honored american veterans afield fundraiser and giveaway, the sponsors

Once again, I would like to take a moment to thank all of my readers, commenters, and drop-by-ers for donating, spreading the word, and otherwise getting involved in the recent Honored American Veterans Afield fundraiser I ran here. Despite these being rough financial times and despite tax day being just around the corner, we were able to raise $2190 for that outstanding organization.

At this point, I have been able to get all but one* of the actual prize packages in the mail, and will be working on mailing the DVDs in the near future. After all that is done, since people have been asking, I will start working on the "walls of the city" patches.

However, I would also like to take a moment and thank those companies and individuals who very generously donated equipment, clothing, and other goodies to the giveaway side of the house. In no particular order:

Those are some outstanding folks listed above, and if you ever need/want something they produce, I would strongly recommend giving them a look.

And just to slap a caboose on this feel-good train, here is what the folks at HAVA had to say regarding our success:

Again, many thanks on behalf of the veterans that HAVA serves. This will help as we put our spring and summer events together.

Hopefully the publicity we generated for them will last for a while yet!

(* – Amusingly, the USPS refused to ship a box because it was an “alcohol” box; it was a case of Gentleman Jack (empty, of course), and despite telling the postal clerk that there was no alcohol in it whatsoever, they refused to accept it.) 

what’s this?

What’s this?  There’s magic in the air… 

Anywise, time for a game of “What is this?” 

First up, we have… this: 


So, aside from being annoyingly out of focus, what do you make of it? 

Ok, that one is a freebie – it is a pile of the first eight HAVA fundraiser boxes to go out.  Now, if I screwed anything up (and I am fairly sure I did), please let me know.  I already know I shorted someone a duffel bag strap, so if you end up with a bag without a strap, email me, and I will send it to you.  Also, if you did not get your DVD(s), email me.  It is no excuse, but there is a lot going on here these days.  The next batch will go out as soon as I can get it out. 

Secondly, I dare say this one is self-explanatory: 

And finally… well, now you get your first actual unanswered question:  identify this gun. 


It will not help you any, but it was recently added to my collection this afternoon, along with another two fine firearms… courtesy of a cash transaction that transpired in a bank’s parking lot with no paperwork, no background check, and nothing but two friends shaking hands.  That, my fellow Americans, is freedom

hava lot of prizes

The one advantage to being amused by the little things in life is that you can invariably find something to amuse you. 

For example, this is the order the Honored American Veterans Afield giveaway prizes were chosen in: 

1.  HAVA Duffle Bag
2.  Carrying in Style
3.  HAVA Duffle Bag
4.  Ultimate New Shooter
5.  HAVA Duffle Bag
6.  Preparedness 
7.  HAVA Duffle Bag
8.  Bacon
9.  Citizen Marksman
10.  EDC
11.  Organized New Shooter
12.  Zombie Apocalypse
13.  Gunny Gamer
14.  Normal Apocalypse
15.  Motte
16.  Bailey 

I have to admit, that is not at all the order I was figuring when I assembled the packages.  But, hey, if y’all are happy, I am happy.

I am still working on the best/fastest/cheapest way to get this stuff out the door, so bear with me.  It will get to you, I promise. 

honored american veterans afield fundraiser and giveaway, the results

Over the past month, you outstanding men and women have managed to raise $2190 for the Honored American Veterans Afield organization; we did not quite beat least year’s benchmark, but I dare say that is pretty awesome all the same.  Thanks to everyone who donated! 

As for the giveaway side of the house, all of the winners have been emailed directly, but here are the winning ticket numbers: 

1.  225
2.  202
3.  177
4.  88
5.  230
6.  218
7.  24
8.  213 
9.  346
10.  253
11.  130
12.  147
13.  236
14.  329
15.  216
16.  37

If you see your number up there and have not received an email from me, do let me know.  I think I got everything right, but this is me we are talking about.  All winners have until 1159 on 04APR13 to get me their selections, so check your email! 

Additionally, everyone who donated to the HAVA fundraiser will be receiving a copy of Shepherds of Helmand; turns out I had a few to spare after we are all said and done.  If you want it sent to a different address than was on your donation receipt, please let me know. 

However, in regards to everything I am shipping out, it is probably going to take me in the neighborhood of three weeks to get it all out the door, considering that my “shipping department” consists of two overly large Russian Blue mongrels who are more interested in drowning their mouse toys than learning how to use a tape dispenser.  Please bear with me. 

And I will be thanking all of our giveaway sponsors in a later post, but when you get your stuff, it would not hurt to drop them a note thanking them as well… just sayin’. 

Thank you again to everyone who donated.  I know HAVA will be able to do awesome things with the funds we raised! 

helpful hava reminder

Today is the last day for the Honored American Veterans Afield fundraiser we are running here; if you want your donation to count towards the fundraiser, it has to be made before 2359 (11:59PM, for you civilian types), and all receipts have to be sent to me by 1700 (5:00PM) tomorrow if you want them to count towards the giveaway. 

I have handed out just under 300 tickets to around 30 folks, so your chances of winning one of the 16 awesome prize packages up for grabs is pretty decent, in my opinion, and all it takes is a small donation to a worthy organization that does amazing works for our wounded veterans and soldiers.  And even if you do not win a prize package or whatnot, helping those men and women who put their lives on the line for our liberties and freedoms counts as a “win” in my book. 

hava fundraiser and dragon leatherworks

I promised you pictures today, and darned if I did not get them up in the nick of time: 




(Pictures taken with a new toy, which I dare say will work just fine.) 

What we have here is the very, actual holster Dragon Leatherworks is donating to the Honored American Veterans Afield fundraiser I am running.  This one is made specifically to fit a 5” Ruger Blackhawk, but it will also fit a 4” barrel, as well as, I am told, any other firearm built off that general pattern (and given the Blackhawk’s popularity, there are a few). 

And, yes, that is genuine snakeskin in the inset, and, yes, as I tried to photograph, that silver is not just light glare – the skin is actually airbrushed; if you ever wanted a distinctive way to carry your single-action revolver, I dare say this is it. 

This holster is part of the “Carrying In Style” package of the HAVA Fundraiser, and the only way you can win this one-of-a-kind piece of leather is if you donate to that worthy organization… so what is stopping you? 

And since I goofed on it before, I would like to thank Mr. B for linking to the fundraiser; so many of you awesome folks have donated your webspace to support this shindig, I occasionally lose track.  Sorry! 

hava fundraiser and exurban league

Between firearms trying to explode in my hands and my site trying to implode from unprecedented traffic, I have been a little busy over the past few days, however I would be remiss to not point out that there are only four more days remaining in the Honored American Veterans Afield fundraiser I am running. If you were thinking of donating, now is the time.

charliemikeAs one last attempt at enticing you to support a very worthy organization, however, ExurbanKev of Misfires and Light Strikes has tossed two more t-shirts into the pot – one of your choice from the TeamGunblogger store and one of your choice from the Misfires and Light Strikes store. The t-shirts are being added to the "Citizen Marksman" and "Preparedness" packages; whoever chooses one of those packages first gets their choice as to which t-shirt from which store.

Despite not being a competitive shooter myself at the moment – mostly on account of not being able to afford to throw a quarter and a dime or two downrange every time I pull the trigger – it should be obvious which design I am partial to…

And speaking of the fundraiser, I would like to take a moment and thank OldNFO, Bob S., Jennifer, ENDO Mike, Borepatch, Chris from AK, ExurbanKev, Jake, Michael, AGirl, Brick, and Dragon Leatherworks for all linking to the fundraiser (if I missed you, please let me know). In fact, come back tomorrow for pictures of what the last entry in that list donated to the shindig…