“It's my estimation that every man ever got a statue made of him was one kind of sumbitch or another.”
by Captain Malcolm Reynolds




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james yeager violated the tennessee constitution

… and now “shall be punished otherwise, in such manner as the Legislature may prescribe.”  No, seriously. 

After yesterday’s post documenting how James Yeager is a coward, not based on his actions in Iraq, but rather his actions here in America, I was planning on leaving this whole topic alone for the foreseeable future, but this is just too much comedic gold to pass up.  As was pointed out to […]

james yeager is a coward

… and a disgrace to the great state of Tennessee, unfortunately.

No, the title of this post does not stem from James Yeager’s questionable behavior during his time in Iraq – I was not there, and I cannot comment on it – but rather his recent behavior here, in these United States.

To begin with, James Yeager is voluntarily on-record as saying he will "break your f—–g back" if […]

shoot stuff. save money.

It seems to be something of a red-letter day for firearm-related deals here in the Patron State of Shooting Stuff.

In order of expiration we have…

Coal Creek Armory here in Knoxville is offering both a year’s range pass for $100 and a handgun carry permit class for $45, both of which are 50% off. Move fast, though – the discounts are up at midnight.


an example of what not to do

Thankfully, through the smart choices of my parents and myself over the years, I have never had to face the particular challenges of living in a “rough” part of town… To be certain, Eastern Tennessee as a whole does have something of a significant drug problem, and Southern California was replete with gangs, illegal immigrants, and Lord alone knows what else, and southern Mississippi had an eclectic combination of all of the above, but I […]