“It is not our responsibility to take wild stabs at guessing what other people’s motivations and desires are – it is other people’s responsibility to not threaten us with force if we do not give them what they want, and to not take what is not rightfully theirs.”
by Linoge


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no blood in the beers

Every single time the laws of this country are adapted to better protect and preserve the individual right of self-defense, the anti-rights cultists of America inundate the airwaves with prognostications of firearm owners wantonly mowing down innocent civilians in fits of rage, accidents with firearms claiming the lives of defenseless children, and various other doom-and-gloom predictions of "blood in the streets". Concealed carry? Blood in the streets. Open carry? Blood in the streets. Constitutional carry? […]

quote of the day – say uncle

When you get right down to it, your average Mark 1 Mod 0 anti-rights cultist is nothing but an attention whore – they employ the tragedies of victims to attract and sway public attention, they largely refuse to engage in any conversation they cannot control or overpower, they rely on logical fallacies to support their positions and themselves, they desperately claim victimhood while simultaneously attacking the rights of law-abiding citizens, and so forth. This attention-whoring […]

walking away is not the way to win

In an unsurprising turn of events, it would appear as though the psychological shortcoming of “running and hiding when one appears to be losing a conversation” is one that all anti-rights nuts, of all types and affiliations, seem to share: 

Next, a man stood up to tell me he had been offended by my comments about liberals. When I asked him what was so great about liberalism, he began by saying they were for […]

quote of the day – robb allen

While my individual rights will continue to exist regardless of whether a majority of society likes them or not, it is generally far easier for me – and all pro-rights activists – when the majority of society not only recognize our rights, but also enjoy the benefits from them as well – in short, this is not a game of public opinion, but it surely does help. And over last weekend, one of Robb’s readers […]

their silence speaks volumes

Now that the Project Gunrunner / Gunwalker scandal has hit the front page of Fox News, along with an ongoing investigation by CBS News, a thought occurred to me last night: where are the “gun control” advocates in this whole mess?

For years now, the anti-rights cultists have been trying to pin the myth that “90% of guns recovered in Mexico came from America” on law-abiding American citizens, despite the reams of evidence disproving that […]

people of the gun, the sequel

Wow. Kind of surprising it has been that long.

Anywise, back in 2007, noted bigot, hoplophobe, and racist Laua Washington wrote a positively hysterical (in both meanings of the word) anti-rights column which precipitated the creation of the People of the Gun webpage in order to show her just how narrow-minded her world view is, and just how diverse firearm owners really are. For my own part, I designed some graphics that you can still […]

fighting a losing battle

An interesting thing is happening to anti-rights nuts – they are alienating people, and those people are letting them know it.

In the past few months, thanks to the heavy-handed “moderation” demonstrated by Joan Peterson and “Baldr Odinson“, no fewer than two separate pro-rights weblogs – An NC Gun Blog and Uncommon Gunsense – have sprung up to combat the lies, misinformation, and petty authoritarianism of the cultists. Worse still for those “gun control” […]

file under “no good deed goes unpunished”

Or, at least, I would if I followed the specious pseudo-logic of the anti-rights nuts.

Yesterday, while working on the final stretch of my little fundraiser for Ramon Castillo, I started feeling progressively worse and worse – the full gamut of fever, body aches, chills, headache, coughing, etc. etc. etc. I went to the medical center at work today, and they kicked me out with a fever of 101+ and I am headed to […]

quote of the day

One of the funniest things, in a sad sort of way, about joining the pro-rights movement when I did is being able to observe the slow, gradual decline of anti-rights organizations, and bear witness to their childish disbelief at why they are failing, and why their numbers are constantly decreasing, no matter the amount of astroturf money they throw at the “problem”. Robb’s quote sheds some light on the rise and fall of the modern […]

i do not need this, again

Given the current trending of posts amongst those folks I read regarding the topic of “needs“, I think it is time to dust off an over-two-year-old post and copy-paste it in its entirety (turns out I wrote some rather decent stuff back in the day):

You know what? I am getting really, really gorramed tired of the “need” argument coming up in reference to handguns, “assault rifles”, and all of the other fun, “evil”, […]

common sense and ‘gun-free zones’

When I attended Georgia Tech, there was a residential district – Homepark – just north of the campus where it was generally inadvisable to venture alone after dark, and the western edge of campus bordered on some stockyards and light industrial areas that were equally disadvised, but, aside from that, students generally did not feel uncomfortable or unsafe on-campus, even in the middle of the night. This feeling may very well have been born of […]

just not wired normally

We have already touched on how anti-rights nuts have no idea what a “middle ground” is, but we are going to delve a little more into that concept today by briefly examining how their worlds are typically defined by extremes, with nothing “middle”-ish to be seen.

Consider how the anti-rights nuts want our society to be structured: an armed police state (after all, a state wherein only the police and military have firearms is, […]

curse your sudden but inevitable statistics

Firearm sales continue to increase, while violent crime continues to decrease… and still those darned streets just refuse to run red with blood.

Of course, any student of statistics and history would already know that there is effectively no correlation between firearm ownership and crime rates, and what correlation there might be is negative (in that as firearm ownership increases, crime rates typically decrease). But, then, “history” and “statistics” do not exactly fit into […]

registration leads to confiscation

Historically speaking, firearm registration invariably leads to firearm confiscation – the only significant variable is time.

This was true in Canada:

Ten months after Rock’s remarks, Parliament passed the Canadian Firearms Act, and confiscating legally owned firearms is precisely the first thing the new law did. The first of three major provisions to go into effect banned private ownership of well more than half of Canada’s legally registered pistols. Any handgun of .32 […]

joan peterson is the face of gun control

There is always more to the story than you think.

Joan Peterson, Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence Ownership board member and President of the Northland Chapter of the (Not-Really-) Million Mom March, started her anti-rights, anti-guns weblog “Common Gunsense” (link intentionally omitted in accordance with this weblog’s terms of use) back in March of this year, and she has been reposting, with very little variation, the standard Brady Bunch talking points ever since. […]

i have your “middle ground” right here

It has […]

all too similar

A criminal, if given the opportunity, would put a gun to my head and demand to know where my money is.

An anti-rights nut, if given the ability, would have the government put a gun to my head (literally – remember, all governmental actions are backed with the implicit threat of force) and demand to know where my firearms are (firearms I purchased with my own money, mind you).

So what is the […]

guns are ‘bad news’ for women… or not

Remember, ladies and gentlepeople – despite all outward appearances, guns are ‘bad news’ for women in all cases and situations.

In light of this all-too-obvious ‘fact’, anti-rights nuts should be crawling out of the woodwork to decry this incident as an unnecessary loss of life:

A South Bend woman fatally shot her ex-boyfriend after he broke into her home and attacked her Saturday, police said.

Anthony Echols broke a large window at the […]

reality trumps bigotry

Remember, guns are “bad news” for women, and I am quite certain this female would be more than willing to throw her support entirely behind our ex-resident anti-rights nut, MikeB302000:

A woman fatally shot her ex-husband after the man stabbed her several times at a Montrose [Texas] apartment complex Sunday.


The name of the 32-year-old man, who died at the scene, has not been released.

His ex-wife, whose name has not been released, […]

beats the hell out of me

One of the favorite “arguments” of self-proclaimed anti-rights nut MikeB302000 is that “guns are bad news for women”. This statement is treated, by him, as a universal fact, applicable in all cases, and in all circumstances, despite copious quantities of evidence to the contrary (not the least of which being the somewhat numerous female gun bloggers in existance throughout the cortex, who seem largely empowered by their possession of firearms, rather than in trouble because […]