“All governmental legislation, laws, regulations, limitations, fees, and fines are backed up by the barrel of a gun. Some of us never forget that. Some of us never learned that, and it seems to me that we are going to have to change that if we are ever going to get anywhere.”
by Linoge




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a conditional value

One of the few commercials that stuck with me after the Super Bowl was this one by SodaStream, if only because it tweaked my WTF meter:

Apparently they had an even more in-your-face ad prepared that CBS did not allow them to run (you might need to click through to see it):

I have to give them credit for throwing down that gauntlet hard. But, as an engineer, an interesting concept […]

a word about advertisements

As some of my readers – and I – have noticed, advertisements from “Cheaper Than Dirt” are occasionally showing up in the banner ad space at the top of the page and the skyscraper ad space on the right side of the page.  Unfortunately, the only control over those is “all or nothing” – those advertisements are randomly generated and provided by Tactical Republic, and, at the moment, they are unwilling / unable […]

a spotter for the superlaser

A couple of rather disparate thoughts were rattling around my head for the past few days, but they did not completely congeal until I read this comment from Oliver Perry:

It was discussed, perhaps here, the notion that we are able to develop a shitstorm when something goes wrong, but the author could not recall an atta boy resulting in a built business.

I currently carry in a crossbreed, but […]


So why have I written the past two posts about Lucky Gunner’s apparent silent ownership of various other ammunition-supplying webpages out there?  Things like this rank pretty highly towards the top of the “reason” pile: 

Last fall, I got some spam from BulkAmmo. And I posted about it. They had asked for free links "just because", essentially. A few days later, they sent the same request, […]

just ask

I promised this post to Bob S. over a week ago now, and I have been really remiss in writing it, but now that Coal Creek Armory‘s advertisements are up on my site and RSS feed, this seems like as good a time as any.

So, how did I end up with some awesome deal of getting an NFA-regulated item in exchange for providing them some advertising on my […]

zapping your rights, one foot at a time

Owing to Better Half’s feet being a bit larger than the apparent national average, we have started purchasing her footwear online when we cannot find them in physical stores – we do our best, of course, to figure out her size beforehand, and minimize the number of returns we will have to make to ensure a proper fit, but given that so many companies allow for free returns, things have gotten a lot easier. 


dialing in a dead zero

Regular readers may remember that the good folks at Simon and Schuster were going to send me a copy of Stephen Hunter‘s new book, Dead Zero… well, I just received notification from my contacts there that my copies are in the mail and headed towards me.

Yes, copies, as in plural, as in “three”.

What am I going to do with the other two copies? […]

helping a hero

I would have included this in the previous post, but I figure this is important enough to warrant some webspace of its own.

Everyone remember Ramon Castillo, the pawnshop owner who perforated three scumbags who were trying to tie up he and his wife, rob his store, and do Lord knows what else? As I mentioned earlier, Mr. Castillo took fire to his left shoulder, abdomen, and leg, and had […]

lucky advertisements

Speaking of money, I am very happy to announce that I have been able to bring on Lucky Gunner as another advertiser here at “walls of the city” – you should be able to see their banner at the upper left of this page, and at the bottom of my RSS feeds. I have not yet had the opportunity to use them for my ammunition needs (though they are next on […]