“If guns cause crime, all mine are defective.”
by Ted Nugent




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looks like a puma

That monstrosity I found on the interwebs is still for sale (the listing expired, but I am sure it will be back up). Color me not-at-all surprised… I still kind of want it, though.

I could really live with this, though:

Yup, that is a fully-functional, street-legal (at least in once-Great Britain) Warthog, built off a 1982 Land Rover Defender 110 with the 2.5L […]

probably should not open carry this

I know I cannot afford it. I have no idea what I would do with it. In fact, I would probably grievously insult the mind behind it and end up mounting it on a wall.

But, wow, do I want one of those tomahawks:

Harlan Whitman designed the Instinct Tomahawk as an evolution of the many generations of tactical tomahawks that came before. He grew up in Missouri […]

now doking

If they can import this little bugger to the United States (doubtful, given our idiotic importation laws), and if it is in any way "affordable" (even more doubtful, given the class it is competing in), and if it actually manages to live up to its advertised specifications ("divine intervention" levels of doubtful), I will happily swallow (most of) my complaints about electric cars and plop my butt down in the one-and-only front seat […]

browncoats have bucks

By now, my readers should be more than aware of the fact that I am a proud Browncoat – I missed Firefly when it first aired on Fox, but on my parents’ urgings, I found the DVDs, and I am pretty sure I watched the entire series all the way through once I started.  And then found time to watch it again.  And have since watched it more times than I […]