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Boomershoot 2014, an analysis of Linoge’s ammunition

First off, I’m way behind on posting. I’ve had a post in my head for the past month and moved beyond it before I was ready to post. That being said, ammunition analysis has been near and dear to my heart for weeks and I’ll take Linoge’s Ammunition post as an opportunity to add some hopefully helpful information.

I’ll discuss more and provide citations in an upcoming post, but it isn’t enough to hit a [...]

Speaking of Holsters

I was recently lucky enough to be randomly selected out of listeners of the RoadGunner Podcast to win a carry kit from Jason Christensen of Concealment Solutions.

Jason and I emailed back and forth a few times to determine exactly what I won (had my choice of a holster, an accessory, and a kydex lined belt), and I ended up with the following:

Kydex-lined belt Sidewinder Pro for my Glock17 Sidwinder Double Mag Pouch

I’m [...]

A journey of a thousand miles

As you know, Linoge and I are planning to attend Joe Huffman’s Boomershoot this year. After years of watching and almost going last year (ammunition and reloading shortages were a bit of the problem) this is the year. While powder and primers have been hard to find, it has been possible to find components piece by piece.

So while the Trollsin couldn’t hang last weekend, my 6BR did just fine.

In fact, if a [...]

Hello, World!

Linoge says ‘say yo’.

So ‘yo’ and hello.

New Blog Alert – SafariPrep

One of my buddies just started a blog in preparation for a safari he’s planning. Check Matt’s blog out when you get a chance.

Looks good on the wall

Patches look good, linoge.

Kilted to Kick Cancer

Linoge’s post below was a great reminder that I should post about KTKC…

September is the month to wear your kilts, gents!


I won’t be doing any fundraising, I do it for awareness (I do personally donate to the cause). If you can, please participate or do what you can to raise some awareness.


Bonus points for OCing / competing in a kilt.

Magholder Glock Quick Review

I figured I’d toss out a few quick notes on the double stack Glock magholders I purchased from


My other review on the single stack 1911/LCP/whatever small pistol magazine magholders is available here.


I picked up two of these, left hand rear facing (right hand forward facing), and wish that I had gotten one of each. The magholders do a good job keeping the magazine in place as you might expect, and [...]

On PRISMs and Effort

So, I figured I’d put some thoughts together on this whole “the government actually has been monitoring us like the tin foil hat folks have been saying for years”.

That almost sums it up. I’m really disappointed more people aren’t taking action or even TALKING about this. It may seem daunting, overwhelming, or scary, and it probably is all of that, but nevertheless those that actually care about this country need to be doing something.



I might have once known those mutton chops.

AZ Making Progress

A libertarian leaning registered Republican in my state has filed the paperwork to start a ballot initiative to change the definition of marriage in AZ to “two persons” instead of “a man and a woman”. Obviously, my wookie-suit says “well, that’s not enough!”, but the pragmatist in me says that’s a great first step!

I intend to sign the petition and hopefully can/will find time to help collect signatures.

h/t to Dave and Reason


Ah man, I’m that guy

So, I guess I’m “that blogger” now. Haven’t posted in weeks, and all I’m posting today is “sorry I haven’t posted, I’ll try to post more soon”.


Work has been nuts. Raising two kids is…fun! My wife is fantastic, but they’re still a handful. I just need to make time to take pictures of the SIRT pistol in action and that post will go up.


I installed the AR bolt on two separate [...]

well there is my problem

Clicking through is not recommended for the squeamish.


Silver Circle – Quick Review

I recently had the opportunity to attend a screening of Silver Circle in Tempe (11APR13 at Pollack Cinemas). I quite enjoyed it and would recommend anyone with an opportunity to see other screenings check it out.

At the center of corruption is the Federal Reserve who has gained enormous amounts of control over America’s economy, with disastrous effects beginning to show.

Standing opposite, is the band of Rebels who have vowed to take back the [...]

Reviews in the Pipeline

I’ve got a few new products for which I’m working on writing reviews. They are: Sevigny Carry Plain Rear w/ Fiber Optic Front for my Glock 17 Comp-tac International holster for my Glock 17 SIRT AR Bolt Horizontal Mag Carrier for Glock and almost finished (just need to snap some pictures) is the SIRT Training pistol.

Are there any products you all would like to see reviewed?

I will note I’ve had better luck [...]

Wrong is Wrong

And this bill is wrong.


Let me start by saying I really don’t grok gender identity changes, homosexuality, etc, but I do support an individual’s right to choose to be whomever they want to be, however they want to be. The only caveat is that they don’t infringe upon anyone else’s rights while doing so.


This bill is wrong on a number of levels.

First and foremost it’s none of the government’s business [...]

We’re number 1!

Quick hit as I try to get some rust off…

In case you hadn’t seen it, my state is ranked number one for firearm’s freedom by guns & ammo!

We’ve got some more steps I’d like to see taken, but we’re getting there. I think we’ll have campus carry soonish. If you’re in AZ and want to see us further entrench ourselves in our top spot, please ensure you’re a member of AZCDL.

Second verse, same as the first

So, like Linoge I don’t have much time for writing right now. Not too sure on his specifics, but my reasons is due to the recent birth of my daughter and having some family in town. I’ll try to get back to my horribly irregular blogging schedule sometime closer to the middle of the month.


Find me on twitter if you need me or whatnot.

NY Boycott

If you’ve somehow missed it, Sean is doing great work with his NY Boycott List.


It’s great to see that there are over 70 companies on the list with more being added all the time. I’d like to see it grow well over 100. It’s cool to see some big (and quality) names on there. I’m also proud to see that one of my local dealers is on the list. Good for them! Who’s [...]

Sellouts and UBCs

Sorry for the light posting on my part, something about being crazy busy with a kiddo coming along in the next day or so (she was due on Friday)…

Just a quick note, at this point things are looking good at the federal level for us not getting a new AWB or capacity limit, but things are NOT looking good right now for background checks. 2/3 of my “representatives” from AZ appear poised to sell [...]

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