commenting policy

All comments and trackbacks are the property of their respective generators/commenters/webloggers, and are not in any way responsible for them or their content. Any comment or trackback that does not meet a certain level of decorum, decency, courtesy, and politeness will be summarily deleted. Granted, the level is not high, but if you cannot even meet that low benchmark, go rent your own webspace and make your own weblog and fill it with your own gos-se there. However, non-deletion of a comment/trackback does not mean that, its owner, its administrator, or its authors support or endorse the content or message of that comment/trackback.

Yes, this policy means that the administrator/owner/authors of can and will delete/moderate/edit comments and trackbacks at their own discretion, for whatever reasons they feel or think are appropriate, and that comments/trackbacks left at this site may not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of those who own/administrate/write at this site. Deal with it. However, the authors of will not delete/moderate/edit, and have not deleted/moderated/edited, your comments solely because they disagree with what you say, and any claims to the contrary are patently false.

Additionally, the commenting system is set to auto-moderate any comments from individuals who have not commented at this site before (or who are using a new email address), and any comments containing certain words and phrases (to protect the authors and their families from cyberstalkers who are still actively harassing them). If your comment is caught by that auto-moderation, there is no need to resubmit – it will be handled appropriately as soon as the authors are able to.

Finally, as explained in a comment thread and a private email, any comment left by Michael Bonomo (MikeB302000) will be auto-moderated due to his inability to refrain from personal attacks, libel, accusatory/insulting innuendo, and/or baseless accusations. Whether or not his comments are un-moderated is entirely dependent upon how many of the above deficiencies are present. Likewise, Guy Cabot (JadeGold) of Fort Washington, MD, one of the more vicious, abusive examples of the aforementioned cyberstalkers, is permanently banned at this webpage for his incessant personal attacks and libel, spurious lies, specious defamation, ongoing harassment of the administrator and his family, attempts at character assassinations, and attempts at intimidation/veiled threats. Professional medical assistance is strongly recommended for Guy Cabot (JadeGold) in order to help him overcome his self-destructive obsession with this site and its author.

In all cases, threats or other criminal activities are prohibited in the comments and will be reported to the appropriate authorities for the appropriate action.