“While I haven't made the jump to open carrying, I completely support those who do so. Concealed carry, open carry. Doesn't matter. Just carry.”
by Lagerhead




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on identity

So my legal name is not “Linoge”.  Obviously.  In fact, more people than ever before know my legal name on account of it being emblazoned across my media credentials at the NRA Annual Meetings*. 

And yet I go by “Linoge” here on the internets and you call me “Linoge” here on the internets, because that is how I have chosen to identify myself and that is what I have asked you to do.  Obviously […]

boomershoot 2014 preparations, the caliber follow-up

So the one consistent piece of feedback I have been receiving both on the last post and on the Facebooks / Twitters is that I should go larger – put a wider-diameter (and generally heavier) round down-range. 

At first glance, that seems reasonable – I am attempting to combat wind and ensure a bullet maintains velocity at distance, and denser things do that.  In firearm parlance, “denser” generally (and I do only […]

shoot like a girl

If you can:

Katelyn Francis is all of 13 years old, and I have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in admitting that she shot that stage far better than I could ever hope to at the moment.

Of course, that short video also neatly undermines a massive number of arguments put forward by your average anti-rights cultist – "assault weapons have no sporting purpose", "assault rifles have no sporting purpose", "children […]

you should read this guy

After almost two years of absence, Reputo is back, and is hard at work making up for my laziness regarding statistics and hard numbers. First off, he looks at the actual monetary costs of the various school-safety solutions floated thus far, then the costs in terms of crime, and finally the specious notion that saving one life is worth any cost, closing with a positively epic quote: […]

patch update

By my count, including my 10 (which is a variable number), we are up to 53 patches ordered (at least as of this posting).  This means that all patches will cost $6 each; if we can make it to 100 ordered, that will go down to $5 each. 

Given the price drop, if you want to increase your order, leave a comment here or at the previous post. 

Likewise, once we get […]

it will be in a movie soon

$2400 for the shotgun.

$200 for a spare magazine.

~$40 to fill the both of them with self-defense ammo.

Good Lord.

For about the same price, you can have a semi-automatic 12-gauge shotgun tricked out to your specifications that is two inches shorter with the stock extended and about 12 inches shorter when folded up, does not require any manipulations from you to […]

so you want to assemble your own 10/22, the receiver

So where should we really start this post series? Well, at the most-logical spot: the actual part of the gun that is legally the "firearm".

Without going too far down the rabbit hole of legalities and idiotic restrictions, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (hereafter referred to the BATFE when necessary) is really only concerned with one single part on your gun – the piece that carries the serial number for the […]

what is it worth to you?

People are, as always, interesting.

Last weekend, I had the fortune of being invited out to a very nice gentleman’s house on the side of a mountain in farther-eastern Tennessee, where we literally sat on his porch and plinked spinner targets for a couple of hours with nearly a score of different firearms. While there, I got to shoot a Mauser C96, a Winchester Model 97 clone, an […]

the internet never forgets – government edition

As gas prices continue to spiral out of control:

(The chart is for Knoxville, TN, though the USA average differs only in that whacky spike and about $0.10.)

… I have only two things to say.

First, how is that "hope and change" treating you? About this time in the last President’s most-recent term, the liberals and the media (but I repeat myself) were viciously castigating him for […]

pray for armless zombies

By and large, electric vehicles are an insufficient replacement for most people’s primary forms of conveyance. A lot of people will not like that statement, but it is true. However, I am glad to see that some innovators are willing to take that reality as a starting point, and work around it:

Like the Toyota Supra Mk IV, the EV-1 was a car loved by some but ultimately too expensive […]

it is a question of scissors

… And digital or steel ones. 

My DSLR shoots pictures at 2592×3888 pixels, which works out to 1×1.5.  This is not equivalent to 5×7 (1×1.4), 8×10 (1×1.25), 11×14 (1×1.27bar), or 16×20 (1×1.25 again). 

In regards to that new shop I might or might not be working on, do you want me to (A) put the pictures up in their original dimension ratio and let you all do your cutting-and-snipping as you […]

a fallacy in print is still a fallacy

Over the years, I have come to expect less and less from the "dead-tree media"*, what with their invariably behind-the-curve reporting, error-filled articles (which they, of course, treat as journalistic gold), and rampant-but-baseless belief that they and they alone control the news scene. Thankfully, these steadily-decreasing standards have repeatedly saved me from disappointment in the past, and they are doing the same now as I read my local rag succumbing to the "broken […]

graphics matter, external sources

As regular readers of this weblog are probably more than aware, I am quite fond of using relatively simple graphics to debunk long-standing myths adhered to by anti-rights nuts, including “more guns = more crime” and “more guns = more deaths“. However, no matter how simple and straightforward those graphics may be, they have always been supported by comprehensive research from authoritative sources, straightforward number-crunching that can be done by anyone […]