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usfa zip – not a review

[This post is a recounting of the events surrounding my attempt to test-fire the USFA ZiP pistol as I perceived and understand them, and is based off my own experience with the firearm as well as conversations with knowledgeable friends, gunsmiths, and ammunition manufacturers.] 

What follows is not a review of the United States Firearms ZiP pistol I received for test and evaluation recently; I have concluded that I will […]

coal creek armory gets new digs

… on the internet, that is.

Anywise, check out he new shininess here; I am not sure if it is an informational improvement, but at least it is prettier.

That said, Brick found something interesting – remember the concerns we had about CCA buying and attempting to operate a range/gun store right across the road from an already existing one? Seems those concerns were well-founded – the […]

‘under new management’ indeed

Really, Coal Creek Armory?


Any gun shop owner in America with two neurons to rub together comprehends that females are one of the – if not the – fastest growing market segments in the firearm-owning community, and you go and decided it would be a fantastic idea to sponsor one of the "premier" exercises in objectifying women?

"Tone deaf" seems like a woefully underwhelming phrase to describe this particular […]

six men came to kill me one time

(Kitteh-sized cunning hat courtesy of Nancy R.  Short-barreled Saiga-12 in Vera’s colorations courtesy of Coal Creek Armory.) 

this weekend’s products

You may recognize the person "voting from the rooftops" here, but I rather prefer the shooter featured here, here, here, and here.

The photography was, of course, done by the inimitable Oleg Volk and the props, including the Hummer, were provided by Wolf Arms (except the Vera SBS Saiga, which was, of course, provided by Coal […]

the ace ltd. usa explanation

As I mentioned in the previous post, I was somewhat hamstrung with purchasing the sling mount from Ace LTD. USA – apparently Coal Creek Armory used their folding stock for my Vera (though I had to figure that out on my own, since CCA still has not bothered to provide me with a listing of parts or manufacturers), only they make the hardware that threads into the […]

setting a match to your target

Regular readers will know that Better Half and I are gearing up for attending an Appleseed shoot in the somewhat near future, and one of the interesting challenges put to me by my wife was to build or buy the lightest .22 rifle I could find; after all, a person’s energies should be focused on making the shot, not fighting the rifle.  After talking about the various pros and cons of each platforms, […]

and this is why you wear eye protection at the range

No, thankfully, that is not mine, but there is a story. 

I was at Coal Creek Armory sighting in Better Half’s new Magnum Lite rifle (more on that tomorrow) when Gunsmith Shannon emerged from their shop to test-fire another Saiga-12 short-barrel shotgun* (I wonder if I helped with that sale…).  He cranked off a few appropriately noisy rounds next to me, and then disappeared again, only to […]

sam colt, and the internet, made them equal

Remember that video of me going to town with my Saiga-12? (I mean, it is only a few posts down from this one.)

Well, it turns out that single, solitary video, posted six days ago, has had more views than the 33 most-recent videos the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence Ownership put up… combined (and some of those videos have been up for four months now). Even better, neither […]

they never think about who gets to clean up

It may be tremendously callous of me to say this, but I honestly do not have a very large problem with people committing suicide. Oh, I know, it is a horrible thing for their families and friends to go through, and I would not wish that situation upon anyone (especially the inevitable, but still erroneous, self-guilt-tripping of "was I the person who pushed him/her over the edge?"), but the honest truth is that your life […]

famous on the internet

Hm. I think I know that guy:

As my mother (who recently out-shot my father with his HK45, much to his chagrin) told some of our Boston relatives, this is what happens when you do not allow children to have realistic-looking toy guns in the house. Bear that in mind. (I still made ones out of LEGOs.)

And apparently I resemble Hugo Weaving. News to me. Though I can live […]

taurus pt740 slim – a mini-review

Back when I took Hapkido on a regular basis, we were taught very carefully to not only keep our fingers spread as much as possible (unlike Taekwondo, and despite being generally taught in the same schools, Hapkido is a very much open-handed style), but also to grip with only our middle, ring, and pinkie fingers, leaving our index finger available to "point" in the direction we wanted the grip to go.

On the one […]

more deal alerts

First up, GearHog has a $40 gift certificate at Brownells on sale for $20 – I am all about doubling my money, so you can count me onboard for that.

Next up, DealChicken has the following deals at Coal Creek Armory:

• Option 1: $100 for a one-year range membership ($200 value) • Option 2: $182.50 for the women’s handgun essentials class, a TN handgun carry permit class and […]

tacsol optest… not really sat

Well, I managed to take my somewhat problematic Tactical Solutions AR-22 SBX Upper to the range today, and… well, the best I can say is that it does manage to fire and extract now, and that it is fairly accurate.  When it wants to fire.  Which is not often. 

I was shooting Winchester Super-X Copper-Plated Lead Hollow Point .22 Long Rifle ammunition, and the best the upper managed […]

deal alert

Coal Creek Armory is offering another shot at a $100 one-year range membership. If you live in West Knoxville / Farragut / Kingston, and go to the range more than ten times a year, you stand to save some money.

they do not call them "compliance devices" for nothing

If you see this image show up attached to a comment… 

… I probably wrote it. 

(Courtesy of the gunsmiths at Coal Creek Armory and my own camera.) 

just ask, reiterated

Day before yesterday, I wrote this post about UVPaqlites and how their uses might extend to “in the house” in addition to “on the trail”.

Shortly thereafter, I sent this email to that company’s address:

Sir or ma’am,

My name is [Real Name] and I write under the moniker of "Linoge" at "walls of the city" – http://www.wallsofthecity.net. I recently happened to stumble across your site and product by […]

the short verdict

At 1138 today, 1 With a Bullet made the correct guess of "Short Barrel Saiga", and, in fairness, lucusloc was this close on the very first picture, but he went a slightly different direction with his guess.

Anywise, here is the new toy:

Not my best work, but this week has been crazy busy at […]

the third day’s photo

the second day’s photo