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james yeager, helping the "gun control" extremists

Considering that my posts documenting how James Yeager is a coward and how he violated the Tennessee constitution are getting an unusual amount of traffic in recent days, I thought I would take a brief moment to comment on Yeager’s most recent bout of mind-numbing stupidity wherein he stated, "If it goes one inch further, I’m going to start killing people!".

First, just like the Sandy Hook Elementary School murderer, James Yeager is not […]

do not go gentle

No, this weblog will not be participating in the "National Day of Blogger Silence".

As I have already expressed at other sites, people who participate in that non-event (how can it be an "event" if you do not do anything?) are giving convicted-bomber-and-now-political-terrorist Brett Kimberlin and his despicable supporters exactly what they want – yet another conservative / libertarian / anti-authoritarian / individualistic weblog silenced and suppressed, only this time, you are doing their […]

stop sopa

Hopefully you noticed that this weblog “went dark” for 12 hours earlier today.

Did you take the time to find out why? If not, feel free to watch this video now:

Or read this explanation:

What are SOPA and PROTECT IP?

The PROTECT IP Act (S. 968) and the Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA (H.R. 3261) would devastate job-creating American technology companies and social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and […]

get “angry”

The author of yesterday’s quote of the day kept on tweeting his idiocy for most of the day, capping off a long string of personal attacks and ad hominems with the accusation that I am an "angry" person and have "anger issues". I cannot see as how that is particularly relevant to the discussion of "gun control"’s many failings and failures, but it got me to thinking…

If the government were to forcibly abridge […]