“One man's 'magic' is another man's engineering. 'Supernatural' is a null word.”
by Lazarus Long




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This is going to be another one of those posts wherein the backstory may or probably will not be explained.  You are just going to have to deal with that. 

Speaking on a personal level, I will never again do business with a company called “Texas AK Designs”, who are now apparently owned by / part of “Canis Design Group”.  From my own personal experience, their shipping department is substandard, their customer […]

i despise gun "buy-backs"

Without even addressing the patent idiocy of "buying back" something you never really owned to begin with, I absolutely hate gun "buy-backs". Why? Gos-se like this:

That one image, borrowed from KOMONews.com’s appropriately anti-firearms news article, adequately sums up all of my reasons for hating this bit of governmental idiocy.

First, take a look at the right end of the table – those three large drum magazines and […]

own a piece of the action

As with so many trade shows, my understanding is that there is not a lot of buying going on at SHOT Show; there is a lot of meeting with people who sell and purchase things, of course, but you generally cannot go in, fork over cash, and walk out with X item. 

Owen Martin, the proprietor of Snake Hound Machine, understands how frustrating it can be to the “want it […]

"gun control" is not going to dig itself out of this one

We have talked before about how easy it is to manufacture firearms out of spare parts and whatever you might find in your average home mechanic’s shop or auto garage, but this… well, this is a first.

Today we bring you the story of an AK-pattern rifle being made out of… a shovel. No, seriously. Read the whole post, I promise it is worth it. […]

they are kind of ugly when undressed

I will not say I had nothing to do with this ongoing Snake Hound Machine build, but I will say you should probably keep an eye on it – the outcome may surprise you.

In other, related news, saying you will not buy from a business simply because the proprietor refuses to give his consent to be governed has to be one of the stupider things I have heard recently […]

seen in the wild

Hey, I know that shirt! And that one too!

And that one

And even that one

I wonder where you could get one of your own

the mobile infantry version of the zip gun

I do not really know what it is. I do not have a clue what I would use it for (though I do know I would not spend $200 for a tax stamp on a $200 gun… probably). And I genuinely have no idea what market they are aiming at.

But good Lord I want one:

No, the video is not all that useful, and, yes, the whole "operators, welcome" […]

russian origami t-shirts – grab them now!

Two-dozen shirts down, another sixty-odd to go before you all buy as many as you said you would. As if I needed further evidence that online polls are not scientific nor necessarily representative of reality.

In any case, the Russian Origami t-shirts are still for sale, and I still have inventory in all sizes (M-XXXL), so get your order in now! And I do mean that seriously, with not a […]

helpful reminder

It probably got buried beneath the massive wall of text immediately below this post, but the "Russian Origami" t-shirts are real, they are live, and they are shipping out now. In fact, I just boxed up three t-shirts to send off to someone down in Australia, which might be the first time I have ever shipped anything internationally (also, holy crap, I have created something that someone Down Under is willing […]

look what i have

(For clarification, since you cannot quite read them, these are these t-shirts, only really-real.) 

So the good news is that they did not have to do the whole “print it in white” first bit, so the finalized prices will be $19 for M-XL, $20 for XXL, and $21 for XXXL, plus shipping. 

The bad news is that I am going to be out of town next weekend, so much […]

t-shirt update

So the designs – the one you see to the right as well as the new logo you have not seen yet – got sent off to the printer last week, we finalized the order this week, and I think they ordered the t-shirt blanks yesterday or today.  They anticipate having those blanks in-hand by the end of the week, and the printed shirts to me by 04OCT12. 

Brief rundown of where we […]

russian origami – miscellany

First up, since the question has arisen regarding American Apparel’s sizing versus everyone else’s, here are some pictures of my ENDO Apparel AR-15 Selector Switch shirt (printed on an XL American Apparel blank) underneath my Gunwalker shirt (printed on a Large Gildan blank): 

As you can see, the American Apparel XL is wider in the chest and belly areas than the […]

russian origami

Alright, it is time to put your money where your mouth is. Or at least near where your mouth might be.

[Update]  See below for an easy-to-use poll, instead of having to leave a comment.  Sizing information would still be useful, though, so email/comment with that if you can.  [/Update] 

After checking around on the intertubes for a little while, and hearing back from only one of the five or six local screen printers […]

do not do business with weaponeer.net

Mostly because you cannot. 

Maybe I am missing something, and maybe there is a rational explanation for all of this, and in either case, I will be more than willing to revisit this post, or completely retract if if someone can provide those absent details.  But, for the time being, here is how it is. 

Back on 05APR12, I placed an order for one of their Yugo Type […]

wts: lightly upgraded / lightly used a&k masada

Got one lightly upgraded, lightly used A&K Masada in black for sale. Taken it to 3-4 games, put maybe 3k-4k BBs through it (I am not a spray-and-pray-er). Modifications consist of:

1x CNC Hop Up Unit (the original was plastic, also have the CNC Air Nozzle that came with it, not installed). 1x Mad Bull 6.03 363mm inner barrel Red Mad Bull bucking

Yeah, I know, […]

you cannot see me

… But if you could, you would see me getting more exercise in four hours than most "gun control" extremists get in a whole month.

Yup, that is me rocking the traditional Woodland camouflage BDUs complete with Boonie hat, sporting that A&K Masada I was dorking around with last week (unfortunately, said "upgrades" did not work quite as planned, and will require additional work this weekend). […]

for the a&k masada owners out there

Since this is not covered anywhere else (and I did look), if you own an A&K Magpul Masada airsoft rifle, its original barrel is not 363mm long. Yes, that is the standard length for M4 / SR16 / SG551 clones, however, the Masada’s barrel measures in at something closer to 393mm in length.

What does this mean to you? Well, replacement inner barrels for airsoft rifles (not to be confused with the […]

talk about a squandered opportunity

Do you know the most disappointing thing in airsoft? It is not the shortened engagement ranges; it is not the bruises you come home with; it is not that some people take it too seriously; it is not even the inability of some folks to call their hits (though that is damned annoying sometimes).

It is the guns*. Or lack thereof.

When you get right down to it, the internal guts […]