new face

If you follow me on Twitter (and if you have a Twitter account, why do you not follow me?), you will see that I periodically retweet things from a certain Skas182.  This is for two reasons: first, he only really tweets periodically; and, second, his signal-to-noise ratio is definitely in the “you should read this” range. 

Which is why you should be thankful that, after a few months of cajoling and the realization on his part that doing so would help him get into SHOT Show next year, Skas will be writing here at “walls of the city” as a guest author.  By way of an introduction, here are his own words: 

Skas is a network engineer residing in Phoenix, AZ.  He is a father, a husband, a patriot, and a geek.  A libertarian that firmly believes in the NAP, he (if he isn’t lazy and doesn’t get booed off the stage) will be contributing more articles on various topics related to our rights.

(Since I had to look it up too, NAP = non-aggression principle.) 

So give him a warm welcome, and start paying attention to who wrote which post again – guess I need to figure out how to implement gravatars in posts again, since you all have difficulty with that… 

i do it for you

In my ongoing efforts to make reading “walls of the city” an easier and more pleasurable experience for you, my readers, I have taken it upon myself to add avatars to the RSS feeds generated by this site – they should be showing up in the top-right corner of the RSS, RSS2, and Atom feeds right now (though those of you who use RDF – whatever the hell that is – are screwed… I have no idea how to edit it appropriately).  If the images are not visible (and they should be the same images that show up at the top-right of every post), please let me know, and I will take a hammer to the responsible gerbil*. 

Maybe now people will be a little better at remembering that WizardPC writes here occasionally… 

(* – No gerbils were permanently harmed in the implementation of RSS avatars.)