i guess it is a good thing

I suppose one can conclude that we pro-rights activists have not encountered a viable, concerning threat to our cause in some time, given the time we apparently have to waste on the kind of pissant, internecine bullshit Barron documents here.  Lord knows we have nothing better to expend our effort on… 

Talk about “not helpful to anyone”… except, maybe, those who are working to deprive us of our rights. 

(And, yes, I know the grandstanding armchair-quarterback responsible for all of this idiocy does read this weblog, so, after a fashion, I am doing exactly that which I warned Barron about – specifically, feeding the troll – but I am allowed the occasional “cannot look away from a train-wreck” moment…)

shark? what shark?

While Christmas shopping recently, Better Half discovered that Amazon has a dedicated, actual, honest-to-God storefront named Zombie Apocalypse Supplies.

No, really:


This store has such categories as "Brain Protection" and "Duct Tape".

I might be at a loss for words.

who would give a 300-foot-tall battlebot to that ai?

I do not care how bad-ass your mecha are or how much the world’s continuing existence depends on someone using them to beat the everloving crap out of some oversize, extradimensional beings; if the assistant AI sounds like GlaDOS, I am NOT driving the bloody thing:

(Click through to see the video.)

And, yes, it really is Ellen McClain voicing the Jaegers’ control matrix; if there is not some joke about / reference to Portal in the movie, I am going to be very disappointed (cultural gaps like that in stories always annoy me… you can imagine how much everyone’s ignorance of the concept of ‘zombies’ gets on my nerves with The Walking Dead).

(Found by way of Lurking Rhythmically… and everyone else.)

‘under new management’ indeed

Really, Coal Creek Armory?


Any gun shop owner in America with two neurons to rub together comprehends that females are one of the – if not the – fastest growing market segments in the firearm-owning community, and you go and decided it would be a fantastic idea to sponsor one of the "premier" exercises in objectifying women?

"Tone deaf" seems like a woefully underwhelming phrase to describe this particular notion of yours, but it is the best I can manage at the moment.

the things we learn

Who knew that Michael Bonomo, more commonly known as "MikeB302000", hailed from Betelgeuse 5? By way of proof, I present you with this quote from And Another Thing…:

"And I myself," continued Ford in a voice so superior it would have caused single-cell life forms to accelerate their evolution so that they could use their fab new opposable thumbs to pick up a rock and beat him to death. "I myself base most of my calculations on emotions."

I have to admit, "froody, heavily-stoned semi-journalist from a lot of other worlds" is a wholly more satisfactory and less disappointing explanation than "Dunning-Kruger-Effect-afflicted, philosophunculistic narcissist with delusions of standing".

In other news, Eoin Colfer seems to have gotten ahold of Douglas Adams‘ mojo, and, while I am only about halfway through the sixth installment in the sixth installment in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy trilogy, I dare say he put it to good use. The Adams-esque humor does feel a bit forced in places, but given that the original source has well and truly expired, I will take what I can get.

a product of the american school system

So Better Half and I were at Wal-Mart yesterday evening, and we just happened to be present when the management announced that all red-tag (clearance) items were an additional 50% off.  We had passed up a few things when shopping earlier, but decided to go ahead, circle back, and pick up those items, and then we headed for the cash registers. 

… Where we found out that Wal-Mart does not actually have the system mark all these items down, nor is there a “50% Off” button on the cash register; instead, the cashier has to hand-enter the new prices of the items. 

And he could not.  Oh, sure, he could figure out that half of 2 is 1, but he could not successfully divide 1.75, 3, 3.5, 4, or pretty much any other number by 2.  Not “he was slow about it”; rather, he simply could not.  I have no idea how old he was, but I am guessing he graduated high school, or is at least old enough to do so… 

I would weep for our future if I was surprised by this.