“Whenever women have insisted on absolute equality with men, they have invariably wound up with the dirty end of the stick. What they are and what they can do makes them superior to men, and their proper tactic is to demand special privileges, all the traffic will bear. They should never settle merely for equality. For women, 'equality' is a disaster.”
by Lazarus Long




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allow me to introduce you to adam mermer

According to his Facebook page and now-closed Twitter account, Adam Mermer is 42 years old, a present resident of Boston, Massachusetts, and unsurprisingly single.  Predictably, he somewhat vociferously supports the Patriots, though I do not at all understand his liking of Ayn Rand and Atlas Shrugged.  He used to work at Burque Jewelers a few years ago (which he apparently inherited from his father – only notable on account of how happy he seems to […]

coincidental customer service

Yesterday, at about 1000, I posted to Facebook a draft of a letter I was considering sending to Remington concerning the rusty-arsed 700 SPS they still have not gotten back to me from its second trip back to the mothership.  The draft got a lot of constructive feedback, along with the predictable less-than-useless comments that a post of that nature is invariably going to attract on Facebook, and I had worked […]

yes, i am a little petty on occasion

I recently wrote this on the Book of Faces

I won’t lie. It made me happy to see people pissed that I had access to the media room at NRAAM.

… and while the comment thread that followed it was pretty epic, the thread for the follow-up FacePost of

You know what amuses me more than a certain someone being pissed I had access to the media room at […]

boomershoot 2014 preparations, the caliber follow-up

So the one consistent piece of feedback I have been receiving both on the last post and on the Facebooks / Twitters is that I should go larger – put a wider-diameter (and generally heavier) round down-range. 

At first glance, that seems reasonable – I am attempting to combat wind and ensure a bullet maintains velocity at distance, and denser things do that.  In firearm parlance, “denser” generally (and I do only […]


This is going to be another one of those posts wherein the backstory may or probably will not be explained.  You are just going to have to deal with that. 

Speaking on a personal level, I will never again do business with a company called “Texas AK Designs”, who are now apparently owned by / part of “Canis Design Group”.  From my own personal experience, their shipping department is substandard, their customer […]

possibly fake but definitely accurate

By now, most of my readers have probably seen this image, along with the various other ones floating around all branded with the Brady Campaign’s logo:

Said image’s text reading, "A rape can last 30 seconds but a murder lasts for ever. Guns are not the answer." For the Googles.

And, like most of my readers, I saw the image and immediately dismissed it as a parody – oh, to […]

james yeager violated the tennessee constitution

… and now “shall be punished otherwise, in such manner as the Legislature may prescribe.”  No, seriously. 

After yesterday’s post documenting how James Yeager is a coward, not based on his actions in Iraq, but rather his actions here in America, I was planning on leaving this whole topic alone for the foreseeable future, but this is just too much comedic gold to pass up.  As was pointed out to […]

the truth about the truth about guns and robert farago

Unless you are prepared for a veritable skyscraper of text (over 9,000 words) and a serious airing of grievances, you should probably go ahead and plan on skipping this post.

That disclaimer dispensed with, here is how it is. Over the past few years, Robert Farago – the editor of The Truth About Guns – has functionally leeched off of, exploited, stabbed in the back, maligned, abused, lied about, misrepresented, stolen from, and infringed upon […]

like the second amendment foundation

I have rightfully “had beef” with the Second Amendment Foundation’s borderline illegal “fundraising” campaigns, but the truth of the matter is that they get the job done when it comes to protecting and preserving our Second-Amendment-protected rights.  So head on over to their Facebook page and give them a “Like” – that, at least, will not put you on their to-spam list, and […]

shows where their priorities lie

A little over a month ago, I made the following comment in response to the "gun violence" candle-light vigils anti-rights cultists held and attended:

One interesting side-effect from not making this distinction is that by holding their candle-light vigils for “victims of ‘gun violence’”, the Brady Campaign and their sycophants are, by definition, memorializing those murderers, rapists, thieves, muggers, robbers, home-invaders, and other scumbags who were shot down in self-defense […]

baldr odinson outs himself

By now, regular readers of my weblog should be familiar with the name “Baldr Odinson” – that spineless, dishonest, cowardly troll who so very much hates it when his own methodologies and tricks are used against him (speaking of, I need to put his poll back up at some point).  Regular readers of the pro-rights community would also be aware that Baldr Odinson […]

not a hard lesson to learn

Brownells has always struck me as something of an old-fashioned (in a very good way) company, so it amuses me that they seem to have a firmer grasp on the treacherous beast that is "the Internet" than the self-proclaimed "internet media professional", Paul Helinski (who cannot even seem to run a Twitter account), and his chauvinistic company, GunsAmerica. From a recent WebBench email from the former company, in […]

really don’t be a robert farago

… Or Reddit will expose your dickery to the world, along with some supporting fire from Something Awful (link probably NSFW, but you should know that from the name).

The original complaint is on Facebook, but the short story boils down to "Robert Farago is an inveterate thief", or, in his own words:

We used the photo under Fair Use provisions. We do so with […]

i almost have no words

Being somewhat goofy looking, having a non-symmetrical face, possessing the stereotypical pasty-whiteness of my ethnic background, and so forth, I generally try to refrain from making fun of people for the way they look.

The way they dress, however? Well, that is entirely a matter of choice, and while I have no shortage of appreciation for outlandish styles and resurrected trends (well, except anything from the ’70s), even I have to draw […]

they did this to themselves

… But I am proud to have been the one to stand up and point it out. 

[2330 18MAY11 Update]

Since it has come to my attention that the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence has seen fit to further viciously and maliciously lie about my behavior in this incident on their Facebook page, I thought I would set the record straight.  Below is a […]

apture, not aperture

I am currently testing out the Apture… functionality… on “wotc” – highlight some text, give it a second or two, and it will do an inline search for you, both here and across the cortex.  Likewise, when you scroll down, a toolbar shows up at the top of the page allowing you to link the page to various social systems, as well as search my entire site… and unlike the last widget I […]

keep it classy, csgv

Want to know how to tell when one of the national anti-rights organizations knows that it is failing at its intended goal of abridging, restricting, regulating, controlling, limiting, and abrogating the Constitutionally-protected, naturally-granted individual right to self defense? 

Simple:  when they start attacking people… through their children. 

Take a look at the screencapture to the left – I refuse to link to the actual Facebook page and give the […]

the social bar

… at the bottom of the page.  Too much?  Too useless?  Better or worse than the social buttons at the bottom of individual posts now?  Do not care in general?  If nothing else, it reminded me I have a Flickr account… 

[Update] And so the plugin has been nuked, and I continue my quest for a less-obtrusive-than-that-but-cleaner-than-what-I-have way of integrating this social stuff… [/Update]

Anywise, the plugin is the WP Social Toolbar […]

appreciation through aggrivation

One interesting byproduct of the recent problems I have been having with my RSS feeds and Google Reader is that I realized I have 106 folks subscribed to my main feed, with another 93 subscribed to the various other forms and flavors it takes (with the majority using my old Atom and RSS links). In short, 199 individuals keep up with my weblog on a daily basis (by way […]