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my get-home bag

Unless you have the pleasure of working from home (which, generally I do, so “win” on that), a get-home bag is probably a good addition to your back seat / trunk. 

But what, exactly, is a “get-home bag”?  Simply put, it is a collection of supplies that will help you get from where you are (probably your office or equivalent) back to your house, should that prove difficult for some reason. 

What constitutes […]

hava prize packages, unlocked!

Well, right about now, I would have been playing a rousing game of Tribes Ascend, but ZerCool just had to go and unlock the new Honored American Veterans Afield fundraiser prize packages, and here I am… 

Joking, joking.  There is little more I would like to do than give you all some more incentive to donate to this worthy organization, and thanks to many folks’ generous donations, […]

"gun control" is losing

The Art of Manliness recently published an article entitled The Stylish Man’s Guide to Concealed Carry and another entitled How to Use a Flashlight in a Tactical Situation.

Need I say more?

that solves that problem

Only it was not really a "problem", per se, but… oh, never mind.

Anywise, while I was busily trying to make this comparison review between the Inforce WML and the Streamlight TLR-2 work (was having issues trying to show comparative output levels over time, but I hopefully have fixed it… now I just need to find the time to implement my plan), one thought that occurred to me while handling […]

inforce wml – a video

Looking back at it, my explanation of how to mount an Inforce WML to any firearm with an appropriate Picatinny rail might not have been the clearest thing ever. 

As such, here is a handy-dandy video showing you how to go about it: 

Yeah, not exactly production quality – apparently Flip camcorders* do not have a particularly close focal range – but it gets the point across.  Likewise, […]

mantis knives – a review, revisited

A few years back, I wrote a somewhat negative review of Mantis Knives’ products, which even managed to attract the attention of the president of that particular company (who never emailed me, I would point out).

Well, a few days ago, I discovered the B-3 Necessikey sucks almost as hard as the MT-1 Sliver. The Necessikey has a grand total of three tools to its name – a flashlight that is barely […]

do not piss off people trying to give you money

Up until… well… today, BatteryJunction.com (hyperlink intentionally omitted) was my primary source for random-assed battery requirements, including the CR123 lithium batteries all of my flashlights eat through – their prices were reasonable (especially since they carry a lot of "off" brands) and their shipping times were about as fast as most things I have received from Amazon. 

Well, somewhere around three weeks ago, I placed an order including some Tenergy 30200 […]

candles… with fire support

Over the course of today, various subchapters (but not all of them, pointedly enough) of the main “gun control” extremist organizations here in America will be gathering around the country to light candles in order to… do something.  By some accounts, the candlelight vigil is in memory of those murdered in the Tucson shooting a year ago.  Others say that they are gathering and increasing their carbon footprints in order to […]

elzetta and soldiers’ angels

So you have a home-defense shotgun; a lot of people do. So when Things Go Bump In The Night and you are employing it to defend your home and family, how are you going to go about ensuring you abide by Rule 2 and Rule 4 of the Four Rules of Gun Safety? Sure, you could always turn on the lights in the room you are in… unless you are not near the […]

laser-guided awesomeness

Crimson Trace Corporation is an awesome company who makes awesome products and supports awesome causes – you know that, I know that, everyone knows that – but did you also know that they are running an awesome promotion of their own? 

Crimson Trace just launched their new website. Not only are they offering a coupon code (30LSR11) for 30 bucks off at the checkout, but if you leave […]

crimson trace corporation and soldiers’ angels

Ok, I am getting really good at this. 

First, I am very happy and proud to announce some additions to the “general” prize pool for our Soldiers’ Angels Fundraiser and Giveaway.  Courtesy of Iain Harrison (who you probably know) at Crimson Trace Corporation, I will be able to offer up three Lightguard models as individual prizes – the Glock, XD, and […]

manufacturing "terrorists"

On the one hand, the Center for Disease Control would really like you to be ready to handle your family’s continued health and wellbeing during natural disasters or regional/national emergencies, to the point of even fully embracing the zombie meme. This makes all kinds of sense, simply because the federal, state, and local government cannot take care of every single person in a disaster zone – transportation is a bear, getting […]

one take on a "survival shotgun"

Another month, another post wherein Art of Manliness brings the awesome.

I cannot say as though I agree with all of the author’s choices (most notably toting around a survival kit in his survival shotgun*, as well as relying exclusively on an anchor-like shotgun during the impending zombie apocalypse), but I also cannot say as though I ever thought about just how much space there is in those hollow-plastic buttstocks.

The […]

get ported

Remember that Swiss-Army-knife-for-your-keys device I wrote about around two years ago?

Looks like vaporware has gone solid.

Conveniently, the Keyport could replace almost everything on my carabiner besides the 24kN-rated ‘biner itself, my courtesy-of-Weer’d Gekkota (the Keyport can have a bottle opener, but no knife), and my no-duplication-allowed work key, but paying somewhere around $100 for the privilege of condensing my key […]

short-notice deal

… Or, well, semi-short notice, since they have been warning about "limited stock" for about two weeks now, and are still selling the product.

Anywise, head on over to the Novatac 120ST Storm listing at Battery Junction, put one in your cart, and punch in "NOVATAC60" as your coupon code, and walk away with a surprisingly capable flashlight for all of $40.

Ever since I procured my NiteCore Extreme […]

bright knuckles

Once must bear in mind that the legality of “brass knuckles” is largely dependent upon the laws of your state/county/city/municipality (the federal government has no opinion on the matter, as it should not), but I have to wonder whether or not a set of these arguably useful contraptions built out of steel and Lexan would both circumvent those various and sundry laws while still providing the utility of the aforementioned tools combined with […]

going to gear up

If you should ever happen to find yourself in the Smyrna subdistrict of the Greater Atlanta Metropolitan Area, you really need to take the time to go by Going Gear’s physical store, especially if you are in the market for a flashlight, Maxpedition bag, hammock, or any other kind of outdoor gear that you would prefer to try on or test out before you purchase it.

I have been doing business with […]