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back behind the trigger again

For those keeping score at home, the Remington 700 has been sold, to someone who was even aware of the whole story, no less. 


While I was waiting for Remington to unscrew themselves, I concluded that a Savage Model 11 Long Range Hunter in 6.5 Creedmoor would be my next choice for a Boomershoot-able rifle, and went ahead and ordered one from […]

on background checks

One of the favorite “arguments” circulating amongst anti-rights cultists these days is that the only reason one would oppose “universal background checks” for firearm purchases is because one is concerned about not passing them.  Obviously this is complete and utter nonsense, but let us take a moment an examine how nonsensical that position is. 

I oppose “universal background checks”.  In fact, I oppose any background checks for firearm purchases – having to […]

those darn bitter clingers

You may not know this, but one of the ways Traction Control pays the bills is by running an FFL; this is his stock level from nine days before Election Day to 51+ days after:

Yeah, he is basically out of ammunition.

One can only assume that his numbers are fairly representative of what transpired at other FFLs, accessory companies, and firearm-related stores across […]

cz-52s and tt-33s, quick thoughts

If you have hung around firearm-related weblogs or communities very long, you have probably heard of the CZ-52 (more properly known as the Vz.52) and the TT-33 (or just TT, for Tula, Tokarev); both pistols are typically amongst the first firearms purchased by people who get their Curio and Relic license from the BATFE, which is hardly surprising, given their still-inexpensive-but-slowly-rising prices. Both pistols are functionally interchangeable, at least superficially – […]


A conversation yesterday evening between myself an a FedEx shipping employee, while filling out the shipping forms: 

Her:  So what are you shipping? 

Me:  A rifle. 

Her:  A rif… and who are you shipping it to? 

Me:  The company that made it. 

Her:  Oh.  Ok.  Carry on! 

Of course, this illustrates the idiocy of requiring interstate firearm transfers to go through an Federal Firearm License holder; I am fairly […]

so you want to assemble your own 10/22, the receiver

So where should we really start this post series? Well, at the most-logical spot: the actual part of the gun that is legally the "firearm".

Without going too far down the rabbit hole of legalities and idiotic restrictions, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (hereafter referred to the BATFE when necessary) is really only concerned with one single part on your gun – the piece that carries the serial number for the […]

gunwalker t-shirt and soldiers’ angels

By now, hopefully everyone who reads and frequents this site is at least nominally aware of the Fast and Furious / Gunwalker/ Gunrunner / Castaway / Wide Receiver / Grenadewalker / Direct Commercial Sales Program scandals, and how the United States Government was forcing FFLs along the southern border to knowingly execute illegitimate firearm sales to illegal immigrants and known cartel gun runners, which has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Mexican […]

overstepping their bounds

This article documents a massive pile of suck and fail from stem to stern, but I want to point out one particular aspect of it that jumped out at me:

The next day, Muller received a call from the ATF asking him to come in for a meeting with all of his personal guns, which they insisted they had to authority to order, he said. Muller held his ground and refused to […]

do not get distracted by the little things

Unfortunately, I am starting to see a slightly surprising amount of confusion from my fellow pro-rights activists regarding the tactics of our opponents, so I thought I would take a moment, consolidate my comments, and offer up some clarification here.

Put simply, Joan Peterson is an adherent to the belief that if you repeat a lie often enough, and with enough conviction, people will start believing it is true.


perfect plans are never executed

If you ever want to disabuse yourself of the romantic notion of working for, or even owning, a firearm shop, sit yourself down and have a nice chat with someone who actually does one of those things, and your dreams and aspirations will vanish tout suite. As with so many other jobs, it would not be too bad if it were not for the paperwork, which borders on the nightmarish – on the one hand, […]