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all i am going to say

Do not expect much of a post from me about the shooting at the school in Newtown, CT last Friday; I, for one, do not believe in using the blood of victims as a fuel to further my political goals, unlike your average "gun control" fetishist. My thoughts and prayers are unquestionably with the families of those killed in this horrific crime, though, and if you do want something to read, […]

here lies gun control

Born out of racism in 1751.

Died from civil rights efforts, 11DEC12.

No one will miss it.

Ok, no, "gun control" is far from dead, unfortunately, and even if we had managed to shove a stake through its heart, there would still be cultists trying to raise it back to life, but the point is that there is not a single state in the Union left wherein it […]

candles… with fire support

Over the course of today, various subchapters (but not all of them, pointedly enough) of the main “gun control” extremist organizations here in America will be gathering around the country to light candles in order to… do something.  By some accounts, the candlelight vigil is in memory of those murdered in the Tucson shooting a year ago.  Others say that they are gathering and increasing their carbon footprints in order to […]

error: memory hole failure

Ahh, “gun control” extremists… when will you ever learn that the Memory Hole simply is not a viable tactic any more? 

Consider, if you must, the fairly impolite example of @BenjaminV, who had this “conversation” with me regarding the shooting at Virginia Tech on Thursday

BenjaminV:  There should be no guns on college campuses, period. #virginiatech #guncontrol

Linoge_WOTC:  […]

the documented failure of the brady handgun violence prevention act

Now that my newest version of my "graphics matter" series is up and running, I get to participate in the yearly, "Address comments/concerns/questions/etc. that were already covered in the post if people had bothered to actually read it."

Yay me.

However, one thing I do want to address as a separate post, primarily because it keeps coming up, is the myth that the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act was responsible for […]

a not-so-hypothetical riot

You own a shop.

This shop cost you money to purchase/lease, and it is filled with an inventory of products that probably represents more than your personal net value.

This shop is in a decent part of town, and you have never really had a problem with shoplifting or other issues you could not handle with a phone call to the cops.

Only now, people are rioting down the street from you, […]

a far-too-logical question

Now that Representative Gabrielle Giffords is back on the job (and as disappointingly “progressive” as ever), all of the usual useful idiots are clamoring about how her return should give Congress all the motivation it needs to start passing more/stronger “gun control”.  That is great, except for one small question: 

If the obviously-stronger “gun control” in Norway did not stop that particular spree shooter, why would stronger “gun control” here in America […]

they say a picture is worth a thousand words

But sometimes adding some words to the picture greatly increases the overall impact: 

And that is, unfortunately, the God’s Honest Truth.  The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence Ownership cannot point to a single instance where any of the laws they have supported or do support have saved a single person’s life; however, there is one repeated, consistent theme in almost every major spree shooting in recent history:  armed […]

gun control demotivator

Courtesy of Gun Free Zone and Sharp as a Marble, who both link to the story of exactly how this constitutes the complete failure of gun control (to wit, that fully-functional (if somewhat crude) firearm was fabricated in an American citizen’s garage, with completely unregulated, unregistered, and easily-procurable spare parts). 


it is all a matter of perspective

Dragon brings up an interesting point regarding the recent Long Island pharmacy murders:

Regardless, this latest killing does NOT help our cause as supporters of the 2A. [Shooter] was legally allowed to own handguns, in complete accordance and adherence to NY laws. He had no prior criminal history. He was, in all respects, a legal gun owner.

I would, however, like to take a moment to flip that paradigm on […]