those who do not learn from the past

The last time something like this happened:


this happened:


And does anyone recall what the only redeeming factor of that Day of Infamy was? The fact that none of our carriers were in port. Unfortunately, we no longer have battleships, which means the only things underway when that picture was taken were "small boys".

In fairness, that picture was taken during a Christmas stand-down, one of those ships is currently being converted into razor blades (the USS Enterprise, unfortunately), the USS Eisenhower (also in the picture) left on its deployment in February, and some of those flat-tops in the distance are technically amphibious ships and not carriers (even though they are as large or lager than World War II carriers)… but, still, that is an awful lot of Navy hardware all conveniently parked in a nice little line.

(Found by way of OldNFO.)

back on the walls

In case you have not been paying attention, things around here have been somewhat automated for the past few weeks, on account of Better Half and I heading out to the Pacific North Wet to hang out with my parents for a spell.  It is going to take me a few days to catch up on all the comments the site received and all the email I received (if I have not responded to your email within the past two weeks, send it again – it probably got buried under all the rest), so bear with me. 

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas / Happy Hanukkah / joyous solstice celebration of their choosing and a good New Year… and I further hope you purchased all of the ammunition, normal-capacity magazines, and modern sporting rifles you want for the foreseeable future.  My father actually missed out on buying a 9mm CX4 he had his eye on – he was going to wait to go shopping with me when we came out, but we did not get there until the week after the Newtown shooting, and by then prices had jumped from $750 to ~$900, with all of his local stores already sold out.  Last we looked a few days ago, where you could find them they were running ~$2000.  Hell with that. 

On a completely unrelated note, our flight from Seattle got in to Nashville at 2130 last night (flying out of an airport three hours from home saved us ~$300 a ticket; well worth it), and once you factor in picking up our bags, waiting for the shuttle, and so forth, we were not back to the hotel where our car was parked until about 2230.  We had planned for that ahead of time by reserving the hotel room that came with the parking space (amusingly, getting the hotel room was cheaper than parking the car in a designated car lot for two weeks), and elected to just crash for the night at the hotel.  I got up at 0545, had breakfast, scampered back home (across the time zone change in the wrong direction, to boot), unloaded the car, fed the cats, had lunch, and scampered in to work about noonish.  

Before we went on vacation, I told my boss and my fellow staff that I would be back at work today; I had been planning on being here earlier, but life is life, and attempting a three hour drive after already having flown for somewhere around 12 hours sounded like a Really Bad Idea™.  To a person, the reaction of every one of my coworkers to whom I told the above story was some variation of, "Why are you here at work today?  I would have stayed home…" 

I mean no disrespect against those fellow employees, but to put it simply, that attitude is one of the reasons America is in the plight it finds itself in these days.  Do what you say you are going to do to the best of your abilities, or do not say you are going to do it.  Granted, I did not actually do much today – mostly catch up on where I should be after two weeks of absence – but the point stands. 

pre-christmas sale

Speaking of Christmas presents, I still have a number of Russian Origami t-shirts in inventory, all Larges, X-Larges, and XX-Larges (i.e. no Mediums or XXX-Larges left).

In the interests of getting the out of my house and maybe under one of your trees, from now until the 18th, I am offering free shipping on any quantity of shirts.

If you want this deal, email me directly; do NOT use the order form on this site. I am too lazy to change the functionality of the little doohicky PayPal gives me and then change it back on the 18th, so just email me directly at "linoge (at) wallsofthecity (dot) net" or PayPal me the money at that address, and we will sort out the details.

The shirt will go out Priority Mail, just like all the rest, which means it should get to you in time to be wrapped, but you will not have to pay the $5-$10 postage.

Again, please email me directly if you want this deal.

(Note: This deal is only applicable for shipments to US addresses. Canadians, Australians, and everyone else are SOL.)

that time of the year again

$50, 12 toys for Toys for Tots


It was not our best year ever for raw number of toys, but some of those are playsets and fairly complex ones at that, so hopefully their recipients will consider playing with their friends/families. 

If you are interested in donating yourself, drop-off locations are fairly easy to find, and apparently Toys ‘R’ Us is a nation-wide Toys for Tots partner, so you can always leave your toys with them.  As always, they would prefer new, unwrapped toys, and, of course, they are always willing to take money

I know this season is going to be rough for a lot of people, but if you can spare the time and money, you stand a good chance of making it a little bit better for some kids out there. 

quote of the day – better half

Upon meeting the brand-spanking-new Vera shortly after about 25 rounds were slammed through it at Coal Creek Armory, Better Half had this to say:

It smells like mistletoe and Christmas!

I would explain, but it is just too damned funny as is.

Hopefully she will be as enthralled with it after today’s trip to the range…

only so much time in the day

Since the recent WordPress 3.3 “Update” has broken not only its interactions with Windows Live Writer but also the Android WordPress app and the onboard WordPress Jetpack plugin, in the place of any meaningful post that I would have written in the time I wasted trying to troubleshoot and correct someone else’s poor code, I give you some appropriately seasonal videos, courtesy of my parents:

Am I being too much of an engineer to say that all I want for Christmas is things that work the way they are supposed to?

[Update] Apparently applying this fix and then removing it fixed the problem. How the hell does that make sense? [/Update]