“Using polls as leverage to support further gun control just means you think the South should have been permitted to keep their slaves.”
by Linoge




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because it is shiny

I have, and need, no better excuse than that for this: 

What’s that, you say?  It looks remarkably like something from some movie or television series you might have seen once upon a time? 

I have no idea what you are talking about. 

None at all. 

In all seriousness, this is far from an every-day carry […]

a gunblogger goes commercial

Speaking of things for sale, fellow gunblogger and all-around good guy Ron Larimer bit the proverbial bullet and did that which a lot of us want to do but few of us have the nerve to actually execute: went into business for himself. Poking around his When the Balloon Goes Up! store, I see all kinds of odds-and-ends – knives, holsters, flashlights, pens, first aid kits, and so forth – that […]

short-notice deal

… Or, well, semi-short notice, since they have been warning about "limited stock" for about two weeks now, and are still selling the product.

Anywise, head on over to the Novatac 120ST Storm listing at Battery Junction, put one in your cart, and punch in "NOVATAC60" as your coupon code, and walk away with a surprisingly capable flashlight for all of $40.

Ever since I procured my NiteCore Extreme […]