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So over the past few weeks, I have been posting a meme a day to Facebook; I know not everyone follows me there, so I figured I would go ahead and repost them here… especially since linking to them is a lot easier on a static site than Facebook’s nightmarish hyperlink scheme.  I created all of these memes, though I obviously cannot claim credit for the original images, so feel free to spread and use […]

in honor of gt beating uga

And as a palate-cleanser from the last post, I give you: 

Have not had a chance to start the exciting meds yet… some stupid cold tackled me the day after we decided to proceed, and something told us that taking an immunosuppressive when already sick was something of a bad idea.  Shocker, I know. 


i r srs gnblggr

Do you tactically operate in tactical operations?

You know you do.

And you write eyeball-melting posts about it when you are done.

So you know you need one of these.

Yes, you are seeing that right – I am doing another t-shirt run.  But this time, I am doing none of the work.  This marvelous place called TeeSpring is basically willing to print out the t-shirts […]

yes, i am a little petty on occasion

I recently wrote this on the Book of Faces

I won’t lie. It made me happy to see people pissed that I had access to the media room at NRAAM.

… and while the comment thread that followed it was pretty epic, the thread for the follow-up FacePost of

You know what amuses me more than a certain someone being pissed I had access to the media room at […]

some funnies

I do not know about the rest of you, but I need a laugh today, especially after coming home from Ikea yesterday to this charlie foxtrot.

For Christmas, we got my two-year-old nephew this vaguely Transformer-ish fire truck.  The only problem is that said nephew gets borderline furious when it transforms; we can only figure he thinks it broke, and wants it fixed RIGHT NOW.  The amusing thing is that […]

skeptical cat’s first interaction with snow

Raleigh got somewhere around 4” of snow last night.  In fairness, this is Blue’s first time outside at all, much less when there is crazy frozen water on the ground. 

are you going to argue with him?

It seems “skeptical” is one of those words that never looks like I spelled it right, no matter how many times I check it. 

since this just happened

Yes, that is the Firefly / D&D alignment chart I drew up years ago, being featured on Google+’s “What’s Hot” (right next to some further inanity from the dick who exhorts others to not be like him, sadly, but I will take what I can get).  Shiny. 

Since it got that kind of attention, I figure I might as well post this: 

Yeah.  […]

one wonders what it perceives

This is perhaps the funniest, and most horrible, YouTube video I have seen in a while:

Blame Nerd Approved.

you know you would too

If I had the time and money – not only to build the fans but also deal with the inevitable arrests, prosecutions, and lawsuits – I would totally do this.

Of course, I still boggle at the cold reality that there are people who genuinely believe that wind turbines will not affect climate or winds. I will not say that thermodynamics was a particularly easy course, but the basic principle of "you […]

just what i need

Another webcomic to follow…

All joking aside, if you like firearms (and, let us be honest, you are reading this site), you will probably find something to like about Failure to Fire (caution, not necessarily safe for work, depending on where you work). The good news is that it is not very old so there is not much material to catch up on. The bad news is that it is not very […]

this… this is awesome

(Courtesy of Kevin.)

i can live with this

Even if a little artistic license was taken with Quentin Tarantino (who was apparently born in Knoxville… I did not know that).

For those unfamiliar with the picture, here you go (and boy do I need to watch that movie again), and for those unfamiliar with the stand-ins, well here you go.

(Courtesy of the guy on the left.) […]


And, yes, mine connect underneath my jaw, much to Better Half’s chagrin. However, courtesy of those awesome ‘burns, and assuming all goes according to plan, I should be playing with other people’s toys using other people’s ammo right about now, so I can live with that.

(Comic courtesy of Doghouse Diaries.)


in exchange for the previous post

I offer you this: 

If you do not understand the reference, correct yourself

(Courtesy of my sister-in-law, and, apparently, I Can Has Cheezburger.) 

not sure which is worse

The joke that came with this picture: 

“These should be named Banach and Tarski.”

… Or the fact that I understood the joke

my package from 5.11 arrived

Much like many of my fellow pro-rights activists, when 5.11 announced their “Tactical Duty Kilt”, I was excited, and when they finally put it up for sale, I dropped in my order as soon as I could. 

Well, I am very happy to say that my box from 5.11 arrived today!  What’s that you say?  “They weren’t supposed to ship until 01SEP?”  Well, I guess I knew how to pull […]

how improbable

If you are not reading Questionable Content, you should.

It makes me kind of sad that I am all caught up now. 

keep your paws off the trigger until…

And this is my excuse of a post for today: 

We have weird cats.  If they just liked the AK-pattern shotgun, I could kind of understand that, given their at least partial Russian Blue heritage, but… 

I guess we chose well.  Or they did. 


this is your language

My maternal grandfather was an interesting man… Korean War veteran, TBM Avenger pilot, and Destroyer captain, his life was well and truly defined by his Naval service. However, one of the more striking things about him in person was his eidetic memory and how quickly he could access it… and, being Irish, he chose to commit all kinds of shall-we-say-"interesting" things to it.

Just a few days ago, Better Half […]