“Look, they got boy whores! Isn't that thoughtful? Wonder if they service girlfolk at all.”
by Kaywinnit Lee Frye


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how not to design a firearm

Take a look at the image to the left. 

If your semi-automatic, .22LR-caliber handgun can happily feed the cartridge on the right of the image all day long without hardly a hiccup or a concern, but patently refuses to do anything useful whatsoever with the cartridge on the left, you are doing it wrong. 

No, I have never designed a firearm.  No, I have never really built a firearm; I have, however, assembled […]

dreamhost sucks

I think, after the past week, I can say that with some finality. To begin with, their servers were completely unable to handle the load generated by my recent post documenting my experiences with the USFA ZiP. To put that in perspective, on average, this site typically gets about 500 hits a day, give or take a few; on Tuesday, it received somewhere around 4300, and probably would have gotten more if Dreamhost could have […]

why we win

It really boils down to a difference in perceptions.

On the one hand, "gun control" fetishists gleefully dance in the blood of victims and exploit the murder of innocents to further their own, personal, unjust, totalitarian, anti-Constitutional dreams, as documented in the image to the right. (Highlights added to really bring out the crazy in those cultists’ eyes.)

On the other hand, we quite cheerfully and respectfully celebrate the lawful, peaceful defense of […]

appleseed hotwash

I promise I will give you all an honest-to-God after-action report, but that will have to come after typing has stopped hurting; until then, you can read the official-ish one here.

Better Half qualified as a Rifleman on Sunday, shooting a 211, 212, and 227, each score with a different rifle due to equipment failures, and hit the Redcoat target shingle every single time; I qualified as a Rifleman on Saturday, shooting a 210, […]

presented without comment

(See here for context, if you are unaware of it.)

(Image borrowed from Awesome People. Editing done by me.)

be smarter than the equipment you use

So far, we, the American people, have spent somewhere in excess of sixty billion (yes, with a "b") dollars on a "security" farce that results in mind-bending idiocy such as this:

The TSA’s bungling reached a new low yesterday when a JFK Airport terminal had to be evacuated and hundreds of passengers marched back through security screening all because one dimwitted agent failed to realize his metal detector had been unplugged, sources told The […]

microcosmic observations

You have all already heard of the grounding of the Costa Concordia, I am sure, and the positively shameful fashion in which the evacuation of that doomed ship was completely and totally botched up:

She said: ‘I want everyone to know how badly some people [aboard the sinking cruise liner Costa Concordia] behaved. It was a nightmare. I lost my daughter and my grandchildren in the chaos.

I was standing by the lifeboats and men, […]

not what i have come to expect

Al Gore is a liar. I know that. You know that. Pretty much the whole world knows that at this point. However, I am disappointed to no end that Bill Nye, the Science Guy, went along with this farcical “science experiment”:

Bill Nye, in his narration at 0:48 in the video says:

You can replicate this effect yourself in a simple lab experiment, here’s how.

…and at 1:10 in the video Nye says:

Within […]

the suicide of gun control

“Gun control” is a dying cause, and rightfully so.  You know it, I know it, and even the anti-rights cultists themselves know it (which could explain why their tactics are becoming increasingly vicious, abusive, and thuggish).  But the interesting thing is how many of those anti-rights cultists (aka “gun control” supporters) are acknowledging their failure and rationalizing it to themselves: 

WHAT ACCOUNTS FOR the strange death of gun control? Paradoxically, the story begins with […]

gun control demotivator

Courtesy of Gun Free Zone and Sharp as a Marble, who both link to the story of exactly how this constitutes the complete failure of gun control (to wit, that fully-functional (if somewhat crude) firearm was fabricated in an American citizen’s garage, with completely unregulated, unregistered, and easily-procurable spare parts). 


clarification on the collapse

File this under "Reasons Not to Write Weblog Posts When You are So Angry You Can Hardly See Straight".

Last week, I penned the following quote:

I guess our country had a good run, but welcome to the police state. When an apparently law-abiding citizen and veteran can be gunned down in his own home for owning legal property and being unfortunately related to a family of allegedly law-breaking pikers, this "America" experiment […]

quote of the day – say uncle

When you get right down to it, your average Mark 1 Mod 0 anti-rights cultist is nothing but an attention whore – they employ the tragedies of victims to attract and sway public attention, they largely refuse to engage in any conversation they cannot control or overpower, they rely on logical fallacies to support their positions and themselves, they desperately claim victimhood while simultaneously attacking the rights of law-abiding citizens, and so forth. This attention-whoring […]

doubling down on failure

Apparently Our Glorious President has already announced that he will be running for re-election next year.

Is anyone surprised by this?

I mean, hell, in the past two years, he has successfully managed to drive our economy into the toilet, increase the federal deficit and debt by previously-unheard-of numbers and percentages, embroil America in yet another war, and generally piss off and annoy the majority of people on all sides of the political […]

of course not, you dozy git

About the only positive thing I could ever say about MikeB302000 is that he has prompted a significant number of folks to pen a significant number of truly outstanding posts… kind like how overbearing, authoritarian, abusive governments prompted the founding of our great nation. At any rate, Joe Huffman has yet another amazing post up wherein he takes MikeB’s points out to the woodshed and beats them like the proverbial red-headed step-child, and I definitely […]