“There's no such thing as a good gun. There's no such thing as a bad gun. A gun in the hands of a bad man is a very dangerous thing. A gun in the hands of a good person is no danger to anyone except the bad guys.”
by Charlton Heston


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coonan on the nraam floor

So, I met Coonan. 

Both the company Coonan, and the man Mr. Dan Coonan. 

Which was pretty awesome. 

What is also pretty awesome is this: 

Yup, that is a 4” Coonan .357 with a full-length dust cover, and, yes, it is brand-spanking new as of the NRA Annual Meetings.  Personally, I love the brushed finish on the sides and the matte finish on all the curves. 

More pictures coming […]

cz-52s and tt-33s, quick thoughts

If you have hung around firearm-related weblogs or communities very long, you have probably heard of the CZ-52 (more properly known as the Vz.52) and the TT-33 (or just TT, for Tula, Tokarev); both pistols are typically amongst the first firearms purchased by people who get their Curio and Relic license from the BATFE, which is hardly surprising, given their still-inexpensive-but-slowly-rising prices. Both pistols are functionally interchangeable, at least superficially – they carry the same […]

so you want to assemble your own 10/22, the receiver

So where should we really start this post series? Well, at the most-logical spot: the actual part of the gun that is legally the "firearm".

Without going too far down the rabbit hole of legalities and idiotic restrictions, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (hereafter referred to the BATFE when necessary) is really only concerned with one single part on your gun – the piece that carries the serial number for the […]

leadership fail

Back on my last deployment, I had the… pleasure… of having to attend the Department Head’s meeting every night, which consisted of the aforementioned leaders/managers (depending on the person…) of the various departments of the ship (Deck, Operations, Engineering, etc.) getting together with the Executive Officer (the second-in-command for the ship, generally abbreviated to "XO") and talking about what they accomplished today, what was on the agenda for tomorrow, and discussing long-term goals. Once we […]

beats "practicing" on a controller

Thanks to the weather, I did not make it back out to the field this weekend (I finally got tired of tromping around in ridge-to-ridge mud), but it is becoming increasingly clear to me that the airsoft community is one that we are pro-rights advocates are overlooking to our own detriments, primarily through the perpetuation of pernicious stereotypes. While those generalities do have a basis in fact (like so many of them tend to), writing […]

competing guns

I am not above admitting I am wrong. Such admissions are exclusively born out of conclusive evidence proving my error, but if that data is there, it is there, and it would be intellectually dishonest of me to ignore it.

As such, I was mostly wrong – “American Guns” is a demonstrably “better” firearm-related show than “Sons of Guns“, but that does not necessarily make it good television, or good publicity for the firearm-owning […]

how we win

Remember how my father decided to join the NRA and buy a Remington R1 1911* on the basis of a particularly deranged editorial by an anti-rights cultist (and hopefully some encouragement from my scribblings here)?

Remember how he got his carry permit?

And remember how my mother has a carry permit now too?

Well, over the weekend, I discovered that not only has my father purchased a Talon holster from Dragon Leatherworks**, […]

tennessee – the 1911 magnet

*sigh* One would think that people would eventually start learning from other people who trod the same path as them…

Here in Tennessee, we have a brand-spanking new 1911 fabricator claiming to make "premium-quality guns" out of "highest quality steel foundry-cast" in their facilities and equipped with parts that are "unrivalled in the industry"… only, no one has heard of them.

And, no, I am not talking about C.O. Arms, but rather the […]

remingon r1, the initial verdict

While I have not yet had a chance to fondle handle my father’s new Remington R1, he thankfully has, and sent on this report:

Well, son, if I was a seasoned weapons expert I could give you a detailed and analytical assessment of the Remington. Since I’m not, I’ll just say it’s a beautiful handgun. I took it to the range today and burned enough ammunition to traumatize my hand. From the first round […]

quote of the day – tam

A few days back, a few fellow pro-rights activists and I were having a discussion as to the “resting state” of various firearms, and how that plays into making the firearm arguably more or less safe, especially when holstering and unholstering it.  After establishing that the Glock Safe Action system keeps the firing pin under partial tension at all times (at least while there is one in the tube), I admitted to not being sure […]

this is an auspicious day

Well, after a few delays, a little juggling, and the seemingly interminable wait for any new firearm (even if the “wait” consists of nothing more than the background check being run), my father finally has the Remington R1 he ordered over a month ago:

Got it!

It’s an extremely well built handgun. The finish is immaculate. The assembly is remarkably tight. The ex-SEAL who sold it to me walked me through disassembly/reassembly and […]

boo. frickin’. yah.

Liberty Meadows definitely seems like an acquired taste (and is occasionally mildly NSFW), but how can you go wrong with King Kong dual-wielding 1911s?

closing the case on c.o. arms

And so ends the saga.

Everyone remember C.O. Arms? The new 1911 fabricator right here in the Patron State of Shooting Stuff that, at least according to them, made the awesomest 1911s the world had ever seen?

Yeah, their webpage domain registration has expired (at the beginning of this month… apparently you can “backorder” it through GoDaddy for about $21), their Millington-local phone number is disconnected, no one is picking up on their […]

a talon for a lifetime

Courtesy of Sharp as a Marble, Marooned, and Weer’d World, we have this outstanding news regarding the Dragon Leatherworks Talon holster:

I’m going to go out on a limb here, based on what I see in interest in the Talon (by way of e-mail inquiries and actual sales that have come in) but I want you all to know, so that you could post updates on your reviews, that I’ve made the decision to […]

for all of the 1911 junkies out there

My father served in the Navy back when the 1911 was the standard-issue military sidearm, and ever since his son started getting more interested in firearms, he has been idly considering procuring an honest-to-God 1911A1… for nostalgia’s sake, of course. However, he wants an original-to-spec GI-type 1911, and few companies seem interested in producing those these days, but with this being the centennial of John Moses Browning’s creation, that interest in the original design has […]

dragon leatherworks, in the news

If your name is Dennis and you happen to run Dragon Leatherworks, this has been a good week for you – his new Talon Holster has been reviewed at not one, not two, not three, but four (-ish) different weblogs, and his Fugly Holster got reviewed at a fourth.

Back when Dennis and I were discussing the details of the holster for my 686 SSR, he said that the hardest thing about making holsters […]

breaking your thumb’s condition

Despite having written somewhat prolifically on the topic, I have only ever carried two models of firearms in public – the Beretta M9 when I was standing quarterdeck watches in the Navy, and my current Walther PPS. While I was in the military, the condition at which I carried the firearm was dictated by my commanding officer and the limitations of the platform – for most of the time I carried in Condition Two, but […]