past, our essential element emerges.

Do what? The metal has a "past" of being part of a firearm – that is not going to change simply because you melt it down and reform it into something else. Hell, part of your business model relies on that metal having come from the firearms in question; if you "cleanse the metal of its past", that kind of destroys the whole "hey, look this metal came from an AK47" notion, does it not?

However we are looking at this rationally; as soon as you remove that limitation and consider this statement from the perspective of a religion, it all suddenly makes sense. Why? Consider Christianity, for a moment – when it comes to disposing worn out Bibles, relics, and even the leftover wafers of Communion (if you are not holding them until next week), the tradition is "burn then bury". Again, why? The belief, and I do want to stress that word, is that the fire destroys any blessing or holiness the item might otherwise carry, so it is no longer profane to dispose of it, and if someone were to come across it and do something… untoward… with it, it would not be as bad. Likewise, if you go back to older religions (and, for that matter, Christianity during the darker stretches of its history), the notion of a "cleansing fire" to remove the evil from an are or object is about as prevalent as water.

But these are all religious beliefs, and all center around the notion that the object in question has "supposed magical powers" or "has power over others".



Where have I read those words before?

In short, the fetishists at Fonderie 47 are treating the AK47 family of rifles as religious totems, and they admit as much on their very webpage.

Sure, this is just a question of what Peter Thum and John Zapolski themselves believe, right? Well, consider what else they have said before this; consider how they incessantly blame the firearm for all the ills committed with the assistance of those tools, rather than the people who are wielding them; consider how they seem to believe that firearms have power imbued in them, rather than providing utility to their users; consider how they believe the destruction of a tool will change the evil that unquestionably lurks in all men but is expressed by a few.

Now, tell me those beliefs of Peter and John differ from the beliefs of your average anti-rights cultist. I dare you. Tell me that treating firearms like deodands by destroying "crime guns" is not just another form of fetishism, and a conveniently authoritarian one at that. Tell me that you have never had an anti-rights cultist take the position that if all firearms were to magically be teleported off the planet, the world would be returned to peace and happiness and no one would ever be killed.

In the end, "gun control" is nothing more than a fetishistic cult, and the good folks at Fonderie 47 provide a perfect example as to why.

Emergent Potential – Imbued with energy, our metal holds new promise.

Imbued? Seriously? We just keep treating firearms – and now metal in general, for that matter – as magical items capable of somehow carrying memories, energy, and Lord knows what else between their molecules. Romantic, perhaps, but definitely creepy.

Restored Power – Heat solidifies this potential and seals its renewal.

This is me, too damned flabbergasted at the continued deification of raw materials and inanimate objects to continue making fun of this idiocy; how do you further ridicule something this ridiculous?

A Symbol of Prosperity – Our material serves as a symbol of new prosperity, ready to become an inspiration in the hands of leading artisans.

I do not know… I would say that being able to legally own a legitimate, fully-automatic AK47, much less feed the bloody thing, is a surefire "symbol of prosperity", new or otherwise.

Casting a New Future Through Art – Expert craftsmen possessed of the highest caliber of mastery recast the future.

I guess closing out on a pretentious, presumptuous note like that is required when you are selling little lumps of metal that have price tags in excess of a significant number of automobiles.

Let us be honest here a moment – I am all for any program that will legitimately bring peace and prosperity to Africa, much less any other nation or area on the globe. However, cutting up AK47s and turning them into overpriced paperweights is not going to do either. The violent people who wielded those AKs and killed those innocents are still there, they are still violent, and they will still kill people; the only thing Fonderie 47 and their customers are changing is how those innocents are going to die.

The fact that Fonderie feels smug about this really tells you everything you need to know about them.

(* – Amusing side note: "fetish" can also mean "A course of action to which one has an excessive and irrational commitment". Perhaps instead of "gun control" extremists, I should be referring to them as "gun control" fetishists? *giggle*)

(Ring picture borrowed from Fonderie 47.)

(Found by way of Gizmodo.)