“Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom in Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed.”
by Noah Webster




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where we were yesterday

The hike up was only three miles, which does not sound bad, until you realize the altitude gradient looked something like this: 


(I have no idea what that “796 ft” nonsense is about.) 

Of course, then we drove down the Blue Ridge a little farther, hung out in a cute little town*, and drove home, and then I got up bright and early this morning and spent […]

you would think they would figure it out by now

Not-very-hypothetically speaking, if one were to be taking a trip in the near future to a location that will involve a lot of swimming, under- and on-water activities, and the occasional downpour, what would be everyone’s recommendations regarding an affordable waterproof image-capturing device?

From what research I have been doing, options still seems strangely limited, despite camera manufacturers producing arguably weather- and water-proof cameras for almost as long as they have been […]

photography cube

For Christmas, Better Half gave me this: 

It makes a lot more sense when removed from its case.  Also, it tends to be somewhat energetic about the whole “removing” thing: 

(The sides are held up by metal bands which are wrapped around themselves for packaging – if you do not expect it, it can be… interesting.  )

Which allows me to take photos like this: 


i do love some urban decay

My friends at Tennessee Tactical Airsoft of Knoxville are in the midst of cleaning out the warehouse soon to be their indoor CQB arena (incidentally, this building was originally constructed by Camel Manufacturing Company, which provided the US Military with tents and associated canvas products way back right after World War 1 and on until today), and they let me come over and take a few pictures.  I promised them some […]

more views of downtown knoxville

These pictures were taken approximately at these two locations: 

The first two are of the Harris Distributing Warehouse, the third is of a building near it, and the rest are along the tracks near Old City. 

I just keep seeing the second-to-last one as a resupply station in Half Life […]





such a hard life

come to the light (field) side

Speaking of changing how you see the world… I had heard of this technology a little while ago, but I am surprised at how quickly it made it to the market (though "quickly" is a relative term – apparently it has been in the works for 15 years).

I will not even try to behave like I understand the science of that thing’s inner workings, but here is what it […]


changing how you see the world

When I am not busy trying to keep myself from feeding my other far-too-expensive hobbies (firearms and automobiles), I find myself wandering around the nooks and crannies of Lens Hero trying to decide if I want my next lens to be a dedicated telephoto, a dedicated macro, or some combination of the two (my current kit only consists of the 18-55mm kit lens and a 35mm prime). I have been dragging my feet […]





guess i am not an “amateur” any more

You see that awesome new header image at the Empty Mags Podcast?

Yeah. I took that.

Crazier still? He paid me for it.

Please excuse me while I go do a happy dance.

So. Anywise. If you want a specific photo for your weblog header image, use on your site, or some other purpose, drop me a line at “linoge (at) wallsofthecity (dot) net”. Likewise, if you want […]

it is not much, but it is a start

Walls of the City Photography now has an online print store, courtesy of Imagekind.  I shopped around a bit for sources to sell prints through, and these folks seem the best for my purposes at the moment… and they do not charge a subscription fee.  You and I both know I will not sell enough prints to cover a $150-a-year charge, but for the pros who casually drop thousands on single […]

it is a question of scissors

… And digital or steel ones. 

My DSLR shoots pictures at 2592×3888 pixels, which works out to 1×1.5.  This is not equivalent to 5×7 (1×1.4), 8×10 (1×1.25), 11×14 (1×1.27bar), or 16×20 (1×1.25 again). 

In regards to that new shop I might or might not be working on, do you want me to (A) put the pictures up in their original dimension ratio and let you all do your cutting-and-snipping as you […]