“Being intelligent is not a felony. But most societies evaluate it as at least a misdemeanor.”
by Lazarus Long


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you are cordially invited to pucker up and…

I have an increasingly nagging suspicion I am not going to make it to wherever I am going the next time I try to board a commercial air flight, which is unfortunate, because I have not seen my parents in a while.

Why? Because flying across the country is neither affordable nor easy any more.

Oh, the other why? Because if some spineless, high-school drop-out tells me to "Freeze", I am just going […]

all depends on what it is worth

As a general rule, I do my absolute damnest to avoid the receipt-checkers at stores like Wal-Mart and Best Buy and whatnot else; they are unavoidable at Sams, due to the contract we signed to make use of their stores, but no such contract exists between myself and Wal-Mart. My thought process for this avoidance is somewhat straightforward – I purchased these goods, they are now my property, and the employees of Wal-Mart have neither […]