“I'll kill a man in a fair fight. Or if I think he's gonna start a fair fight. Or if he bothers me. Or if there's a woman. Or if I'm gettin' paid. Mostly when I'm gettin' paid.”
by Jayne Cobb


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in a different venue

Sadly, “Linoge” was an insufficient name for the Jews for the Preservation of Firearm Ownership’s use, so I had to secure a new moniker.  I will give you a hint, though – look for the name that ranges back to an older space opera. 

Being paid for something I wrote is novel. 

merry christmas

And all that. 

presented without comment, updated

On account of me potentially fumble-fingering the last version, and new yearly data being available, here is an updated version of the last one: 

If anyone has any data from England and Wales that goes farther back than 1967, I would appreciate it – I have data on the US going back to 1960, but I want to compare equivalent time spans.  The intersection point of those two trendlines is now about 40 […]

my get-home bag

Unless you have the pleasure of working from home (which, generally I do, so “win” on that), a get-home bag is probably a good addition to your back seat / trunk. 

But what, exactly, is a “get-home bag”?  Simply put, it is a collection of supplies that will help you get from where you are (probably your office or equivalent) back to your house, should that prove difficult for some reason. 

What constitutes […]

the joys of sleep deprivation

Since my last “SWO Life” post was such an educational hit, I thought I might expound upon a somewhat related point that, even to this day, throws Better Half for loops. 

Hopefully all of my readers are aware of this, but sleep is hard to come by in the military, and the Navy is certainly no different. 

When ships are in port, life is fairly easy; Officers’ Call is at 0700 or 0730 […]

how not to drive a ship

A few days ago, Sean Sorrentino asked me if I had anything to say about the recently released bridge conversation from the USS Porter right before and during its collision with a tanker in the Straits of Hormuz. Of course I do have a lot to say, but I had to figure out how to say it.

Before I embark, let me first say that I was not on either ship and am not […]

on identity

So my legal name is not “Linoge”.  Obviously.  In fact, more people than ever before know my legal name on account of it being emblazoned across my media credentials at the NRA Annual Meetings*. 

And yet I go by “Linoge” here on the internets and you call me “Linoge” here on the internets, because that is how I have chosen to identify myself and that is what I have asked you to do.  Obviously […]

promises fulfilled

So Dennis of Dragon Leatherworks made Gay Cynic a holster, and the former requested that the latter wear it at the Boomershoot dinner… and he did: 

Yes, those are rhinestones… everywhere.  Yes, the buckle is even… better?  Yes, that is legitimate rabbit fur.  No, I will not be ordering one myself. 

I did, however, sport this shirt all day today: 

No, I am still not a brony; I can safely […]

said elsewhere

I recently wrote this somewhere else, and it was sufficiently amusing for the audience there that I thought I would share it here: 

Just when I thought he could not be a bigger tool bag, he went and hit up Sears. 

In retrospect, though, that was later downgraded to “Harbor Freight”.  In any case, the context is unimportant, and so is the person in discussion for that matter, but I figured it was […]

more short thoughts

Now that my father is on the road to recovery and I am back on my apparently usual side of the country, I have two takeaways: 

First, do not get cancer.  Obviously this is not something you can always control, but if you do have control over it (say, by stopping smoking), I would suggest exerting that control. 

Second, cancer sucks, chemotherapy sucks, and radiation therapy sucks, but here is the news you […]

short thoughts

If your phone has the ability to blacklist numbers (and, thankfully, CyanogenMod does), I would go ahead and blacklist the 1.268.762.**** area code and prefix.  In fact, unless you have family, friends, or other people in Antigua and Barbuda who would otherwise be calling you, I would recommend simply blacklisting the entire 1.268.* area code.  It turns out jackasses from that area code are doing some kind of “one-ring scam”, and calling them back – […]

mixed blessings

If your job application system requires me to upload my resume, and then type my resume into your specific text fields all over again, your job application system sucks.  I understand that recruiters and HR weenies want applicants’ information to be in an easily-searchable, standardized format, but if that is really the case, stop wasting everyone’s time and internet bandwidth with actual resumes. 

There has not been a great deal of movement on the […]

cancer-precipitated ramblings

I wonder what UPS drivers think of the people / places they deliver to. 

For example, my parents live on a cul-de-sac, and we heard the Brown Truck of Joy coming from a long way off.  So, since I was expecting a package, and since any distraction is welcome at this point, both my mother and I got up and met the UPS driver at the door.  He said he had a package for […]

i don’t want to go

If you have not yet seen The Day of the Doctor, you should go ahead and stop reading this post now; there be spoilers ahead, and you know what the Doctor says about spoilers. 


could you stop the world please? i would like to get off

Alright, I am officially not a fan of North Carolina.  Since moving to this state…

– My DSLR has broken (refuses to auto-focus).  – My printer has died (printer head went kaput, and those cost more than printers).   – My new-to-me Land Rover Defender’s engine detonated for no apparent reason.  – My desktop’s video cards are exhibiting all the classic symptoms of spontaneously combusting in the near future (no, I do not overclock, and yes, […]

provident metals, or how to lose a customer

On 10JUL, I placed an order for two in-stock items from Provident Metals, and received an order confirmation shortly thereafter indicating they would contact me once the order shipped. As of 30JUL, I had received no shipping notification nor any package, and I called them; the customer service representative was quite confused that the package had not shipped, and contacted "the vault" to have them ship it immediately.

As of 05AUG, still no package, […]

on the military and firearms

Let me tell you a story, though an admittedly dry, boring one. 

Regular readers will know that I am a United States Navy veteran*, and, specifically, a Surface Warfare Officer; in short, this means I directed other people to drive ships around oceans.  However, while ships are in port, they have something called a “quarterdeck”; I have no idea what happens to the quarterdeck when the ship is underway, but think of it like […]

freedom is about more than just firearms

This probably comes as no surprise to some of my readers, but I grew up in a very conservative family, and for many years, I had a… shall we say "less than salutary" view of homosexuals, transgenders, queers, and all of the rest of the terminologies and categories people can fall into other than "straight and square". I would not say I was homophobic, per se, simply because they did not frighten me, but rather […]

gmr 4×4

Based on personal experience and for a plethora of reasons I am simply not going to get into on here, if I should ever find myself in the market for an early-model, older, non-American, or otherwise importable Land Rover again, I will not be using GMR 4×4 out of Charlotte, VT.  I wish I could tell you who I would use, but I have insufficient experience with any other company.  Although, really, this whole experience […]

fezzes are cool

Not sure I needed to know about this.

Or, rather, I am not sure you needed to know about this. Now I can make whatever future ramblings I bother to write even more indecipherable. Like this:

I am vaguely amused that the BBC never bothered to actually formalize the Gallifreyan language, with this translation process being pioneered by an enterprising teenager, but he even went so far as to formalize the […]