he was like han

Way back at the end of last year, I posted a graphic reminding people what "situational awareness" really came down to, but, in the end, it was a made-up graphic about a made-up character playing a made-up role, and fiction is… well… fictional.

Well, we do not know this security guard’s name yet, but once we do, I think his might be replacing Solo’s in the phrase "Be like Han":

(Video updated; should work now, sorry. If you still can’t see it, go here.)

All of three seconds elapsed between the armed thugs bursting through the door and the security guard putting his first round in the air; he hit at least one of those thugs; he never stopped moving as he searched for a better vantage point from which to defend himself and his customers while simultaneously using what concealment he had; and he kept himself and those he was charged to protect alive and well.

He did not freeze. He did not start telling himself that this could not be happening to him. He did not look around for help. He did not try to hide under his desk. He positively identified a threat, realized that it was a lethal threat (at least one of those thugs was armed with a handgun he dropped at the scene), and responded in a fashion guaranteed to stop or otherwise discourage the threat.

Speaking to the larger event, I cannot think of a single thing the security guard did wrong. Sure, we could pick apart his every move and analyze how our couch quarterbacking would have yielded a different result, but the honest truth is that he walked away from the event unscathed, his customers did as well, and the scumbags were seriously discouraged from continuing their illegal and illicit activities.

Here is to hoping that we all perform as flawlessly as this security guard did, should the situation ever call upon us to do so.