“If there is no proof, it is not 'obvious'.

Alternatively, if it is so very 'obvious', present the proof.”
by Linoge




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totalitarians hated the printing press too

I was going to include this with my previous post regarding New York’s obscene new laws and Connecticut’s desired idiocy, but I figured it deserved a post of its own:

That, fellow defenders of liberty, is a magazine fabricated on (I think) a stereolithography (SLA) printer out of (I think) an epoxy-based resin; the specifics are not entirely clear, but, frankly, I would rather the folks at DefDist […]

"gun control" is not going to dig itself out of this one

We have talked before about how easy it is to manufacture firearms out of spare parts and whatever you might find in your average home mechanic’s shop or auto garage, but this… well, this is a first.

Today we bring you the story of an AK-pattern rifle being made out of… a shovel. No, seriously. Read the whole post, I promise it is worth it. […]

quote of the day – andrew s

I have touched on this a time or two before, but firearms are not exactly difficult to manufacture. Oh, sure, good firearms – y’know, the kind that are less likely to blow up in your face than not, that can hit a target reliably tens of yards away, etc. – require millions of dollars of fabrication equipment, testing, quality control and assurance, and the whole shebang of an assembly-line […]

make your own future

Yesterday, I accurately said that there was nothing I could add to the letter A Girl and Her Gun wrote to those who would deprive her of her rights, and I stand by those words; however, coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous, and here I am… shall-we-say "expanding" on her driving point.

I found myself re-(re-?)reading Fallen Angels recently (available free online through Baen, if you […]

caution: fragile bubble of delusion ahead

Say you hold to a belief, or set of beliefs.

Say you are 100%, unequivocally convinced that those beliefs are the correct beliefs to hold.

Say you know it is just a matter of time until you convince everyone else of the correctness of your beliefs.

Given that set of operating hypotheses, why would it matter if disbelievers spoke up against you? You know you are right, and you know that is […]

crimson trace corporation and soldiers’ angels

Ok, I am getting really good at this. 

First, I am very happy and proud to announce some additions to the “general” prize pool for our Soldiers’ Angels Fundraiser and Giveaway.  Courtesy of Iain Harrison (who you probably know) at Crimson Trace Corporation, I will be able to offer up three Lightguard models as individual prizes – the Glock, XD, and […]