“Americans are purchasing firearms and ammunition in record numbers, not because they believe 2009 will offer unusually good duck hunting, but because they fear the fallout from the coming economic storm and the state's reaction to that fallout.”
by Michael Gaddy




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you know you would too

If I had the time and money – not only to build the fans but also deal with the inevitable arrests, prosecutions, and lawsuits – I would totally do this.

Of course, I still boggle at the cold reality that there are people who genuinely believe that wind turbines will not affect climate or winds. I will not say that thermodynamics was a particularly easy course, but the basic principle of "you […]

just what i need

Another webcomic to follow…

All joking aside, if you like firearms (and, let us be honest, you are reading this site), you will probably find something to like about Failure to Fire (caution, not necessarily safe for work, depending on where you work). The good news is that it is not very old so there is not much material to catch up on. The bad news is that it is not very […]

does this make it "classic"?

Huh. Apparently it has been ten years since Firefly first aired (in truth, the anniversary will come on 20SEP12).

As I told someone after a particularly strenuous karate class, "So this is what getting old feels like…"

I will confess that I have never seen Firefly on network television; at the time it first aired (out of order, irregularly, and at strange timeslots, thanks to the idiots at Fox), I was […]


Here is to hoping the authors of Doghouse do not live in Massachusetts and own firearms, because with a comic like that (complete with the bonus alt text of "Do they really not think heads will roll?"), well, the precedent is not pretty.

In other news, I love that comic, especially in light of recent events; unfortunately, it does not look as though the morons responsible […]

been saying this for years

And this is pretty much the exact reason why I do my very best to not use Wikipedia as anything other than a starting point for real, actual research, if even that. Yes, crowd-sourcing can lead to individual articles that are arguably accurate, but “consensus” is not necessarily equivalent to “correct”, despite anthropogenic global warming cultists’ cries to the contrary.

quote of the future

In addition to being a damned good geeks’ comic strip, XKCD is pretty sneaky…  you have to hover your mouse over each of the strips to get the full story/impact, and, well, today‘s is pretty awesome: 

The universe is probably littered with the one-planet graves of cultures which made the sensible economic decision that there’s no good reason to go into space–each discovered, studied, and remembered by the ones who made the […]

they ate a chupacabra?

And this is exactly the reason I want to go to the churrascaria that opened down the road from us.

I mean, meat delivered on swords… for as long as you want. How can you go wrong?


I have what could probably be described as a higher-than-American-average tolerance to wasabi (or a masochistic complex – I also “enjoy” hot sauces), but every once in a while, I have taken a bite and shortly thereafter had an experience very much like this one:

Cannot say as though I would ever mistake it for pudding, though…