“Oh! That was bracing. They don't like it when you shoot at them. I worked that out myself.”
by Captain Malcolm Reynolds




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quote of the day – kendra st. clair

By now, you all are probably aware of the story of the 12-year-old girl perforating the home-intruder through the bathroom closet door, but have you heard her response to the incident?

"When I had the gun, I didn’t think I was actually going to have to shoot somebody," the 6th grader recalled. "I think it’s going to change me a whole lot, knowing that I can hold my head up high and […]

plan these things out in advance

Courtesy of Better Half’s far too hyperactive, realistic, and highly-detailed unconscious, I have a somewhat interesting question for all of the police officers, former police officers, friends of police officers, and folks who have gone through similar circumstances themselves.

Say you are at home, in bed, when your home alarm system goes off / you hear breaking glass / some other occurrence alerts you to an illegal presence in your home. You and your […]

first-hand home-invasion

Defensive gun uses never happen, right?

Most defensive gun uses are just made-up stories, right?

Defensive gun uses only "count" if the criminal is shot/wounded/killed, right?

Home invasions never happen, right?

Just confronting a criminal is enough to stop him, even if you are unarmed, right?

You would never need to carry a firearm at home, right?

Only highly-trained people can effectively use a firearm, right?

If you […]

my lawn. get off it you will.

Personally, if it came time to defend my property from an unruly, violent, and destructive mob of thugs, I would probably reach for something a bit more… capable… than a bolt-action rifle with all of five rounds in the magazine, but it obviously worked:

Roger MacBride says that he’s used to looking out for trouble in his old Northeast neighborhood. But usually the problems involve prostitutes or drug addicts, and he says […]

knoxville for out-of-towners

As previously mentioned, I will not be at the Lucky Gunner shoot this weekend, for a variety of reasons. I will, however, (probably) be at the get-together being organized for this Friday, and since a few folks have already asked me some questions, I thought I would post this primer to bearing arms (and a few other things) in Tennessee.

– Permits are required to carry firearms in Tennessee. We are working on […]

joan peterson lies

Last week, Joan Peterson (aka “Japete” on her misnamed “Common Gunsense” weblog – link intentionally omitted) took it upon herself to appear before the Minnesota House Public Safety Committee as a representative of the anti-rights, pro-criminal cult of America, and speak out against the bill relating to the use of deadly force in defense of home and person (Castle Doctrine, in short), pistol permit renewals, and the comprehensiveness of […]