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dear remington arms and bud’s gun shop

When I open the box of a brand-new-from-the-factory Remington 700 SPS Varmint, this is not what I expect to find: 

It is important to note I did nothing to touch up these images – I did not even “I’m feeling lucky” them; all I did was resize them.  The red, remarkably-rust-looking residue on the bolt body was powder of some kind, and wiped off with a cotton swab and Hoppe’s, but that [...]

dwayne cassius pride’s holster and dragon leatherworks

As some of you may have seen last night, it looks like NCIS may or may not be spinning off to a new story location; namely, New Orleans.  In any case, the Big Easy’s branch of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service is apparently headed by Dwayne Cassius Pride, who goes by “King”, and who happens to be played by none other than Scott Bakula – you know, Quantum Leap, Chuck, and some Star Trek thing [...]

i guess introductions are in order

So Better Half and I wandered back to Knoxville this past weekend, her for work stuff and me to hang out with some friends.  While there, I got to handle something I never thought I would see in person, much less touch: 

That is a positively beautiful 12 gauge / 12 gauge / .30-30 WCF Drillings made for Charles Daly by J.P. Sauer and Sons, before Sig joined the game, and let me [...]

psa: tn hcp and moving out of state

If you have a Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit and move out of state, the TN Department of Safety will cancel your HCP as soon as they receive notification that you have acquired a driver’s license from another state. 

This is not terribly well publicized online, but I called the DoS and asked them directly, and that was the answer. 

The lack of a grace period is somewhat annoying, but when coupled with North [...]

nraam is go

Well, it looks like I will, in fact, be attending the National Rifle Association’s Annual Meetings up in Indianapolis this year. 

The current schedule has me there all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so I should be able to get the full experience.  If you want to meet up with me and hang out, drop me an email at “linoge (at) wallsofthecity (dot) net”, or leave a comment here, and we can exchange cell [...]

new additions

Unfortunately, I am still annoyingly unemployed, but I am only in that position because we moved so Better Half could acquire the job she really wanted, so, in that regard, we are in a much better place than a lot of folks.  Given that, when the opportunity presents itself to help a friend, we try to do what we can. 

… Especially when “help” consists of exchanging cash he needs for interesting things he [...]

dragon leatherworks and ncis

Everyone remember the all-of-maybe-one-second-of-airtime that Dragon Leatherworks’ spiffy lunchbox received during the NCIS episode “Playing With Fire”?  Well if that was hitting the bigtime (and it was), I do not even know how to categorize this: 

Note the banner on the upper right. 

Note the guy in the green shirt. 

Banner again. 

Really blurry banner. 

Behold the whole banner and the guy in the green [...]

worth saving here

If you know anything at all about Erin Palette, it is probably that she has a Mosin Nagant rifle that she has slowly and surely been customizing in a way that is sure to make purists all manner of… shall we say ‘annoyed’.  Most recently, she has gone and shoved a 10-round magazine into it, because ten rounds is better than five.  Obviously. 

However, whilst teasing us with the prospect of her upcoming review, [...]

you would think this would be obvious

It looks like Remington has finally figured out something that other firearm companies are having a hard time sorting on their own: 

No, I am not talking about “how to do a mediocre job re-releasing a nearly-hundred-year-old design”, but rather I am referring to the rear sights. 

Just look at them for a second.  They almost look… backwards, do they not? 


The fact of the matter is that it [...]

“walls of the city” at shot show

For a variety of reasons, I was unable to attend this year’s SHOT Show… at least in person.  I was definitely there in spirit, though: 

Many thanks to Owen Martin of Snake Hound Machine for allowing me to honestly say that one of my products has been displayed at a SHOT Show. 

In other news, I do not know why my car keeps telling me that my door is a jar.  No, [...]

tim and susan have matching handguns

Holy flying carp!  Two posts in one week!  It is a sign of the apocalypse! 

… Or something. 

Anywise, regular readers may recall a post I wrote about shopping for wallets a while back, and that I mentioned a certain Saddleback Leather Company.  Out of the blue last week, I got the following email from them: 

I work for a Texas-based company that makes rugged leather gear. We started doing product videos [...]


This is going to be another one of those posts wherein the backstory may or probably will not be explained.  You are just going to have to deal with that. 

Speaking on a personal level, I will never again do business with a company called “Texas AK Designs”, who are now apparently owned by / part of “Canis Design Group”.  From my own personal experience, their shipping department is substandard, their customer service is [...]

what laws do

There are laws against murder.  People are still murdered every day. 

There are laws against exceeding the speed limit.  People still speed every day. 

There are even laws against serving alcohol at bingo games.  … Well, I got nothin’ on that one, actually. 

The point of all of this is to observe, and hopefully educate, that laws do not stop crime.  They cannot.  They have not.  They will not. 



how not to design a firearm

Take a look at the image to the left. 

If your semi-automatic, .22LR-caliber handgun can happily feed the cartridge on the right of the image all day long without hardly a hiccup or a concern, but patently refuses to do anything useful whatsoever with the cartridge on the left, you are doing it wrong. 

No, I have never designed a firearm.  No, I have never really built a firearm; I have, however, assembled [...]

quote of the day – me

Hey, it is my site, so I can claim I said something worthy of note.

Regular readers will know that I generally try my best to eschew logical fallacies, not just because they are fallacies, but also because they are so often – and so ineffectively – wielded against us and our rights. With that in mind, the following quote may surprise people in that, superficially, it appears to be nothing more than a [...]

quote of the day – steve wood

Just file this comment by Steve Wood on my post regarding New York’s draconian new "gun control" law under "wish I had written that:

In the “low points” section:

- All such existing “assault weapons” must be registered with the state within one year of the effective date, and registration is subject to “a review of disqualifiers by the State Police.”

I think they may have misspelled another word besides muzzle ‘breaks’. They misspelled [...]

full of smoke and fury

I have an increasingly irrational, or perhaps irrationally increasing, desire to make a short-barreled, in-line muzzle loader rifle. Why? Because it would be fun.

So far I have determined that building one off a T/C Contender, T/C Encore, H&R 1871, Rossi S50, and a few other frames/actions would be a Very Bad Idea in the eyes of the government (at least, as I understand it, and it is probably always better to err on [...]

unsurprisingly, i have never been polled

A (not so) recent post by Thirdpower reminded me of something I had been meaning to post about for a while now.

Consider every “poll” you see suspect until you can see the source data.

Yes, that is an unquestionably bold statement, but bear with me a moment. To begin with, only 9% of those people called actually comply with the pollsters. Nine percent. This problem compounds itself with the majority of the [...]

a welcome breath of fresh air

Any long-time participant in the ongoing debate surrounding "gun control" and the unjust abrogations of our basic, Constitutionally-protected human rights will be familiar with the phrase Reasoned Discourse, but for those newcomers to the field, allow me to give you a short-and-sweet summation of the idea.

Of late, and in the past, "gun control" supporters have been crying that they want to have a "debate" / "conversation" / "discussion" about the future of "gun [...]


Given the relative price / non-existence of pistol-caliber ammunition these days (up to and including, shockingly enough, .22LR), the rational behind these awesome little toys is somewhat more… lacking, but, still, want:

Converts 12 gauge single or double barrel (break action) shotgun to use 9mm Luger Rifled for accuracey Typically shoot’s a 1 inch or less group at 30 ft. Length of adapter is same length of a typical 12 gauge shell allowing to [...]

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