“You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves.”
by Abraham Lincoln




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hava fundraiser and endo apparel

By now, everyone who reads this site should be familiar with Everyday, No Days Off, and if you are not already reading his site, you are doing yourself a rather significant disservice. Likewise, regular readers should be aware that ENDO has his own apparel line, given that I have only posted about them a few times, and even worn one of the shirts in my famous-on-the-internet video: […]

james yeager proves his cowardice

Courtesy of a comment over at ENDO, I have discovered that James Yeager has made his "James Yeager is a coward?" video private and unviewable by the unwashed masses. In other words, he ran away from the impressively colorful conversations breaking out in the comments section of the video; one can hardly blame him, though, considering the number of large, strapping young men who took him up on his […]

personally, i think camo is overdone

It looks like ENDO-Mike – the remarkably patient, helpful guy who writes a pretty kick-ass weblog and who makes some pretty kick-ass shirts – is expanding his online presence a little; he has launched MILcentric, a site specializing in "military fashion, design, and anything else I feel is military inspired", and already has a passel of posts up there.

If his other site is any indication, […]

famous on the internet

Hm. I think I know that guy:

As my mother (who recently out-shot my father with his HK45, much to his chagrin) told some of our Boston relatives, this is what happens when you do not allow children to have realistic-looking toy guns in the house. Bear that in mind. (I still made ones out of LEGOs.)

And apparently I resemble Hugo Weaving. News to me. Though I can live […]


Apparently I occasionally write something worth reading, and I seem to have unintentionally used up my quota for the next two years: The Squirrel Report will be featuring two of my recent weblog posts – my guest post for Everyday No Days Off regarding the increasing prevalence of the "bystander effect", and my post here concerning the danger of armed mobs. Even better (?), I […]

expanding my reach

This is not the post you are looking for.

This is.

Go forth, read, and think, since that is what the whole point of the post was.

… but i’m also a member

I am a fan of ENDO Apparel’s line of t-shirts, there is no doubt about it.  The shirts he uses are just amazingly soft, the designs are delightfully poignant, and some of them definitely fall under the “winkwinknudgenudge” category. 

So when the genius behind them hit me up a few days ago and asked if I wanted another one, my answer was pretty obvious. 

And, […]

we get mail

If there is one thing I have too many of, it is t-shirts, but sometimes you just cannot pass them up.  For instance, there is ENDO Apparel’s new Selector Switch T-Shirt

Sadly, my AR’s selector switch does not go that far around.  I would strongly recommend checking the sizing charts before ordering one of your own, though; I generally wear a large (courtesy of broad shoulders), but an […]