“Cheops' Law: Nothing ever gets built on schedule or within budget.”
by Lazarus Long


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that ugly "need" hydra

A few months ago, I happened to have a rather… interesting*… conversation with the warped and benighted mind behind the Twitter account of @1StopCity. A recurring theme in this particular conversation is that unless you have a particular "need" for something or to do something, you have absolutely no right to that thing or to do that thing, or, in his very own words, "Odds against you "needing" a gun negate your right to own […]

so simple a caveman could understand

Given my rather public love affair with pretty pictures, at least when it comes to demonstrating / illustrating / explaining concepts and arguments that might otherwise be rather difficult to express, it should come as no surprise that I thoroughly approve of this series of posts written by George at Newbie Shooter:

Examining the data:

Running the numbers:

And Another view of deaths:

(Images shamelessly stolen from their […]

quote of the day – alan

Ok, I promised you I would not say anything more about this current open carry froofera… I never promised that I would not highlight other people’s words, like this comment by Alan:

You know the reason I want to open carry? Because it’s my right as a living human and if you disagree then you can just f*ck off.

(Slightly edited to maintain the mostly-PG-13 rating of this site.)

Incidentally, this comment […]

quote of the day – david hardy

A little while ago, I bemoaned the distinct and marked lack of logically-consistent individuals amongst the anti-rights nuts of America:

I feel like a modern-day Diogenes with his lamp, looking for a consistent man amongst the anti-rights nuts… and while the Internet provides one hell of a lot of wattage, I am not making a whole lot of progress.

… and that complaint has held true even to a few days back with the […]

the logical fallacies of @iamboogie

This is a prime example of why, by and large, attempting to argue with anti-rights nuts is fruitless and frustrating for all people involved – when they realize they are losing the conversation, they shove their fingers in their ears, start screaming nonsense, and run off into the horizon:

iamboogie: Wow. “Some polls have indicated that 67 percent of Texans are against guns on campus.” And yet. http://j.mp/icBunr #noguns #TXlege

wotc_linoge: @iamboogie If 67% […]

rights are called rights for a reason

I know I spend a lot of time generating up pretty pictures, and I know I spend a lot of time discussing the merits of firearm ownership, and I know I spend a lot of time debunking the idiotic and bigoted arguments of the anti-rights nuts, and I know I collect a lot of interesting and useful statistics, arguments, and quotes to support the side of the pro-rights activists in America, but there is one […]

file under “no good deed goes unpunished”

Or, at least, I would if I followed the specious pseudo-logic of the anti-rights nuts.

Yesterday, while working on the final stretch of my little fundraiser for Ramon Castillo, I started feeling progressively worse and worse – the full gamut of fever, body aches, chills, headache, coughing, etc. etc. etc. I went to the medical center at work today, and they kicked me out with a fever of 101+ and I am headed to […]

i do not need this, again

Given the current trending of posts amongst those folks I read regarding the topic of “needs“, I think it is time to dust off an over-two-year-old post and copy-paste it in its entirety (turns out I wrote some rather decent stuff back in the day):

You know what? I am getting really, really gorramed tired of the “need” argument coming up in reference to handguns, “assault rifles”, and all of the other fun, “evil”, […]