here lies gun control

Born out of racism in 1751.

Died from civil rights efforts, 11DEC12.

No one will miss it.

Ok, no, "gun control" is far from dead, unfortunately, and even if we had managed to shove a stake through its heart, there would still be cultists trying to raise it back to life, but the point is that there is not a single state in the Union left wherein it is 100% illegal for a law-abiding citizen to carry a firearm on their person. Furthermore, this establishes an existing precedent – at the circuit court level, sure, but still a precedent – that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to carry firearms in public. Granted, there are more than a few states wherein it is functionally impossible to do so, but we are working on those, and as the record shows, we have a remarkably uncanny history of successes in the past few years.

What successes do the "gun control" fetishists out there have, except the parade of crimes committed by criminals aided and abetted by their victim-disarmament policies?

Someone who cares about the hateful, vindictive, bigoted anti-rights extremists at the Brady Campaign, CSGV, VPC, and the rest of those disgusting organizations – someone not me – should probably hold an intervention and keep those petty authoritarians away from the booze, heights, rope, sleeping pills, and whatnot else for the next few days…