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the one advantage to hanging up my keyboard

I cannot tell you the last time that happened. 

Also, I can make things like this: 

–Download the one advantage to hanging up my keyboard as PDF […]

because it is shiny

I have, and need, no better excuse than that for this: 

What’s that, you say?  It looks remarkably like something from some movie or television series you might have seen once upon a time? 

I have no idea what you are talking about. 

None at all. 

In all seriousness, this is far from an every-day carry rig, for a variety of reasons, but the TT-33 is far from […]

cunning kittehs

So in the process of discussing the logistics of how to blow up my mortgage, the following conversation transpired: 

@bobslaughter:  @linoge_wotc NP put me down as interested then. BTW, have you ever told @adamsbaldwin about your copy of Vera?

@linoge_wotc:  @bobslaughter I did. Even sent him this: No response.@adamsbaldwin

@adamsbaldwin:  @linoge_wotc Purrfect! @bobslaughter

I probably came off sounding like a whiny fanboi, but I dare say that constitutes a “win” regardless; Nancy R.’s response […]

vote for jayne!

So the Jayne Kittehs are on I Can Haz Cheezburger, here and here. 

I think you are supposed to go vote for them and then maybe they will end up on the front page?  I honestly cannot say I am terribly familiar with how the Cheezburger system works… 

(Cunning hat courtesy of Nancy R.) 

–Download vote for jayne! as PDF –

two, please

Go here.

Press "Support".


(Courtesy of Merlin’s Musings.)

–Download two, please as PDF –

would that i had the drawer space

Why are awesome t-shirts always so expensive?

Also this one, and this one, and this one, and this one, and…

(Courtesy of Low Dog on the Totem Pole.)

–Download would that i had the drawer space as PDF –

browncoats have bucks

By now, my readers should be more than aware of the fact that I am a proud Browncoat – I missed Firefly when it first aired on Fox, but on my parents’ urgings, I found the DVDs, and I am pretty sure I watched the entire series all the way through once I started.  And then found time to watch it again.  And have since watched it more times than I probably care to count.  […]

life is full of choices

And given the choice between the Coat to End All Coats, and a firearm or similarly-actually-functional toy…  Well, I just cannot rationalize the price. 

For those of you who do have the pockets for such a thing, however, be advised:  AbbyShot will be discontinuing the Malcolm Reynolds Browncoat in the near future, so if you want one, you should get one.  Soon.  And one for me… contact me for sizing info.

In other news, […]

all of them… better worlds

Once again, Chris Muir knocks it clean out of the park: 

If you do not understand the reference, I do not know you… 

–Download all of them… better worlds as PDF –

help nathan buy firefly

On the one hand, it could be very easily argued that I am remarkably behind the curve on this, especially given my status as a Browncoat.

On the other hand, I was biding my time to see where this might go, and whether or not it was even going to clear the strip.

Regardless, here is how it is.

In a recent interview, Nathan Fillion (otherwise known as Captain Malcolm Reynolds) said […]