“The people are not to be disarmed of their weapons. They are left in full posession of them.”
by Zachariah Johnson


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catching up on technology

And boy has phone technology leapt ahead and two years.  Anywise, the consensus from the intertubes appears to be that my old Galaxy S3 is dead on account of some variety of hardware fault, and is probably unrecoverable.  As such, here is the short list of possible replacements so far: 

A few clarifications… 

“Pure” indicates whether or not the Android operating system is left unmolested by manufacturers or carriers trying to do […]

unsurprisingly, i have never been polled

A (not so) recent post by Thirdpower reminded me of something I had been meaning to post about for a while now.

Consider every “poll” you see suspect until you can see the source data.

Yes, that is an unquestionably bold statement, but bear with me a moment. To begin with, only 9% of those people called actually comply with the pollsters. Nine percent. This problem compounds itself with the majority of the […]

probably seems like a stupid question to someone

Alright, someone who reads this site either knows the answer to this question, or knows someone who knows the answer:

Why are there no prepaid cell phone SIMs/cards that do not have an expiration date? Or, at least, a yearly expiration date, rather than the longest I ever found, which was 90 days?

Or, to put it another way, how does the lease between these prepaid mobile virtual network operators and their host […]

swappa-ing things around

So Better Half and I are looking into possibly changing our cell phone service provider, as well as upgrading our phones.  The former is actually the easy part these days… the latter is a bit more complicated. 

Since we are looking at pre-paid plans, we generally cannot get subsidized phones, which leaves us with the “unlocked” phone market.  Amazon carries more than a few of those, of course, but you will end up paying […]

mobile money-mover

I cannot say as though I am a tremendous fan – at all – of turning your cell phone into a stand-in for your credit card, but even I have to admit that Square’s solution to this apparent market demand is pretty slick.

We have actually used the original Square system once before, as customers, and were largely impressed with the simplicity and ease – the vendor (in this case, a butcher) had the […]

dating myself

Anyone remember when walkie-talkies were the awesomest thing ever?

Kind of sad that the generation being born now will never experience that…

something to think about

Like many people of our generation, Better Half and I do not maintain a landline – any verbal communication we want to handle can be done by way of cell phones, and the added cost simply did not make sense to us. However, our cell phones have a habit of spending the night wherever we happened to leave them, or attached to whatever outlet we plugged them into, and that is not always in our […]

where were the cell phones?

Ok, I was mistaken – I have one last thing to say about the Tucson shooting today.

We are rapidly becoming a fully-connected society, in that one will find smart phones, cameras, and video recorders almost everywhere, at almost any time; and, predictably enough, when major events transpire, it is not long at all until a horde of various people’s own recordings of the event are broadcast, posted, or otherwise disseminated on the Internet. […]