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honored american veterans afield fundraiser and giveaway, the sponsors

Once again, I would like to take a moment to thank all of my readers, commenters, and drop-by-ers for donating, spreading the word, and otherwise getting involved in the recent Honored American Veterans Afield fundraiser I ran here. Despite these being rough financial times and despite tax day being just around the corner, we were able to raise $2190 for that outstanding organization.

At this point, I have been able […]

what’s this?

What’s this?  There’s magic in the air… 

Anywise, time for a game of “What is this?” 

First up, we have… this: 

So, aside from being annoyingly out of focus, what do you make of it? 

Ok, that one is a freebie – it is a pile of the first eight HAVA fundraiser boxes to go out.  Now, if I screwed anything up (and I am fairly sure I did), please […]

hava lot of prizes

The one advantage to being amused by the little things in life is that you can invariably find something to amuse you. 

For example, this is the order the Honored American Veterans Afield giveaway prizes were chosen in: 

1.  HAVA Duffle Bag 2.  Carrying in Style 3.  HAVA Duffle Bag 4.  Ultimate New Shooter 5.  HAVA Duffle Bag 6.  Preparedness  7.  HAVA Duffle Bag 8.  Bacon 9.  Citizen Marksman 10.  EDC […]

honored american veterans afield fundraiser and giveaway, the results

Over the past month, you outstanding men and women have managed to raise $2190 for the Honored American Veterans Afield organization; we did not quite beat least year’s benchmark, but I dare say that is pretty awesome all the same.  Thanks to everyone who donated! 

As for the giveaway side of the house, all of the winners have been emailed directly, but here are the winning ticket numbers: 

1.  225 2.  […]

helpful hava reminder

Today is the last day for the Honored American Veterans Afield fundraiser we are running here; if you want your donation to count towards the fundraiser, it has to be made before 2359 (11:59PM, for you civilian types), and all receipts have to be sent to me by 1700 (5:00PM) tomorrow if you want them to count towards the giveaway. 

I have handed out just under 300 tickets to around 30 folks, […]

hava fundraiser and dragon leatherworks

I promised you pictures today, and darned if I did not get them up in the nick of time: 

(Pictures taken with a new toy, which I dare say will work just fine.) 

What we have here is the very, actual holster Dragon Leatherworks is donating to the Honored American Veterans Afield fundraiser I am running.  This one is made […]

hava fundraiser and exurban league

Between firearms trying to explode in my hands and my site trying to implode from unprecedented traffic, I have been a little busy over the past few days, however I would be remiss to not point out that there are only four more days remaining in the Honored American Veterans Afield fundraiser I am running. If you were thinking of donating, now is the time.

As one […]

hava prize packages, unlocked!

Well, right about now, I would have been playing a rousing game of Tribes Ascend, but ZerCool just had to go and unlock the new Honored American Veterans Afield fundraiser prize packages, and here I am… 

Joking, joking.  There is little more I would like to do than give you all some more incentive to donate to this worthy organization, and thanks to many folks’ generous donations, […]

hava update

If you all have been keeping up with the Honored American Veterans Afield fundraiser I am running, you will see that we have raised a touch over $1000 in the past three weeks, with about three more weeks to go. Honestly, that is not bad, at least not for fundraisers here.

However, there is a catch. As you can see, we have… well, a lot of stuff up for grabs if you […]

hava fundraiser rule changes

… But ones I guarantee you will like. 

Thanks to receipt of a shipment from the folks at Honored American Veterans Afield themselves, the following rules have been added to the “How to Earn a Ticket” section

6.  Anyone who donates at least $25 will receive a copy of either This is War: Memories of Iraq or Shepherds of Helmand, randomly chosen by me.  7.  […]

hava fundraiser and dark angel medical

One of the things that has seen a lot of use over in "The Sandbox" – Iraq and Afghanistan – and was imported back into the States by our service members is the concept of a "blow out kit", "individual trauma kit", or "improved first aid kit". In short, these kits – which are generally no larger than two AR-15 magazines side-by-side – are specifically designed and built to immediately address profusely bleeding wounds in […]

hava fundraiser and endo apparel

By now, everyone who reads this site should be familiar with Everyday, No Days Off, and if you are not already reading his site, you are doing yourself a rather significant disservice. Likewise, regular readers should be aware that ENDO has his own apparel line, given that I have only posted about them a few times, and even worn one of the shirts in my famous-on-the-internet video: […]

hava fundraiser and eagles nest outfitter

So I am a naturally inquisitive type (at least, on occasion), and I admit to being somewhat intrigued by the surprise being expressed by the folks at Honored American Veterans Afield over how much money we have managed to raise in such a small amount of time. So I went digging.

The short story is that in 2011 (the last year the National Center for Charitable Statistics has posted), […]

hava fundraiser and… well, hava

So everyone should be aware of the HAVA fundraiser we are running here at “walls of the city” – it has only been the top post for, well, two days actually.  In those two days, we have blown past both our matched funds goal, and raised north of $700, and that seems to have attracted the attention of the good folks at Honored American Veterans Afield themselves. 

I just got […]

hava fundraiser and monderno

So by now, everyone should be aware that I am getting patches stitched up with the new “walls of the city” logo (as conceptualized by Oleg Volk) on them, but they are going to be the traditional fabric patches that have been around since… forever. 

Not being folks satisfied with the status quo, however, the boys at Monderno went the high-speed-low-drag route, but in an awesome […]

hava fundraiser and boomershoot

I promised you more prizes for the Honored American Veterans Afield fundraiser, and here is the first addition:

Thanks to the generosity of Joe Huffman, I will be able to give away "one free Boomershoot entry including Friday and Saturday High Intensity events, Saturday dinner, and Sunday long range event. Applicable only to new entries for Boomershoot 2013 or Boomershoot 2014."

How awesome is that?

For those unfamiliar […]

honored american veterans afield fundraiser and giveaway

This post will be sticky until the fundraiser concludes.  Please scroll down for new posts.

Current Total Donation Amount: (0700 01APR13)


The Rules:

The rules are a little different than last year’s exercise, so pay attention.

How to Earn a Ticket:

1.  Every five dollars you donate directly to Honored American Veterans Afield nets you one numbered ticket. 2.  DO NOT SEND ME MONEY.  All money and goods should go directly to […]

hava fundraiser, brownells is awesome

So regular readers will know that I have been harassing various companies to try and drum up some giveaways for the impending Honored American Veterans Afield fundraiser I will be kicking off on the 15th (mark your calendars appropriately!).  One of those companies was, of course, Brownells, and my email to them was directed over to the inimitable Larry Weeks, who I first met at the one-and-only Gun Blogger Rendezvous I […]

hava fundraiser, more details

In just the few days since my last update, I have some more good news for you.

First, I will be giving away an Ally .22 Silencer from York Arms. All National Firearms Act rules and state laws apply, so you will have to pay the $200 tax stamp and fill out the paperwork, and if you live in a state that does not allow you to own […]