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Who Is Paying for This?

This entry was inspired by this article which popped up somewhere in my web browsing.

Some folks are excited because this helps Rand Paul’s bona fides as being “pro-Israel”. I’m excited because it means less of my money going to fund wars in which I have no interest.

We shouldn’t be giving aid to Israel, we shouldn’t be giving aid to Egypt, we shouldn’t be sending troops to any northern African nations, we shouldn’t still […]

2 Overreactions

There are two somewhat prominent stories that have made headlines recently, both involving government overreaction. Both of these could have been easily avoided without any hoopla or to-do.

The first happened less than 75 miles from where I grew up in rural South Carolina. It appears they had some overreactive employees at a nuclear power plant who called the sheriff’s department after a glider took a single pass over the plant. The police then grossly […]

SIRT Unboxing

I placed an order in late December for a few products from Next Level Training. An AR bolt (green), a SIRT performer pro 110 pistol (green/red), and a weighted training magazine.


After almost a month waiting, they’ve arrived! Here they are as I opened the box from USPS. The bolt doesn’t quite look like it’ll drop in, so I’ll save that for later. The pistol seems good so far, I’m looking forward to training […]

Gun appreciation day – Phoenix

Some photos from the gun appreciation day rally at the state capitol in Phoenix, AZ.

Pretty solid event, except I couldn’t hear a word any of the speakers said.

It was nice seeing just about any classification of person present.

Plenty of long guns and hand guns being openly carried.

Hard to give an exact count, but I’d estimate 200-300 people in attendance.

All pictures are from my phone, and I’m not […]

the slippery slope of gun control – my take

The “slippery slope” argument is often shrugged off as nonsense by anti rights extremists. These true believers would have you think that should we take their prescribed, failed (pdf warning) policies that the world would be cleansed of evil and they would ask for no further infringement of your constitutionally protected, creator endowed, natural rights. Their argument is that if you follow their “common sense” gun control measures that we will see a decrease in […]