“If the universe has any purpose more important than topping a woman you love and making a baby with her hearty help, I've never heard of it.”
by Lazarus Long




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distilled weblogging

Government is the grey goo science fiction has been warning us about.

The scarier thing is our Founding Fathers knew it.

quote of the day – h. beam piper

For words written in 1963, they surely do resonate poignantly today:

You were there; you saw what’s happening. The barbarians are rising; they have a leader, and they’re uniting. Every society rests on a barbarian base. The people who don’t understand civilization, and wouldn’t like it if they did. The hitchhikers. The people who create nothing, and who don’t appreciate what others have created for them, and who think civilization is something that […]


A conversation yesterday evening between myself an a FedEx shipping employee, while filling out the shipping forms: 

Her:  So what are you shipping? 

Me:  A rifle. 

Her:  A rif… and who are you shipping it to? 

Me:  The company that made it. 

Her:  Oh.  Ok.  Carry on! 

Of course, this illustrates the idiocy of requiring interstate firearm transfers to go through an Federal Firearm License holder; I am fairly […]

constitutional curiosity

This point came up in discussions on Twitter a few days ago, and what with the 225th Constitution Day transpiring back on the 17th, this seems like an appropriate, if somewhat late, post.

Anyone who stayed awake during their high school civics / American government / American history classes knows that the Constitution solely and only limits the American government (after first defining it), and has absolutely no bearing on private citizens or control […]

too slow

Well, there was going to be a post in this space… until Jennifer went and stole pretty much all of it.

So go over there and read it. Be that way.

the collapse will not be aired

By and large, I do not go to political speeches, rallies, or events… I generally read faster than most people talk, so I tend to get bored, and the honest reality is that I hate having to listen to people tell other people that they are going to to do something when they have next to no actual interest in actually doing it. I guess I am old-fashioned like that.

In the end, though, […]

holding their feet to the fire

Jay G has the “Dead Goblin Count”.

Barron is launching the “State Sponsored Criminal Count”:

The rules are simple:

1. The person worked for the government, IE: TSA, DHS, FBI, BATFE, or any other part of the government, local, state or federal.2. The person committed the crime while on duty, or his job provided access to commit the crime under color of law (see the pedophile above).3. […]

quote of the day – robb allen

I am going to post this quote entirely without context, ramble on a bit, and then bring you back to the point:

Laws aren’t just for the little people. If the government cannot be constrained by laws, then the government is invalid. Period. If I violate laws, I run the risk of fines and jail time. Just because you work in a government building doesn’t shield you from that.

Give the man […]

presented without comment

… Well, ok, almost without comment: those price increases are directly due to the federal government wantonly printing money at an amazing rate, all in the name of "quantitative easing", which has the entirely predictable and arguably planned-for result of devaluing the American dollar. The simpler explanation is that goods are not getting more expensive; the dollar is simply worth less.

(Courtesy of Nobody Asked Me.) […]

sometimes i hate being agreed with

Why do I think Police-State-Formerly-Known-as-America is effectively an unavoidable fate for our country? Barron breaks out the reasoning and most-recent examples, with this being my primary point of contention (though, as usual, I did a bad job expressing it):

The government is murdering it’s own civilians and it seems like only a few of us are bothering to care or notice. Frankly, that is the most saddening and disturbing prospect […]

clarification on the collapse

File this under "Reasons Not to Write Weblog Posts When You are So Angry You Can Hardly See Straight".

Last week, I penned the following quote:

I guess our country had a good run, but welcome to the police state. When an apparently law-abiding citizen and veteran can be gunned down in his own home for owning legal property and being unfortunately related to a family of allegedly law-breaking pikers, this […]

he probably really meant it, too

I have tried for over two weeks now, but I simply cannot find the words to adequately address this news report:

If Bill Clinton had his way, there would be an Internet agency created by the U.S. government or United Nations to debunk malicious rumors that originate and spread online.


“Somebody needs to be doing it, and maybe it’s a worthy expenditure of taxpayer money,” he said. “But if it’s a […]

quote of the day – tirno

All analogies are flawed – it is just the name of the game. Just as photocopiers degrade the quality of a document every time it gets run through the system (a flawed analogy on its own), so too does something get lost in the conversion from one topic to another. Still, even with that inherent, unavoidable shortcoming in the system, analogies are still invaluable for expressing complex concepts in easier-to-understand chunks.

Take, for instance, […]

quote of the day – joe huffman

At the end of the Constitutional Conventions that finally dictated the type, form, and nature of the government that was going to guide our new nation back in 1787, an anonymous woman is reported to have asked the inimitable Benjamin Franklin what kind of government he and his compatriots had formed – after all, the average people of the Colonies had little knowledge of what was transpiring behind those closed doors. 


we need a database of government incompetence

Why do I, personally, oppose secretive governmental “lists”, registration, databases, or any other means the government, at any level, has of tracking its citizens and then storing that information in a centralized fashion?

Because of stupid-assed gos-se like this:

Today is not a good day to be a Texan. Sure, they’ve got good steak, the Rangers, oil, and sharp-looking cowboy hats—but now, some 3.5 million Texans are also facing public exposure […]

quote of the day – ladd everitt*

Sometimes, anti-rights organizations and individuals say things so very idiotic that you almost have to wonder if they intentionally said it, or if it was just a reflexive response born out of their immersion in constant, low-level stupidity… Other times, you give them all the chances in the world to avoid saying something completely moronic, and then they go and do it anywise.

Today is one of the latter.

Below is a Twitter […]

all too similar

A criminal, if given the opportunity, would put a gun to my head and demand to know where my money is.

An anti-rights nut, if given the ability, would have the government put a gun to my head (literally – remember, all governmental actions are backed with the implicit threat of force) and demand to know where my firearms are (firearms I purchased with my own money, mind you).



We are at the parents’ place in the Pacific NorthWhite, and along with another 60,000 Washingtonians, we are out of power (though it seems that the generator at the cell tower is working fine). Anywise, we were listening to the news on the radio, and someone called in basically telling Seattle residents to suck it up, stop whining, stop relying on the government to fix everything and take care of them, and actually plan ahead […]