“No matter how one approaches the figures, one is forced to the rather startling conclusion that the use of firearms in crime was very much less when there were no controls of any sort and when anyone, convicted criminal or lunatic, could buy any type of firearm without restriction. Half a century of strict controls on pistols has ended, perversely, with a far greater use of this weapon in crime than ever before.”
by Colin Greenwood




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the slippery slope of gun control

I would like to take a moment today to extend my sincere thanks to the legislatures of both New York State and Connecticut for proving, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that "gun control" is, in truth and fact, a slippery slope.

Anti-rights cultists come absolutely unhinged every time you mention the possibility of "gun control" itself being a slippery slope, and tend to immediately decry such mutterings as prima facie logical […]

if i wanted america to fail

I literally have nothing to add. Well except that. And this.

(Courtesy of Alan.)

facts which do not fit the narrative are discarded

I love internally inconsistent people, no matter what their political or sociological leanings might or might not be; obviously, I would prefer them to be as far away from "my side" (whatever that means any more) as possible, but, regardless, without them I would not have nearly as much good material on this site as I do now.

Take, for example, Penny Bernath, writing on Twitter under the rather appropriate screenname of […]

error: memory hole failure

Ahh, “gun control” extremists… when will you ever learn that the Memory Hole simply is not a viable tactic any more? 

Consider, if you must, the fairly impolite example of @BenjaminV, who had this “conversation” with me regarding the shooting at Virginia Tech on Thursday

BenjaminV:  There should be no guns on college campuses, period. #virginiatech #guncontrol

Linoge_WOTC:  […]

quote of the day – joan peterson

This is me, being about as speechless as I get:

Who needs guns then? Well, hunters need guns for the sport. Some peo­ple need guns for their pro­fes­sion– law enforce­ment, secu­rity guards, peo­ple who trans­port cash from busi­nesses to banks, etc., gang mem­bers, drug car­tels, felons, rob­bers and those who, with­out a gun, could not do their jobs.

Follow the link for the full explanation (be not afraid – it does not […]

no matter how hard i muddle

… Guns and alcohol simply will not mix.

But moving on to more serious matters, it would appear as though the usual, useful idiots are trotting out the usual, useless arguments about ZOMG guns in bars. Color me surprised. However, just like here in Tennessee all those years ago, most of the arguments against allowing law-abiding, trained, and permitted individuals to carry firearms into establishments that serve alcohol are based on […]

we are winning – the polls edition

One of the favorite talking points of "gun control" extremists is that they are representing a "silent majority" of Americans who support increased levels of "gun control". Of course, this "silent majority" has a strange tendency of being about as quiet as your average graveyard, and even the membership rolls of the various anti-rights organizations are sorely lacking in anything one would consider "volume", but, damnit, those anti-rights cultists […]

just a little thought experiment

So imagine yourself on a mostly-deserted island, and once upon a time, you were given responsibility over 100 other people.  Sometime in the past, some other group of people came, kidnapped, and murdered 50 of those people; you tried to fight them, but they were just too strong.  In the process of the fight, that other group makes it abundantly clear that they want to kill all of you, and only did not do so […]

the opportunity cost of gun control

One of the recurring, common themes in my "graphics matter" series of posts is that anti-rights cultists simply have no concept of scale. For example, they would claim that "firearm deaths are a ‘major health issue’", but when you look at the numbers and put them in perspective, those firearm-related fatalities are not even in the top ten causes of American deaths. Major? No so much. Likewise, those "gun […]

joan peterson lies

Last week, Joan Peterson (aka “Japete” on her misnamed “Common Gunsense” weblog – link intentionally omitted) took it upon herself to appear before the Minnesota House Public Safety Committee as a representative of the anti-rights, pro-criminal cult of America, and speak out against the bill relating to the use of deadly force in defense of home and person (Castle Doctrine, in short), pistol permit renewals, and the comprehensiveness of […]

a presidential nail in the coffin of 'gun control'

Over the weekend, after over two years of relative silence on the topic, and between his non-stop golf outings and one of the largest natural disasters in recent history, Our Glorious President apparently decided to give that political third rail of “gun control” a good firm lick.

Except he did not. At least not really.

What he actually did was more-or-less parrot what pro-rights advocates have been saying for […]

quote of the day

Anti-rights cultists have a long-standing history of focusing their efforts exclusively on firearm-related crimes, often to the detriment of the societies they are working in – one need only consider the history of once-Great Britain, and its current status as “most violent nation in Europe” to see how that particular train of thought ends. However, I have had the suspicion, especially of late, that those same “gun control” advocates would consider […]

do want, can never have

Things like this just annoy the hell out of me.

No, not the firearm itself – in fact, a five-round 12-gauge revolver shotgun with a folding stock like that seems like a very interesting home defense platform. But that is what aggrivates me – I will never have the opportunity to find out thanks to this particular firearm being made in Russia.

‘Cause, y’know, those Russian firearms are just infected with […]

common sense gun laws

And speaking of the perversion of “common sense” by anti-rights nuts, it is fairly common knowledge now that Joan Peterson is a board member of the Brady Campaign, among other anti-rights organizations, but we did not know the extent or limits of her influence.

Well, consider this news release from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence Ownership:

Supporters of common sense restrictions […]

“gun control” in other areas

Since it seems like my “Citizen’s Permit to Vote” post might have stolen a few people’s thunders, I figure it is time to share some linky love and maybe make up for my quick fingers a little…

To begin with, Weer’d breaks out the analogy stick for some more beating, and considers the question of how America would work if the BATFE regulated the A and T in its name […]