“Nothing worse than a monster who thinks he's right with God.”
by Captain Malcolm Reynolds


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they lack the capacity

On our way home from the Uwharrie National Forest this past weekend, Better Half expressed her… displeasure… at the mind-numbing stupidity inherent in this particular political cartoon: 

For those unfamiliar with the backstory, Sean provides a concise summation of the current details. 

Regarding the cartoon, however, as Better Half said in the car, can Dwane Powell point to a single example of a lawful carrier intentionally shooting a carnival game in the […]

it was going to happen eventually

Well, would you look at that – it would appear as though some enterprising young entrepreneurs scumbag burglars with an internet connection went and used The Journal News’ map of firearm owners to pick out their next target:

A White Plains residence pinpointed on a controversial handgun permit database was burglarized Saturday, and the burglars’ target was the homeowner’s gun safe.

At least two burglars broke into a home on Davis Avenue at 9:30 […]

csgv thinks you are a felon

And by “you”, I mean “everyone”. 

Of late, I have not been wasting my time with the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Ownership; after all, what kind of impact can a blatantly bigoted, anti-rights organization and its all-of-four bigoted, intolerant, narrow-minded, antagonistic, hateful members make except cyberstalking, bullying, and threatening pro-rights activists?  The dustbin of history does not wait for them – it has already gathered them up and disposed of them, despite their […]

knoxville chick-fil-a wants you defenseless?

[Update] Please see updated information regarding this story here. In short, Chick-Fil-A has NOT posted itself as a “gun-free zone”.[/UPDATE]

Well, now, this is interesting.

As regular readers will remember, I went to Chick-Fil-A on the first of this month to support them and show my disdain, to put it politely, for those governmental lackeys who would tell a private corporation where it can and cannot build based off nothing more than the personal […]

michael moore is a certifiable moron

But you knew that already.

Apparently Mr. Fat-Ass Lard-Ball himself had a "conversation"* with Piers Morgan over the non-existent merits of "gun control" here in the United States, and while I am going to try very, very hard to ignore the rest of his idiocy, this particular comment stood out in stark relief from the rest of his bigoted screed:

And I wish that we would just live in this century.

We […]

quote of the day – markofafreeman

To steal a page from Say Uncle‘s schtick, I do this to entertain me, not you. Except in the case of sponsored or review posts, everything you see written here was pounded out by me simply because I (1) found it interesting, (b) had some opinions on the matter myself, and (iii) wanted to share those opinions with the world – such things as "exposure" and "traffic" and "CPM" and "SEO" and all the rest […]

nuke his comment from orbit

… It is the only way to be sure*.

Everyone knows where I stand on open carry so there is no sense in rehashing that particular terrain, and given that position, it should be no surprise that I was a little snarky at commenter "Andy" over at Say Uncle when he referred to the recent Open Carry Weekend (…Which I managed to miss – bad gunblogger! Bad!) as "attention whoring" and "stomping around the […]

north carolina had nothing better to do

And now for a topic this weblog does not frequently touch upon: Way to be bigoted idiots, ~60% of the North Carolinians who voted yesterday. So glad that you have settled all of the other pressing issues in your state, and feel comfortable wasting your time on something as inane as gay marriage.

Look, so long as everyone involved is legally an adult, consenting, and not being hurt against their wills, it is simply […]

the gun control mask slips a little more

By and large, the hardcore "gun control" extremist organizations throughout America have to play the long, political game, which basically boils down to incrementalism – they want total civilian disarmament, and we know they want total civilian disarmament, and it is fair to say that they know we know, but in order to make any progress at all, they cannot exactly come out and say they want total civilian disarmament. That would just be too […]

support starbucks; support our troops

As I obliquely mentioned while exposing the "National Gun Victims Action Council" for being the gun-grabbing bigots they are, the anti-rights cultists are organizing a boycott of Starbucks, not just because the coffee company abides by the laws of whatever states their shops are in and thus allows open carry in their stores, but also because the NGVAC wants to extort massive amounts of money out of Starbucks:

[Elliot] Fineman said his organization plans […]

ngvac set gun control up the bomb

I have to admit – I really, really love it when our opponents stab themselves in the back. It is no great surprise that the Germans had a word for that concept, but no matter how you cut it, watching anti-rights cultists destroy their own arguments with wanton disregard for the damage they are causing is hilarious indeed.

Speaking of, one of the few advantages of keeping at least half an eye on Twitter […]

get “angry”

The author of yesterday’s quote of the day kept on tweeting his idiocy for most of the day, capping off a long string of personal attacks and ad hominems with the accusation that I am an "angry" person and have "anger issues". I cannot see as how that is particularly relevant to the discussion of "gun control"’s many failings and failures, but it got me to thinking…

If the government were to forcibly abridge […]

quote of the day – @jessecbrooks

Given the District of Columbia’s long, storied, and successful history with "gun control", and given that it is illegal to possess an "assault weapon" in D.C., that you cannot legally transport loaded firearms in D.C., that it is illegal to discharge a firearm in D.C., that it is illegal to shoot at the White House, and that it is illegal to attempt the assassination of the President, obviously this whole White House shooting story is […]

rob woutat, this is thanks to you

Regular readers of this weblog may remember that my father came to the conclusion that he should start lawfully bearing arms after reading a particularly bigoted, narrow-minded, anti-Constitutional article penned by Rob Woutat, a "community columnist" for the Kitsap Sun. Suffice to say, I was quite amused at how an obvious anti-rights cultist had successfully alienated a recent fence-sitter, not only to the point of owning firearms, but also to the point of carrying them, […]

helps to know what you are talking about

So apparently the Mayors Against Illegal Guns took out some massive, whole-page ad in USA Today against the Senate approving H.R. 822, which would require states that issue handgun carry permits (or their equivalents) to recognize other states’ permits.  *shrug*  Cannot say as though I particularly care about a group of self-righteous, bigoted egotists who, on average, are convicted of crimes significantly more often than average citizens, so I never would have even noticed if […]

quote of the day – jmg257

By now, nearly every single other pro-rights weblog is aware of the cold hard truth that Michael Bonomo, writing under the assumed name "mikeb302000", is nothing more than a flame-baiting, attention-whoring, logically-deficient, ignorant, uneducated*, bigoted, lying troll with a admitted criminal history who only comments on other people’s weblogs to try to get return traffic, and who only cares about "gun control" insofar as his comments and posts on it generate attention for him, negative […]

quote of the day – mike w.

No, I am not going to get any more involved in the current Open Carry Drama Llama parade than I obliquely did in my previous post. Why? Mike W. said it best:

Sigh. I am sick of the in-fighting. You don’t want to open carry? Fine, then don’t, but don’t tell others that they shouldn’t simply because YOU don’t like it. It makes you sound like some smarmy liberal.

… or an anti-rights bigot. […]

why are they so eager to expose their bigotry?

Thank you, dear Twitter gods, for giving the willfully ignorant, narrow-minded, and bigoted a place to demonstrate their shortcomings freely and without limitations to the rest of the world.


Someone who enjoys blogfodder.

Now that we have taken care of giving thanks, let us turn to the matter at hands. This morning, I had the… privilege… of engaging in the following conversation with an anti-rights cultist who, as her words will […]

nothing to hide

One of the favorite arguments of anti-rights cultists is that firearm registration will cure all the firearm-related ills in our society. Never mind that registration leads to confiscation, and never mind that registries are largely failures especially when one is looking at the larger picture of total violent crime rates – they have decided this is The Right Thing To Do (TM), and by God, everyone should do it!

Just so everyone is on […]

csgv forgot to pay the bills

To keep up with the “maybe I should write new posts today” theme, does everyone remember how Ladd Everitt got the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence’s Twitter feed shut down for harassing, bullying, abusing, trying to intimidate, and “outing” pro-rights webloggers?  That was a pretty impressive display of incompetence, right? 

Well, how incompetent would you have to be to allow the domain registration for the CSGV’s webpage to expire?  Pretty damned incompetent: