“It's neither your business, nor the business of this damn paternalistic government, to tell a man not to risk his life doing what he really wants to do.”
by Robert Heinlein


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a thousand blind monkeys could do better

This keychain tool kit that I forgot was still attached to my carabiner was deemed unacceptable for me to have on my person by the Nashville branch of the Thousands of Sexual Assaulters due to its 1.375" knife, and was therefore confiscated from me at the security checkpoint for the airport (sorry, Weer’d).

However, at both Nashville and SeaTac airports, this solid stainless steel pen (that could never hurt/kill anyone) was allowed through without […]

soldiers’ angels fundraiser – still going strong

I know momentum has slipped a little, and I know this has run a little past what I initially promised, but the Soldiers’ Angels Fundraiser and Giveaway is still going on, you can still donate money to Soldiers’ Angels, and I will still give you tickets for the inevitable drawing we are going to have. The mail service has been dragging its feet on the promised package from CRKT, but the day after that box […]

soldiers’ angels last-minute update

$So, I had promised that we were going to do the prize drawing for the Soldiers’ Angels Fundraiser and Giveaway tomorrow. 

I am going to have to postpone that on you. 

Like I mentioned a few days ago, CRKT has promised some prizes for the giveaway, but I am not entirely sure what they are sending, or even how many “whats”.  So, since the mail has come for Saturday, and UPS and FedEx […]

crkt and soldiers’ angels

As my last drive-by post of the day, I would point out that the ticker-tracker to the left appears to be stuck at $1925 with only three days and change left in the Soldiers’ Angels Fundraiser and Giveaway. While you generous folks have already blown away my initial pipe dream of $1000 raised for Soldiers’ Angels, it would be kind of… sad… to get all this way and fall just barely short of $2000. All […]

soldiers’ angels fundraiser and giveaway

This post will be sticky until the fundraiser concludes. Please scroll down for new posts.

[1900 10JAN12 Update: Changes/updates to this page since 2100 03JAN12 have been italicized.]

I knew announcing the Soldiers’ Angels Fundraiser and Giveaway the week before Thanksgiving was kind of a bad idea, but I wanted to get it out there and get the ball rolling, and now we are going to go back, go over the details, and pimp […]

for the record

Weer’d Beard just saved my beer-drinking ass.

That is all.

we get mail

When Weer’d asked me about my updated address so he could forward on his yearly domain payment (speaking of, if any pro-rights webloggers want to escape Blogger or WordPress.com and have your own domain that you can fully control, drop me a line), he mentioned that he would be sending something along with the check. Given the person in question, I was immediately concerned, but all those worries amounted to naught:

One CRKT Eat’N […]

epic paracord

I had stumbled across the Gerber Epic a while ago while mindlessly browsing the internet, but after reading JP’s recent review of the blade, I figured, “What the hell,” and added it to my recent Cabela’s order. This post, however, is not going to be a review of the knife – if you want one of those, and JP’s is not enough, check this one out – rather, this is going to be an explanation […]