“Darling, a true lady takes off her dignity with her clothes and does her whorish best. At other times you can be as modest and dignified as your persona requires.”
by Lazarus Long




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the journal news and gawker media pull a commercial appeal

Not having a dog in this particular fight, I can only sit back and laugh at how quickly The Journal News and now Gawker Media are realizing that private American citizens enjoy their… well, privacy. Extra bonus points got to Gawker for labeling all firearm-owning New Yorkers as "Assholes" – way to make friends and influence people, especially in New York.

On the one hand, a fair argument could be […]

you are your own first responder

Here is an interesting graphic for your weekend contemplation: 

And, no, I am not just pulling those numbers out of my ass; Davi Barker of The Daily Anarchist analyzed 29 mass shootings from 1949 forward and came up with that comparison.  Go ahead and take a look at his methodology; while I actually agree with the measures he took to ensure he was comparing apples to apples as much as possible, […]

well, i survived

I would like to thank Alan, Breda, JayG, and Weer’d for having me on the Squirrel Report last night – if you missed the actual show, you can download it here.  Aside from briefly perpetrating a few myths about the Kitty Genovese murder (which was bad, but not as bad as the sensationalist New York Times would have had you believe […]

why are gun control extremists so abusive?

[Note:  If excessive foul language, abusive mentalities, and borderline death threats are not your cup of tea, I would advise against reading through this post; I did not write any of that particular material, but I do believe it should be preserved for the future.]

Yesterday, I had the… misfortune… of interacting with the Twitter account @HockeyOpera, whose screen name is “Gloves Off!”, which apparently refers to “A Hockey Opera in Three Act is is […]

shows where their priorities lie

A little over a month ago, I made the following comment in response to the "gun violence" candle-light vigils anti-rights cultists held and attended:

One interesting side-effect from not making this distinction is that by holding their candle-light vigils for “victims of ‘gun violence’”, the Brady Campaign and their sycophants are, by definition, memorializing those murderers, rapists, thieves, muggers, robbers, home-invaders, and other scumbags who were shot down in self-defense […]

shining the light on the cockroaches

It has come to my attention that various obsessive anti-rights cultists are maliciously and intentionally misrepresenting something I said in one of my previous posts; this, in and of itself, does not surprise me, but I thought I would take a moment to explain the thought fully to my audience, such that they can grasp the level of my disgust, and the depravity of those taking offense to what I said.  […]

caliber beats candle

Regular readers should be intimately familiar with my belief that, in general, people tend to learn better through pictures than through explanations. Of course, given my occasional wall-o’-text posts, I frequently fail at applying that belief to real-world scenarios, but, in my defense, I have crafted more than a few posts showing the failure of "gun control" graphically rather than textually.

Today’s exercise in visual learning, however, comes by way of […]

candles… with fire support

Over the course of today, various subchapters (but not all of them, pointedly enough) of the main “gun control” extremist organizations here in America will be gathering around the country to light candles in order to… do something.  By some accounts, the candlelight vigil is in memory of those murdered in the Tucson shooting a year ago.  Others say that they are gathering and increasing their carbon footprints in order to […]

the proper way to phrase the argument

Why do "gun control" extremists hate women, the weak, the infirm, and the old?

Small size, light weight, and good balance make them [Personal Defense Weapons (PDWs)] particularly handy for women, who usually have less upper body strength than men. Unfortunately, these useful personal protection devices have been heavily regulated since the 1930s, and completely banned for civilian production in 1986. These bans discriminate against the smaller and weaker Americans – […]

gun control and racism, the best of buddies

By now, you are probably familiar with the racist roots of gun control, and if not, you should probably educate yourself on the finer details and then come back to this post.

All caught up? Great. Now, just to ensure that we are all completely on the same page, remember that concealed carry is currently illegal in Wisconsin (the law […]

my lawn. get off it you will.

Personally, if it came time to defend my property from an unruly, violent, and destructive mob of thugs, I would probably reach for something a bit more… capable… than a bolt-action rifle with all of five rounds in the magazine, but it obviously worked:

Roger MacBride says that he’s used to looking out for trouble in his old Northeast neighborhood. But usually the problems involve prostitutes or drug addicts, and he says […]

quote of the day – barron barnett

For the past four years, I have been accurately describing the behavior of anti-rights cultists as aiding and abetting criminals of America – after all, by disarming those criminals’ intended victims, the hoplophobes are demonstrably assisting those criminals by making their lives, and their crime, so much easier. Worse still, lest you be deluded into thinking the anti-rights nuts are disarming the law-abiding out of some misguided sense of doing something right, […]