“Using polls as leverage to support further gun control just means you think the South should have been permitted to keep their slaves.”
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helpful hava reminder

Today is the last day for the Honored American Veterans Afield fundraiser we are running here; if you want your donation to count towards the fundraiser, it has to be made before 2359 (11:59PM, for you civilian types), and all receipts have to be sent to me by 1700 (5:00PM) tomorrow if you want them to count towards the giveaway. 

I have handed out just under 300 tickets to around 30 folks, […]

hava update

If you all have been keeping up with the Honored American Veterans Afield fundraiser I am running, you will see that we have raised a touch over $1000 in the past three weeks, with about three more weeks to go. Honestly, that is not bad, at least not for fundraisers here.

However, there is a catch. As you can see, we have… well, a lot of stuff up for grabs if you […]

hava fundraiser and eagles nest outfitter

So I am a naturally inquisitive type (at least, on occasion), and I admit to being somewhat intrigued by the surprise being expressed by the folks at Honored American Veterans Afield over how much money we have managed to raise in such a small amount of time. So I went digging.

The short story is that in 2011 (the last year the National Center for Charitable Statistics has posted), […]

hava fundraiser and… well, hava

So everyone should be aware of the HAVA fundraiser we are running here at “walls of the city” – it has only been the top post for, well, two days actually.  In those two days, we have blown past both our matched funds goal, and raised north of $700, and that seems to have attracted the attention of the good folks at Honored American Veterans Afield themselves. 

I just got […]

honored american veterans afield fundraiser and giveaway

This post will be sticky until the fundraiser concludes.  Please scroll down for new posts.

Current Total Donation Amount: (0700 01APR13)


The Rules:

The rules are a little different than last year’s exercise, so pay attention.

How to Earn a Ticket:

1.  Every five dollars you donate directly to Honored American Veterans Afield nets you one numbered ticket. 2.  DO NOT SEND ME MONEY.  All money and goods should go directly to […]

deal alert

Only this time it is not for you.

Living Social is offering a deal where you pay $25 and they pay $50 to the USO.

Now, in case you have been living under a rock for the past few decades, the USO is one of the best – if not the best – organizations supporting our soldiers, sailors, Marines, and airmen overseas and here at home, what […]

you do not have to be a big daddy

… to help out a little sister. Sorry, that pun was just sitting there, and no one else seemed to want to use it…

Anywise, Erin is… well… interesting, and proudly so. She is an unapologetic goth, a freelance writer, a lover of My Little Pony (which I had no idea still existed until I started reading her), a diehard paper-and-pencil RPG player… oh, and she shoots Mosin-Nagants in her spare time […]

dead zero on a soft target

Just over a year ago now, Simon and Schuster very graciously provided me some review copies of their then-new book, Dead Zero, written by Stephen Hunter, and I was able to put them to good use raising over $230 for Ramon Castillo’s recovery fund.

A few months back, the same publishing house sent me a few review copies of the […]

soldiers’ angels fundraiser – impossible without you

Now that the Soldiers’ Angels Fundraiser and Giveaway is concluded and the winners have been announced, it is time for a few "thank you"s.

First, I would like to thank Better Half – this shindig has taken up a lot of time, with more to come, and shipping out all of this stuff is going to be a borderline nightmare. However, she supported me and my crazy ideas, and here […]

soldiers’ angels, setting the date

Thanks to some donations that would not have made it past the previous deadline, the Soldiers’ Angels Fundraiser and Giveaway currently sits at $2,325 donated to that outstanding organization.

I do not think "thank you" quite sums up an appropriate response to that kind of opening of hearts and checkbooks, but thank you all the same.

So here is how it is… the package from CRKT has […]

soldiers’ angels fundraiser – still going strong

I know momentum has slipped a little, and I know this has run a little past what I initially promised, but the Soldiers’ Angels Fundraiser and Giveaway is still going on, you can still donate money to Soldiers’ Angels, and I will still give you tickets for the inevitable drawing we are going to have. The mail service has been dragging its feet on the promised package from […]

crkt and soldiers’ angels

As my last drive-by post of the day, I would point out that the ticker-tracker to the left appears to be stuck at $1925 with only three days and change left in the Soldiers’ Angels Fundraiser and Giveaway. While you generous folks have already blown away my initial pipe dream of $1000 raised for Soldiers’ Angels, it would be kind of… sad… to get all this way and fall just barely […]

say uncle / ctc and soldiers’ angels

Alright, folks, we are coming into the home stretch. You officially have less than two weeks to get any final donations in to the Soldiers’ Angels Fundraiser and Giveaway before it shuts down and the prizes are distributed to the winners. Better yet, we are within easy striking distance of $2000 raised for Soldiers’ Angels, and, speaking personally, I would very much like to see that ticker roll over… so get out there, […]

armory racks and soldiers’ angels

If you are anything like me (and, for your sake, it would probably be better if you were not), you are constantly trying to figure out better ways to do things.  In the past, I was not satisfied with how my carry firearms were basically sliding around loose in their dresser drawer, so I went and engineered a solution that held everything in place.  Of course, as such things are wont to go, […]

crimson trace corporation and soldiers’ angels, the threequel

I promised you something the market has never seen before.

Today, the Brown Truck of Joy delivered something the market has never seen before:

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militec and soldiers’ angels

One thing that has never stopped impressing me about the firearm-owning / pro-rights community is how very generous they are – they encourage you shoot their firearms with their ammunition, they help out in the community, they volunteer their time at local ranges and clubs, they educate children about the safe and enjoyable use of firearms, and now they are massively supporting an outstanding cause

Speaking of generosity, I do […]

gunwalker t-shirt and soldiers’ angels

By now, hopefully everyone who reads and frequents this site is at least nominally aware of the Fast and Furious / Gunwalker/ Gunrunner / Castaway / Wide Receiver / Grenadewalker / Direct Commercial Sales Program scandals, and how the United States Government was forcing FFLs along the southern border to knowingly execute illegitimate firearm sales to illegal immigrants and known cartel gun runners, which has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Mexican […]

crimson trace corporation and soldiers’ angels

Ok, I am getting really good at this. 

First, I am very happy and proud to announce some additions to the “general” prize pool for our Soldiers’ Angels Fundraiser and Giveaway.  Courtesy of Iain Harrison (who you probably know) at Crimson Trace Corporation, I will be able to offer up three Lightguard models as individual prizes – the Glock, XD, and […]

the best belt and soldiers’ angels

I might actually be getting good at this… Since yesterday, thanks to some more kind generosity, the donation amount for the Soldiers Angels Fundraiser and Giveaway was pushed up to $405, as the ticker to the left shows. My personal goal was to get this shindig to four digits, and I am starting to think that might actually be possible.

So, to encourage you wonderful folks to open your wallets […]