“One man with a gun can control 100 without one.”
by Vladimir Ilich Lenin




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first mod for the fj

That did not take long, did it? 

Well, for some strange reason, the storage bin in the center console of FJ cruisers comes without a lid: 

And, for some reason, that bugs me.  Yeah, I know, that does not really make any sense, but there it is.  That said, I am apparently not the only person with this particular bug up my arse, as there are options to provide a […]

not pretty, but it will work

Speaking of building your own "garage-expedient" firearm, this may just be a trailer for a movie, and thus just a dramatization, but, yes, making a firearm-like device capable of grievously wounding / killing someone really is this simple:

Look at the tools and materials she used: wire snips, a block of wood, a knife, a short length of steel pipe, a file, the pipe end cap, copper wire, a small square […]

need a holster for your lists?

Rob Reed asked for an explanation of the tools/materials I use to fabricate the two holster-looking things I have managed to produce, and the short answer is "watch these two videos":

I hate sitting through a 30-minute video when I could just read something, but I made an exception in those two cases, and I am very thankful I did; PHLster is a very accomplished kydex-smith, […]

not like i could compete with it

As I said on the Facebooks and Twitters a few days ago, one of the fun advantages of making your own holsters is the ability to do crazy things you would never actually ask someone else to make for you.

And, sometimes, they work:

Obviously this is not an everyday carry holster, but I contend that neither is that an everyday carry gun (though a friend tells me they are […]

not just for firearms

So for Christmas, the in-laws got me a Mora 106 Knife and a 220 Woodsplitter; thanks to my hand deciding to give the world, including myself, the finger, I have not had a chance to actually use them yet, but they needed safe places to live.  The 106 comes with something that could be charitably called a “sheath”, but anyone who knows Mora knives knows that thing does not amount to […]

i have to keep reminding myself this is practice

I am not a perfectionist – just ask my wife – but I have an annoying tendency to want to do things right the first time, and not getting it right frustrates me.  This despite the reality that, if I have no experience doing something, I cannot exactly do that something particularly well. 

Anywise, enough whining.  Aside from being wider than strictly necessary, yesterday’s lens cover holster turned out pretty well.  That […]

i am sure i stole this idea from somewhere

… but damned if I cannot remember where at the moment. 

It had to go through some modifications in the process – notably, rotating the cap 90 degrees, due to those pushy-thingies not being terribly well attached to the cap – but it still turned out better than my magazine carrier attempt did…


well, that is that

After damned near eight solid hours of work, more trial and error than I care to admit, and only a small amount of blood loss, I have this: 

Not pretty, but it works. 

Definitely not pretty.  One of the reasons it took so long were these: 

Since I wear a neutered rigger’s belt, I dislike having to unthread it every […]

what i will be doing instead of weblogging

Obviously it is still a work in progress (the wings need to be bent, and the loops need to be finished/fixed – sadly, Better Half’s hair drier was not up to the task), and I doubt I will be putting Raven out of business any time soon, but given that I have more than a few guns that need left-handed holsters, and more than a few guns that need […]

totalitarians hated the printing press too

I was going to include this with my previous post regarding New York’s obscene new laws and Connecticut’s desired idiocy, but I figured it deserved a post of its own:

That, fellow defenders of liberty, is a magazine fabricated on (I think) a stereolithography (SLA) printer out of (I think) an epoxy-based resin; the specifics are not entirely clear, but, frankly, I would rather the folks at DefDist […]

bubbles are good

The balloon on top of the jug has not inflated yet, but it is firming up. 

it has begun

“It” being home-made mead, from instructions found by way of Guns, Cars, and Tech

look what i have

(For clarification, since you cannot quite read them, these are these t-shirts, only really-real.) 

So the good news is that they did not have to do the whole “print it in white” first bit, so the finalized prices will be $19 for M-XL, $20 for XXL, and $21 for XXXL, plus shipping. 

The bad news is that I am going to be out of town next weekend, so much […]

almost want to make one just because

We have touched on the topic of home-made firearms a few times here, but mostly it has been in an academic, "Yeah, you could do that if you really wanted to but I would not want to actually use one," kind of way.

Well, in the realm of "beggars cannot be choosers", it would appear as though criminals have started employing do-it-yourself firearms in crimes in […]

so you want to assemble your own 10/22, introduction

Ok, maybe you do not. But I do. And I might as well write about it while I do.

As regular readers are aware, Better Half and I are gearing up for attending our very first Appleseed shoot in a little over a month, and one of the prerequisites for those events is actually having a rifle. For the purposes of cheap and easy training, .22LR is the recommended caliber, and for […]

making little holes

Time for some more fun questions for you, my readers… First up, does anyone know of any pillows, cushions, or other soft squishy things that are specifically designed to fit under your torso while you are shooting prone and take some of your weight off your shoulders? Better Half practiced some of the Appleseed poses this weekend, and a couple of shooting mats were enough for her elbows not to be a problem, but resting […]

always good to be inspiration

You know you have had a birthday party at Oleg Volk’s when you come home with a small box full of .22 ammunition of various types, flavors, and loadings.  A big thanks to Oleg, Peter, Miss D., WizardPC, Mrs. WizardPC, everyone else who showed up, and, of course, Better Half for putting together what was a thoroughly entertaining party. 

With regards to the title, it would […]

… but i’m also a member

I am a fan of ENDO Apparel’s line of t-shirts, there is no doubt about it.  The shirts he uses are just amazingly soft, the designs are delightfully poignant, and some of them definitely fall under the “winkwinknudgenudge” category. 

So when the genius behind them hit me up a few days ago and asked if I wanted another one, my answer was pretty obvious. 

And, […]

for the a&k masada owners out there

Since this is not covered anywhere else (and I did look), if you own an A&K Magpul Masada airsoft rifle, its original barrel is not 363mm long. Yes, that is the standard length for M4 / SR16 / SG551 clones, however, the Masada’s barrel measures in at something closer to 393mm in length.

What does this mean to you? Well, replacement inner barrels for airsoft rifles (not to be confused with the […]

ammo can shelves, v2.0

The internet is an interesting place… you write stuff, throw it out there, and you are never really sure what will come of it. And then sometimes you find out.

Yesterday morning I got a friendly email from 1 with a Bullet indicating that he had taken my ammo shelf idea and designs and done them up to his own specifications, with a comprehensive write-up and […]