“No matter how one approaches the figures, one is forced to the rather startling conclusion that the use of firearms in crime was very much less when there were no controls of any sort and when anyone, convicted criminal or lunatic, could buy any type of firearm without restriction. Half a century of strict controls on pistols has ended, perversely, with a far greater use of this weapon in crime than ever before.”
by Colin Greenwood




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i was not dead last

… And not because of people disqualifying themselves either. 

So regular readers will know that I have shot in all of two competitive shooting events since first taking up firearms – that shindig at Gunny’s Range in Tennessee where I managed to walk away with a shotgun, and a demonstration of Caracal pistols at ORSA (though I have heard rumors that Caracals are dead in America for the time being).  […]

coal creek armory gets new digs

… on the internet, that is.

Anywise, check out he new shininess here; I am not sure if it is an informational improvement, but at least it is prettier.

That said, Brick found something interesting – remember the concerns we had about CCA buying and attempting to operate a range/gun store right across the road from an already existing one? Seems those concerns were well-founded – the […]

dear jeremy alcede, owner of tactical firearms

I do not live near Katy, Texas, and I probably never will, but I can guarantee you that I will never purchase a single thing from you.

For the rest of you all, the answer to the inevitable, "Why?" is contained within this radio interview:

Matt Patrick: It is 6:16, Houston’s Morning News and I’m Matt Patrick. Glad you’re here; also glad that Tactical Firearms owner Jeremy Alcede is […]

michael’s custom holsters – a review

I have been promising Michael and Jennifer these pictures and this review for… well… a while now, and since they recently received some very useful airtime, I figure it is time for me to finally get around to it. 

As regular readers know, by way of scratching my wheelgun itch, I purchased a Smith and Wesson 686 SSR a while back, and rapidly ran up against […]

visible beams > sights?

I grew up watching Star Trek: The Next Generation as it aired live, and one of the things that always stuck with me was the nifty little phaser range they had built into the USS Enterprise. The room seemed massive when the system was active (though it was nothing more than a heavily modified and specialized holodeck), and the "targets" were nothing more than floating, bobbing, and weaving colored balls, but given that […]

rail-mounted r2d2

I really do not know what to make of a combat optic that not only has firmware, but also has a data port by which you can upgrade it.

On a more graspable level, however, that the same data port can not only be used to energize the optic by an external power source, but it can also be used to power other accessories from the optic’s onboard 3V CR123 battery. I […]

a matter of personal responsibility

The question has been asked a thousand times before, and will probably be asked thousands more times after this, but why are "gun control" supporters so very violent?

On the one hand, Edward McClelland wants to violently destroy millions, of not billions, of dollars of personal property for crimes that property’s owners never committed nor are responsible for. Ever wondered why I call "gun control" supporters anti-rights cultists? Edward is a perfect […]

stop! caracal-time

Tomorrow morning I will be getting up at a positively ungodly hour (at least for a Saturday) and wandering off to play with other people’s firearms and ammunition at the Caracal Smoky Mountain Championship being held at the Oak Ridge Sportsman Association. I would suggest that you all come, but if you are not already signed up, they are not going to let you in the gate.

So, with that […]

empowerment is never ‘bad news’

We have examined the fallacious blanket-statement that “guns are ‘bad news’ for women” a few times before at this weblog, but it never hurts to pound a few more nails into any argument’s coffin, just to be sure (remember Rule #2). In this particular case, though, the only “bad news” resulting from this firearm being in the hands of this woman is that her competitors are about […]