"gun control" is losing

The Art of Manliness recently published an article entitled The Stylish Man’s Guide to Concealed Carry and another entitled How to Use a Flashlight in a Tactical Situation.

Need I say more?

one take on a "survival shotgun"

Another month, another post wherein Art of Manliness brings the awesome.

I cannot say as though I agree with all of the author’s choices (most notably toting around a survival kit in his survival shotgun*, as well as relying exclusively on an anchor-like shotgun during the impending zombie apocalypse), but I also cannot say as though I ever thought about just how much space there is in those hollow-plastic buttstocks.

The odds of me building a shotgun quite like that are remarkably small (especially with that not-really-"bayonet" nonsense – just carry a gorramed knife in your pocket!), but it does make you think about what kinds of things you can shove in other similarly-small spaces…

* – What about weight, recoil, the possibility of losing said shotgun, etc. etc. etc.?

we are winning the mainstream

If you do not read The Art of Manliness, you should, and if nothing else, take a gander at their “How to Shoot a Rifle” article:

From some men, learning how to properly and safely fire a rifle is a skill they picked up when they were just knee high to a grasshopper. These guys probably got a .22 for their 12th birthday and spent summers in the woods plinking tin cans and squirrels and autumns hunting deer with their dads and grandpas.

Me? I wasn’t one of those guys.

But lately I’ve been wanting to learn how to fire a variety of firearms. I’m sure there are other men out there who, like me, went their entire life not ever shooting a rifle, but now have the desire to learn. It might be because he wants to take up hunting. Maybe he’s interested in home protection. Or perhaps he’s just interested in marksmanship as a hobby in and of itself. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to learn how to fire a rifle, you need to know how to do it safely and correctly.

As linked in the blockquote, they have covered home protection in the past, as well as how to shoot a handgun safely and effectively, and, personally, I think they did a pretty decent job with those topics. Plus, if you keep reading, you will stumble across a name you might recognize…